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  1. PM me or post the picture here and I’ll see what I can do. @gsoda3 and @Sam Lin might be able to help as well.
  2. Does this the follow up to your other post?
  3. Commenting to the kids last night while the strip steaks were on the skillet. "For a great father's day, a cow must die."
  4. Hey man, it's the only place where I can snort blow in private.
  5. Got sick the last 2 days of vacation, came back and felt like I got hit by a truck. I slowly got better and went back to the office starting Wednesday and felt 90% by Friday. Weekend comes and goes, and now I feel like shit again. Not as bad as last week, but still coughing, hacking, etc. I thought these things were supposed to just last a week.
  6. Not just a woman thing. I thought the same after I consumed a plateful of beets after not having it for several years. I thought my innards were melting because… ebola.
  7. One other thing about Japan are the onsens. It’s their version of a public bath. You sit on a stool and scrub yourself clean, then dip into a hot pool. Do it before you go to bed and you’ll sleep like a baby. My son loved the experience, especially when we sneaked up and dumped cold water on each other.
  8. Did you book the ryokan I suggested above? They offered breakfast and dinner as extras. The food isn’t for everyone, but the prep and presentation was AMAZING!
  9. I don't think his experience "painting houses" is necessarily what I'm looking for.
  10. Of course fattie at the end has the biggest bottle of sizzurp.
  11. Doing senile things is better than doing evil.
  12. When I was grade school, one of the girls got sick right before her birthday party. Her parents told us it be rescheduled in 2 weeks after she got better. I'm going to pretend that English was my second language (it is, but by then, I was fluent in English), but 2 weeks later, my dad drives me to her house. Her mom answered the door and asked why I was there. "Uhhh... isn't Natalie having a party?" "Ummm no, she's still sick, we said we'd reschedule AFTER she got better." Thankfully my dad hadn't left yet, and I did the walk of shame back to the car.
  13. Cremate me and grind my bones, then spread my ashes in a Pacific NW forest.
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