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  1. Great show which had many actors from, and was created by, the same guys that did Andy Richter Controls the Universe. ARCTU is on youtube. https://soap2day.to/TczozMToiMTU0NHx8NzAuMTIyLjEzMC40Nnx8MTY3NTA2NzY3NiI7.html Check out Bad Obsession motorsports and their project Binky series on YT. It took a couple of episodes to find their footing, but I found it highly entertaining and they're great guys who really know their stuff. He was written to be doing bumps in the movie, but they cut it out. Aside from torrents, check out Soap2Day/Soapgate.org. They have a ton of stuff for free.
  2. Simplistic and facile. With the Yemeni rebels launching scuds into Saudi refineries, drones into Saudi cities, and threatening global trade in the Red sea, what would you have the Saudis do?
  3. Critical Drinker is often pretty good. His reviews of old classics (Predator, Demolition Man, Road House, etc) are very good. Make sure to check out his second channel as much of the "Drinker's Extra Shots" retro reviews are there.
  4. Highly recommend Hilarious Good Classic 80's Obligatory
  5. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/12/30/offensive-putins-final-gamble-fails-doomed/
  6. Evidently the Russian women don't mind their husbands raping as much as you'd think. https://news.sky.com/story/wives-of-russian-troops-encourage-them-to-rape-ukrainian-women-ukraines-first-lady-says-12757474
  7. They're all on YT https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-oATDcYpAs8miTqBf_KSq1DIFWR5tl7x
  8. Totally agree, except Gerasimov is a moron and keeping him alive may be better than the alternative. Having said that, our "restraint" is retarded.
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