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  1. I will take those 3 points. Also, Thiago Silva has a source for the fountain of youth, or the waterboy's melted glacier water...
  2. Maybe. Depends on the stewards for that week.
  3. Yeah, not trivial at all. Someone needs to lose a license for this travesty.
  4. Stupid sip. Aggy *has* no equals! So, who do you think we're going to beat??!! wait...
  5. This game will be frigid, boring, and ugly. Much like I imagine most Iowa womenfolk. 20-7 Texas. 350 total yards.
  6. As a Longhorn, I will be disappointed if they get rid of this 'sitting national championship winning' coach, who has been so gloriously bad for them. As a Texan, I will be disappointed with the (continued) shitty management of funds related to the state of Texas. As a proponent of higher education, I will be disappointed with the (continued) glorification of that shitty football program over any thought of academics (and paying back what they already owe to the school). Only eATMe could fuck this up so badly. But hey, I'm sure it will all turn out fine for them...lol...
  7. Damnit! I assume this was awesome?
  8. I like them, but I feel like this could be the synopsis for every Reacher book.
  9. This is the week we finally play well in all phases: 42-10 Texas. 265 rushing
  10. Obviously amazing driving, but *that sound*!!!! 🤤
  11. Russia is the only party in the world that can end this quickly and painlessly and get away from these potential "consequences". WIthdraw to your own borders (including GTFO out of Crimea), and send your troops home. Simple.
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