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  1. Despite the spin today about it, there's plenty of people who believe (me included) that this is adding yet another set of commercials to CFB games. If it wasn't doing that, why the pre-emptive (heh) deliberate spin to say that's not what this is? No statements to say, "We understand the CFB-viewing public hates more commercials. We will make sure this isn't abused by networks to add yet more commercials!" Not a peep like that. Just a throwaway line to, "Trust us," that the number of commercials stays the same and doesn't increase. Don't lie to us, NCAA. Don't pee on our legs and tell us, "It's raining."
  2. Yeah, that Toxins helmet is Toxic. Lulz.
  3. It's like going to new york hinterlands, putting on a Texas Longhorns T-shirt, walking around in the shopping malls, and counting the number of frowns that the locals reflexively give you just as you walk by. It can become amusing to see who can spot the most frowns. They just can't help themselves but hate all things TEXAS. Lulz.
  4. I will not coöperate with nor coördinate this naïveté. This, you must muse and think hardly upon. Lulz.
  5. Their irrational dislike for "horn" anything is just like aggy's anger/intimidation of wrong-orange anything in The Brazos Bottoms that all Whataburgers and Home Depots MUST have maroon on them in order for aggy not to have wrong-orange PTSD/panic-attacks/orange-things-bad-aggressions/etc. Lulz.
  6. Pretty sure I meant what I said, but you didn't know what you said. gerund or present participle: inferring definition: deducing or concluding (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements. Gerry was inferring Bakich is the replacement baseball coach he would get without giving us his reasons nor saying the name, "Bakich." He just keeps saying, "Don't sleep on the Clemson guy. / I'd be wanting the Clemson guy. /etc."
  7. Notice how the stand-in for @Nicole44 is waaaaaaayyyyy too at ease with that pose. Lulz.
  8. First I'd heard of that. Where'd you hear that? All I've heard that his velocity was down and his control was up, with no explanation given.
  9. Boogey used to PH when he first started at Texas. If it's that bad, why not let Boogey DH? He can hit.
  10. So who are the baseball-BMDs that have to get pointed at by their rival friends and laughed at before they will complain to CDC about what a dumpster fire the baseball team is?
  11. Says you, junior. My family and extended family have been coming from Brenham and the surrounding areas since before you were a glimmer. The last 2 national stories (not cow-tipping criminal mischief type stories) that came out of the Brenham area was the Hurricane Rita fubar evacuation traffic complaints in 2005 and the gas pipeline/salt dome explosion in 1992.
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