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  1. My 7 year old just asked "Well, did the camp fire go out?"
  2. I see at least 1-2 cars on the road everyday with their lights off. They probably think they're good because their electronic dash is on, and their DRLs light the way, but from behind, they're just a black hole.
  3. With Danny saying he only wants to be at half of the races, I think he may be out for good. Which sucks.
  4. 5AM in Pacific Coast sucks even more.
  5. People who say "I feel like" instead of "I think". Feelings are feelings. Thoughts are thoughts. They are different things.
  6. And their young women are generally really hot.
  7. Or maybe they just clean up after they cook... you should try that sometime.
  8. Too bad this guy seems willing to accept his fate. Hopefully enough others will say screw this and a) surrender at the first chance; or even better, b) shoot their commander and try to make it back to their hometown. That would be great if true, unfortunately I don't think it is. Wasn't there a recent Pentagon estimate that said the UKA's KIA numbers are similar to Russia's?
  9. Yeah, based on the latest census, California lost a seat. What pisses me off more is I'm no longer in Katie Porter's district. I can see her as a Karen IRL, but damnit, I wanted her to by MY Karen.
  10. My first computer was a Gateway 2000 486 DX 33. It was a rocket at the time. It probably can't run any of the games on an iPhone these days, but it was fast enough to run Falcon A.T. which is what I really cared about.
  11. Nah. I think he looks more like this guy.
  12. My kid's friend had his birthday party at a Chuck E Cheese last year. I bought the dads the first round of beers, and while at the counter, loudly proclaimed "We're only going to have 2-3 beers max okay? Because I don't want you guys fighting inside a Chuck E Cheese again." The staff behind the counter were cracking up.
  13. You know what I haven't heard in a while? People yelling WORLD STAR!
  14. Wife and kids - they’ll usually text but I’ll always pick up when they call because it’s likely something important. People in my department will usually gchat me before tapping me on the shoulder. I freakin’ hate people doing that because it breaks my concentration, but don’t really have a choice because 30 seconds with me will keep them productive for an hour. I’m pushing to take over an office once the current owner starts working out of our LA Office. People outside my department or subcontractors will text or call. I pick up phone calls from people in my address book. If they’re not in my address book, I’ll play Russian roulette and sometimes pick up my phone. About 1/2 the time I’ll let it go to VM and maybe respond depending on who called and what they want. Phone etiquette aside, I HATE internal emails with a burning passion of a thousand Weber grills. I set up gchat spaces for my department and project teams. Those are a lot easier to follow and the attachments never get missed. GMail search is absolutely worthless.
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