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  1. https://therealdeal.com/texas/2024/05/29/texas-speaker-wins-primary-with-help-from-casino-owner-adelson/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=single_content_share&utm_source=clipboard
  2. Looks like the Lodge bought/merged with Rounders in San Antonio.
  3. Peak Community was absolutely awesome. I also think season 5-6 were underrated considering the limitations they were working with.
  4. This was entertaining. Lots of Inglorious Basterds DNA.
  5. I've been very wary of Houston poker for a while. Many of the rooms rake, much of the management have questionable histories, and security and clientele are a problem at many of the clubs. I fear these clubs will ruin it for everyone. We're lucky in Austin relative to them.
  6. Hezbollah is Shiite, the Arabs don't like them either.
  7. But,But,But Jackboots bootlickers and Fascists ohmigawd!1! At least it got the trolls and CR pieces of shit away from this thread for a time.
  8. "hopefully" "hopefully" "hopefully" "hopefully"
  9. What, no going to Buffalo club at 1:55 to order LIT. Then they lock the doors at 215 and keep serving till 240? Loved that place. Plush babee!
  10. It was a breeding program by the Gesserit.
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