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  1. Meta Quest Pro with the new price worth it as a Quest 2 upgrade? Is there something on the horizon we might want to wait for?
  2. I noticed this too about my pedal lust, recently. It's been awhile since a new pedal caught my attention, but Strymon has a track record that doesn't have any misses so they're easy to lust after. And now I'm about 4 vids in... Did Kemper, Positive Grid, et al, create this general apathy towards pedaldom?
  3. Can't wait to find out how they fuck up Khan.
  4. Eddie is my number 2 guitarist all-time, behind SRV. (No one spends time learning Hendrix songs anymore. That's science.) I celebrate Van Halen's entire catalog (But prefer DLR. As someone once said, Hagar was great, but Roth made them dangerous), but Why Can't This Be Love is my absolute favorite VH track (pure pop perfection). It wasn't until I was in college that I found out it was a keyboard song. Learned a lot about myself that day. Still coming to terms with it.
  5. That section's creature feature is a 15-minute homage to the Original Series, right down to Kirk solving the situation WITHOUT using his fists (in a manner of speaking). I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.
  6. I hear you. II is obviously the movie that finally validated nerds the world over and its place in SciFi movie history is unimpeachable. Wrath of Kahn is a great movie, but VI has everything II has except VI does it better (Kahn spends the entire 3rd act bumblefucking around, for instance, Chang would clean his chonometer (boop)). But what VI really is, down to its core, is the entire 30 years of Star Trek story and lore sticking the landing.
  7. One of the first places I went when visiting San Francisco was going to that intersection. 😂
  8. VI >>>>> IV > II Watched Search for Spock recently and it's held up quite well, I dig that one now more than I used to. Time has been kind to that one.
  9. BoomMF

    David Crosby RIP

    Been awhile coming, sadly. RIP https://variety.com/2023/music/news/david-crosby-dead-dies-byrds-crosby-stills-nash-1235495467/?fbclid=IwAR34xQ3ZAY0BU4zac2AwLMcUQdy6m6Ba5CPqNpHjIp4asWQI0VxyeJYfjHI
  10. Took the children to see William Shatner at the Long Center in Austin this past weekend. The show included a watching of Wrath of Kahn, then a Q&A with T.J. Hooker himself, then a meet and greet after (which turned out to be a cattle call tbh). For 90+, Shatner was bouncing around the stage and just as entertaining as ever, he definately still all there. Wrath of Kahn is my 3rd favorite ST film, but watching it with an auditorium of enthusiastic Trekkies made it memorable beyond it simply being a great movie and has me re-thinking my order. (In all the times watching it I never noticed the Moby Dick thread throughout, btw. #dense) Ive been worried for some time that I might be running out of time to see him in person, the only OG main cast member I hadn't up till now, but if his energy and presence are any indication, he might be around for a while yet, hopefully. Bucket Item: checked
  11. This popped up on the timeline today (Big Brother and all that). Cool rundown. Disney afterschool TV was on another level in the 90s. MIght be the only place Disney had their act together that decade. I even forgot to mention Tailspin. Zzzzz
  12. BoomMF

    Pink Floyd

    Preach. And no SACD, either?
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