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  1. While I don't think sending F-16s is really suitable, I do think it is (past) time to send ATACMS. I actually hope we are giving them ATACMS without announcing it, and just giving them a good enough stockpile to really fuck some shit up before Russia realizes that their safe zone has contracted significantly.
  2. My favorite part is they can't even comprehend that they are bad at it. "We're doing a terrible job at promoting our situation."????!!! Promotion isn't actually their problem...the problem is that their situation *is* terrible...and anyone smart enough to promote it, probably realizes that they shouldn't.
  3. I've been in central Texas for 30 years and spent a total of ~30 minutes in B/CS. Bought a used fender for a '72 Charger sometime in the mid-90's and picked it up there. Zero desire to ever go back, thank you.
  4. And, they stole him from "TU"(El Paso)!!!!
  5. Necro-bump. Decided to revive my old HPI Nitro over this past long weekend. Instead, I snapped off the fuel inlet on the carb while trying to change out the fuel line. Guess I'm really diving back in and looking for parts for this thing...
  6. And instead of learning & growing from the experience and holding anyone accountable, they will instead celebrate the sacrifice of those lost.
  7. Same here, except growing up in NM. We paid for the family plan because the kids wanted to try learning some new languages. I'm diving into Spanish, but my crazy teenage son is deep into Mandarin now.
  8. Why the fuck do I keep seeing advertisements for ATM's law school? And not even for a law degree, just some related shit to support the big money guys/girls. As soon as I hear the music for that stupid thing I'm skipping/changing.
  9. Ugh - thanks for the link. Like the effort, but he knew he fucked up right away...
  10. Can't watch at the moment...Felix's red justified?
  11. RIP. Agreed with the above - he was the original GOAT...
  12. A) your avatar is incredible B) Agreed with Dry Elbows, above. Not sure if this is your first brisket, or just your first on a pellet grill. I like Aaron Franklin's brisket vids on youtube, if you're new to brisket in general. Congrats on the new toy!
  13. Glad to hear the boy is home. My mom was a kid in England when Germany was trying to reduce England to rubble. The juxtaposition of normal life going on with bombs/missiles falling from the sky is insane. Just having heard stories from her, it is ridiculous that we have to convince anyone that this has to be stopped.
  14. As my 2016 Silverado sits at 55k miles, this information does not please me...
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