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  1. My first guitar is an 82 LP Custom and it’s great, albeit very heavy. Not a bad price for that guitar.
  2. Funny. Way back in the early 90s I was on staff at a Boy Scout summer camp and we had free time here and there and I would often haul a book around with me to make use of said free time. When I got to hauling around this one, the Program Director, my boss - who also happened to be Jewish - was like, "Hey Chad, I'm all for you reading whatever you want, but maybe you don't want to be hauling that around outside your daypack. You may even want to put a more discreet book cover on it." Message received.
  3. We share a lot in common, you and I.
  4. Poles tired of getting run through every century or so by their neighbors. They’ve had enough of everyone’s shit.
  5. These assholes are ruining all the cool Revolution era flags. See my previous post re same.
  6. Aimed at a dockside tank farm, I can see how it could be useful.
  7. This makes me angry. I can only imagine how ragey the Ukrainians are about it. We need to ditch the limited political war playbook. Didn’t work in Korea or Vietnam and won’t work here. The only thing the Russians understand is brute force. Way past time to show them shock and awe via proxy. They picked this fight, time to bloody the bullies nose. And before the apologists show up saying “what about nukes?” I remind you all that bullies are essentially cowards. Putin wants to live. If we show him we’re the baddest on the block he will back down. But it’s way way past time to hit him where it hurts. No more half measures. All targets within Russia should be fair game with our weapons.
  8. I know, necrobump. But this popped up in my feed and seemed worthy of a post and this seemed like the best place for it. Dan Auerbach is just a full on Master of Sound. Coupled with a magnificent Prine song, this is just giving me chills. Short, sombre, powerful. Only thing it's missing is a little Dan solo.
  9. But if he can make what he wants to make, where he wants to make it? Why should he schlep across the country when his fans will come to him? Same thing with the Dead residency in Vegas. Touring is hard on the olds. May as well set up shop somewhere comfy and coast.
  10. That example of yours is 20 years too new. Huey first flew in 1956.
  11. The poster was fine. The increase in dirty socks was probably a tell though.
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