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  1. Fresh green beans cooked with bacon chunks are delicious! Canned green beans are trash.
  2. You guys aren’t staying at that badass RV park again are you? That thing was a hidden gem.
  3. Rod Babers was just talking about Zack Derfee, a edge transfer at Washington. He wasn’t allowed to play all year because of the NCAA but will play in the playoffs.
  4. I’ve never seen Liucci sound or be so dejected in my life and I watched 4 minutes of it and fast forwarded for bits. Most clips we see him sunshine pumping a shit situation and he spinning it really good. He fail miserably here.
  5. He was still sharp as can be and moving getting around great up till a few months ago atleast, that’s a great life. He seemed like genuinely great person too.
  6. I’m not going to lie I could see the Big 12 doing good here. 5-3 not bad, need to look at the SEC bowl games. They might lose more than they win, again like normal the last few years and this year vs every other power 5 conference in out of conference games... Come on let’s not start sucking that sec bias teet yet.
  7. The minute this fucker starts picking us or anyone for anything they are fucked. I mean his horrible takes really don’t stop on anything in any sport. But they are pretty much 100% the opposite way.
  8. Definitely have to get pressure on Penix or from what we have seen this year he will eat the secondary up. I think we will get pressure but they will get plenty of passing yards, I expect something like 45-42 the good guys.
  9. Texags right now. Some of them are actually sensical, the others not so much.
  10. Did you watch FSU the last two games? They are not winning.
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