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  1. Pretty sure he was a waiter at one of Fertitta’s restaurants 10 years ago then became Herman’s “recruiter”.
  2. 1 and 2. I have clue how I found this thread even.
  3. The fact that bush wasn’t on the field taffeee was, should say enough. ….. is it not crazy to say that Texas shouldn’t have walkons playing real time? Our starters can’t figure out zone defense, never less the backups lol
  4. Tried the non breaded Popeyes blackened chicken sandwich today for lunch. I really liked it, comes with the same sauce on the sandwich and the blackened seasoned chicken was damn tasty.
  5. Maybe we will learn how to actually do zone coverage before then? Nah he will probably throw for 400 plus.
  6. His quote was the middle tier sec would win the big 12…. My point being that’s not close to true, sec is very top heavy and has been for a while.
  7. Have you not watched bowl games the last 6 years or so? Big 12 usually wins more then they lose in sec matchups for the mid to lower tier teams.
  8. It could be much worse then playing a top 12 team in a prime time night game.
  9. Man I haven’t been on myfreecams in a long time, might have to revisit that one.
  10. Legal weed, great party atmosphere, great views. I mean there are definitely way worse places to go as far as atmosphere... College Station, anywhere In Alabama or Mississippi.
  11. Ok I should have said not at the same level or better. Lol. Manny’s Wikipedia says he definitely wasn’t a HC again after Texas State is what I said though…. Brad Wright also later was head coach for a Tapps school in Hallettsville with a total of maybe 20 players and was fired after one year I think.
  12. Made a big pot of turkey and sausage gumbo earlier this week. I cheated and used the Louisiana brand gumbo mix but started a bit of a roux before I added it, turned out pretty good. Froze a bunch of containers of it.
  13. Taafe? They guy we wonder why the hell he saw playing time this year? Dude takes terrible angles.
  14. Texas State is where coaching careers go to die. Other then Bailiff no one has gone on to another HC job any time after that in the last 30 years.
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