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  1. Dude is the love child of Armybrat and John Bonham.
  2. Watching my kids play Super Smash Brothers. Between the music, characters, explosions, the screen zooming in and out, helpers, special moves, this is the most hectic over the top game I’ve ever seen. I’m amazed how they can keep focusing on the game play. I can also see myself getting seizures if I tried playing myself.
  3. The boy did another run today. Broke the 25 minute mark. There was another little kid younger than my son that was 2 minutes faster.
  4. I ended up getting the Cannondale Trail Plus for my boy. It got pretty good reviews and was on sale at REI. There were better reviewed bikes (Woom) but I also didn't want to pay over $500 for a bike that he's going to grow out of. Still looking for a bike for my daughter. She's already 4'-8" and the pediatrician thinks she'll be over 5' by the end of next year, so I'm debating whether to just get her a 26" bike.
  5. Way too slow. From that distance, you're probably shooting a 50 caliber bullet. Those go a lot faster.
  6. That's a rough looking 45... He was probably pooping on the possum before he ate it, because... Florida. Nothing is shocking anymore.
  7. I bought a carton of milk while I was grocery shopping. When I get home, the first thing she said was "Why did you get milk? You know I go to target where it's cheaper! How much did it cost?" Me: "$5.49." Wife: "I can get it at Target for $5.29!" Me: "Are you serious? I bought groceries and am cooking dinner, and the first thing you do when I get home is give me shit about spending 20 cents more for milk?" Wife: "Well, I'm just telling you I can get it cheaper..." She'll drive 10 minutes to save a dollar, but more than happy to spend $2700 for a pair of earrings.
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