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  1. Nope. Not NEARLY enough. Like I said, maybe a stick of gum.
  2. Doing my internet "research", the Chinese are in a nationalistic fervor with us versus them mentality. They aren't quite as brainwashed as the Russians, but probably not that far behind. They could start a war with the US and justify it to their population. And any thought that western companies will pull out of China is just a pipe dream. Russia's population is about 145 million. China's is 10x that. That's a LARGE market that western companies can not ignore. As much as I hate the thought of one China with them "liberating" Taiwan, it's going to happen sooner than later. They'll treat it like Hong Kong and slowly take away any hope of semblance of a democracy. I just hope I'll be able to bring my parents to the States, or they'll pass away before it happens.
  3. I haven't counted exactly how many bills you have. But I betcha all that will buy you a stick of gum.
  4. Some people prefer a landing strip.
  5. Yet. But think of what T1000 will have to offer.
  6. But think of all the Swedish meatballs and Lingonberry drink you will be enjoying.
  7. Playing “letter / topic” with my kids on a long car ride. The game is essentially picking a letter and a topic, e.g. “S” and “foods” and start listing all the food items that start with S… spaghetti, Sun Chips, smoothies, etc. etc. It keeps me awake, and keeps them from telling me how bored they are. They’re entertained and I don’t fall asleep at the wheel and kill everyone. Win win.
  8. If I change my screen name. Should it be: Super Hello SuperHello or Superhello?
  9. Oh man. Totally forgot to reach out to DHS / TSA. Still waiting for my TSA pre check approval. It’s been almost 4 months.
  10. What was/is it that makes you not like the person? I mean other than the fact that he’s vegan? Watching practices and races, he’s a little dirty and whines a lot. But I actually thought the article was interesting re everything else he’s dabbling in outside of F1.
  11. Several years ago, one of the rebar cage for a two story high wall tipped over and crushed an iron worker. The supports were engineered properly, but somehow it tipped over. OSHA came and didn’t find any, but a guy still died leaving behind a wife and a young daughter. When I was a young field engineer, one of the foremen said he saw a guy crushed by a column rebar cage. Same deal, it tipped over, one of the guys started running without seeing which direction the cage was falling. The foreman said the guys spine was sticking out his back when they lifted up the cage.
  12. I miss their “cheeseburgers”. Nothing to write home about, but better than a bag of bar mix.
  13. California preparing for mega flood? Construction will grind to a halt and I will lose my job. But the possibilities of lush greenery around my house makes it worth it.
  14. I stained my fence by myself, 120'L or so, using a roller, in 3 evenings, and 5 gallons of stain (which was the recommended amount). Your white privilege is showing.
  15. Good thought, but I’d like more than the bottom 5’ of my house painted.
  16. If I’m staying at a hotel for more than 1 night, I’m unpacking everything. Can’t stand living out of a suitcase.
  17. Going home now to meet another painter. But the first guy was the one who Give me the most detailed and least expensive price when I was painting the inside of my house.
  18. Minecraft stopped working for the kids, so I bought the upgraded version of it. Back when it was owned by Mahjong Studios, buy it and logging on was a breeze. Now that Microsoft owns it, it is a beating to even buy the damn thing. Gotta create a X-box account, put in my address 2x, and donate a skin sample. Now that it's finally installed, my kids can't use their original log in to play the game because it's already taken. Maybe it's user error on my part but I'm going to blame MS anyway.
  19. Got a quote to repaint the outside of our house for… $9000. I was expecting the cost to be at least $8000 (with astronomical paint prices, shortage of labor, and speaking to some neighbors), but still a punch the gut to see it on paper. The HOA only asked us to repaint the eaves, garage doors and trim, but that by itself would have been over $4500. Time to break the piggy bank that intended for out trip to the waterfall in South America.
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