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  1. I wonder how all that goes with what sports come back now that Title IX has been effectively gutted. But the Big 8 teams seemed to have kept wrestling. Texas never fielded a wrestling team, though. Now that Texas will be in the SEC, the SEC has gymnastics -- will Texas field men's & women's gymnastics teams? (Time to look in "Other Sports" Lulz.)
  2. The Big 12 used to have another team that had dropped baseball before they ever joined the Big 12 conference, too -- Colorado, who dropped baseball way back in 1980 when they were still in the Big 8.
  3. EXCEPT, since this is a baseball thread: Iowa State dropped baseball in 2001 over snowed-out games with Texas (Texas was adamant about moving the games to other venues, but IA state rather would drop baseball instead? -- really strange reaction), and somehow Silo Tech escaped any punishment from the Big 12 conference, if even just awarding 3 forfeit wins for Texas (which Texas didn't receive, by the way), for doing so. So it will be 13 teams playing baseball in the Big 12 in 2024 -- I can't find anywhere how they plan to handle the schedule or the Big 12 baseball tournament.
  4. Each team had 10 conference series (30 games) in SECSECSEC in 2023. When Texas and Mobilehoma join the SECSECSEC, they will also have 10 conference series (30 games) which will consist of 2 permanent opponents and 8 rotating opponents, and divisions will be eliminated. (Source: https://www.secsports.com/article/35857432/seven-sec-sports-future-scheduling-formats-approved) "Baseball Regular season: Each season a team will play a three-game series against two permanent opponents and eight rotating opponents, for a total of 30 conference games. Standings will be kept in a single-division format. SEC Baseball Tournament: Format to be determined."
  5. No teasing about sending this year's Texas team to VandyWhistlersHell for a regional que-ing to be put out of our Misery! FFS
  6. And remember to @NeverMarryAStripper! Lulz.
  7. Better back up the tractor-trailers of Diamond-Dry to save everyone from drowning on the Titanic if the dbu-cheapskates host! Remember last time?
  8. And DC just golfs a hit like it was nothing.
  9. We could get sent to FayetteNam where we get laughed off the field. But it WOULD be really chef's-kiss sweet to win a regional there! Lulz.
  10. At least the white-pants blue-shirt girl in the field box to the left of the pitcher's view of home plate is watching intently. Lulz.
  11. Since the SEC move doesn't happen until July 1, 2024, what will the 2024 Big 12 baseball schedule look like with 4 new teams in the conference? If you can't play a round-robin schedule, how many conference series will there be per team?
  12. Now that I've mentioned that Texas is being no-hit right now, Texas will get hits.
  13. Jo-bu needs a refill. Or the dreaded night-putting.
  14. I see every other 2B keep the tag on, what's his problem?
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