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  1. Just another No Nuke Monday here in the great US of A.
  2. I’d pay to see Mika drive that. Dang.
  3. He just hit a cart. Check the cup holder, fellas.
  4. Air Canada loves some good PR. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2022/06/22/anger-confusion-after-air-canada-orders-20-plus-passengers-off-montreal-to-london-flight.html
  5. She's trying to raise a fan of good filmmaking and she's doing a damn fine job of it.
  6. You're thinking of The Thing (2011). The Thing (1982) is unimpeachable in every way, shape, and form and anyone who disagrees with me is probably an alien.
  7. Biodome is neat. The whole city is so choice.
  8. Yeah, hard compound seemed wrong to me, too.
  9. Five seconds and a penalty point. Dropped him to P9.
  10. I bet Rory comes good at the Open.
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