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  1. Buy out the other 99 people and then never sell if it’s in a hot area, which if you are getting offers then someone has plans for it and most likely and you will get leased. The 100 people on the deed is just a complete shit show.
  2. I’ve never heard of so many pick 6’s as our qb’s evidently in practice…. Can no one on the offense tackle? Lol. Every reported interception is a pick 6.
  3. Yea I saw that, might have been she was a side piece after college but she claimed they dated. Just remember a friend that knows her and the dead boyfriend telling me that.
  4. Yea that tie stuff sucked last year and screwed me. I’ll be in again.
  5. I just discovered Flaming Bird chickens from HEB on Uber eats and it is cheap and good. The fajitas aren’t bad either.
  6. Everyone can agree all day about it but from season start to 3rd quarter of ou didn’t head left scoring drives on like 23/28 possessions?? Thumb and regression were both probably a part after that.
  7. And a terrible Dline that is man handling the offensive line….
  8. I feel like all of Card’s family must post on here…. That’s the only way logical people would think it’s a good idea he starts.
  9. She dated Tristan Thompson when he was in college…. Little know factoid of the day. lol
  10. That kid is actually Johnny Knoxville lol
  11. If North Korea sends 100,000 troops is it not a given that this escalates and other countries jump in on sending troops?
  12. Yea let’s have them in the ac all the time and then just run them out against Bama when it’s 120 degrees….
  13. Man I’m going to miss this kid when he’s gone. Not only is he very good, he’s also very smart and has bought in to being a longhorn 100%.
  14. Anyone have a good stream for iPhone casting to the tv? One I have is sucking.
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