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  1. Finally got to visit one of the brightest young trumpeters of the bebop era, whose life was cut tragically short in a car accident. Check out Clifford Brown & Max Roach (1954) and imagine what could have been.
  2. This series from Drumeo is everything: If you haven't checked out the drummer from Snarky Puppy doing Enter Sandman you're wasting the internet. In other news, The Roland TD-50X brain that's been backordered since the dawn of creation finally arrived and Sweetwater honored the initial sale price, which has since been bumped up about $500 or some such nonsense. The people on Rock Band Rivals aren't gonna know what hit them.
  3. BoomMF


    Yeah, Nirvana Nevermind Super Deluxe hit this past week. Bout to crank it. Pretty stoked for this one. Especially looking forward to the ephemera. And my copy of Art Pepper arrived (ordered because of this thread!). As much as I'm a fan of 50s/60s jazz, it surprises me how Art Pepper has managed to sit in my blindspot for so long. This ends now. The replacement for my jacked up copy of the Pallas Rumours showed up as well. And, after forgetting I ordered from the band's website an eternity ago, some rather hard to find Kitten records arrived too. About to be busy and loud at the Boom household.
  4. Dear Diary, "This is your last chance, Jasco." Actually, really enjoyed Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game. Previous Jasco products haven't resonated with me, and Evil Dead was flat out terrible. But this one's a keeper. It took 2 years to deliver the all-in, but that time was spent well. The game plays efficiently and, as a fan of the video game, I dig the thematic inclusions. Played Foundations of Rome and it might've won the weekend. Everybody loved it. So, naturally, I have to paint it all now... Also did a scenario of Chronicles of Time, 2400, with the in-laws. Interesting and fresh new dynamics which expand on the previous game, cybernetics! These Chronicles games are always a good time with large groups of people, especially "non-gamers." And Mindclash never misses. But Perseverance doesnt really shine until episode 2. And the Kingdom Death campaign continues. Probably the game I'm most into atm. Played Wonderland's War this weekend. It's a gorgeously produced bag builder and area control game that everyone really enjoyed. Haven't finished painting it but was too excited to play. We're in the part of the timeline where a glut of boxes are showing up for games that I forgot I kickstarted 2 years ago. Also introduced Hadrian's Wall to the in-laws. As predicted they loved it. And the second wave of Solomon Kane hit. This is nonsense. I will probably never get to half of these boxes. I'm starting to lose the excitement I normally felt when these large campaign games delivered... Some more Kingdom Death. Lantern Year 8 out of the way and have only managed to lose 2 survivors. The wife has grown so attached to hers that if any of them die I fear tables will be flipped and curses uttered. We're still playing remotely with people half a continent away. The pandemic might have made remote setups a necessity, but the change might not be temporary - we're going to be playing physical games remotely with friends for quite a long time now, at least. About to start a Lord of the Rings RPG campaign with a similar setup too. Looking forward to that one. Played Wonder Book with the family. Quite a unique production, though the gameplay is pretty boilerplate. I'd recommend it for family game night but that's it. Now, Constant Reader, you are caught up.
  5. BoomMF


    We're gonna be all over the place this weekend. (When I was younger I didn't really appreciate this version of Layla - OG Layla is the goat rock song and this was neutered too much for me. Now that I'm older and more lame, I've come to appreciate this take.) I have the super deluxe of the Black Album, and it's a stellar presentation. This one of Ride the Lightning looks similar. Now if your boy can just find an SD Puppets for less than the cost of a late model Toyota...
  6. BoomMF


    Thriller 1-step just launched pre-order over at mofi.com. Seems significant.
  7. This weekend's listening sorted. 50s jazz played on a turntable is as God intended.
  8. There's a great little movie about some kids in Dublin starting a band to impress a girl, Sing Street, with a bit of appreciation for the musicianship of Duran Duran. When the movie came out in 2016 first thought was it was about time they got credit for their songcraft. John Taylor's autobiography, though, left a lot to be desired. He does well to document the fascinating times of the early days of Duran Duran's ascent, but I was there for the juicy bits about the members' relationships, especially with Simon or the early departures, and he glosses over almost every bit of that. Regardless, Team Duran Duran.
  9. Been using a Venta Airwasher for years and love it. But be warned, the stuff it pulls out of the air will make you reconsider breathing.
  10. The Dual Professional (in classic 40's V-front) reissue that was teased before the pandemic might finally be making its way into produciton. Fender MIGHT announce something concrete at NAMM this June. This is holy grail reissue type stuff. https://www.musicradar.com/news/joe-bonamassa-reveals-signature-fender-48-dual-professional-amp Before this you pretty much only had Rift and Victoria doing modern versions of this amp: https://guitar.com/review/rift-amps-tweed-vee/ But if the mothership makes this a thing I'm in like Flynn. As seen in the background of that famous pic in the Guitar Player magazine article where Billy Gibbons was asked to point at his dorkiest guitar.
  11. Heard they're bringing Dragonlance back too. Sign me up for all of it.
  12. Probably not $50k. It's an ungraded beta, but should pull a 6 without much issue. The Serra is beta too. I don't have any alphas. I got into Magic during Antiquities/Legends, back when that beta Black Lotus could fetch about $200 from some desperate sucker,, and even then alphas were rare.
  13. Revved up indeed. Sent from my SM-N976V using Tapatalk
  14. HIs next video gonna be Why New Drivers Don't Drive Ferraris.
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