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  1. How do you know so much about Russian railroads, Oleg?
  2. I remember seeing this in the movies and my Dad saying, "You know he's a great guitar player" and I was like, "Who cares? I need one of them CAT diesel power" hats." Then I ran around the house screaming "summbitch!!!" at every perceived inconvenience - to my mother's great consternation. /csb
  3. "...complications of advanced dementia." That's tough for anyone, but especially someone who was a great legal mind. Fair skies and following tailwinds.
  4. Except for all the ones with scantily clad 20 year old thirst traps that somehow fill up my feed.
  5. how do you define low/mid/high out of touch? Sincerely, This white motherfucker.
  6. I don't get the hate for Beato. I find some of his interviews really insightful and interesting, while others are clearly clickbait. Plus I really dig that blue LP Jr. he put out with Gibson.
  7. He would fit right in on this thread of nerding out on guitar stuff. He just has the money to get all the things I only post pics of.
  8. This denigration of hand jobs will not stand!
  9. All questions she could’ve got the answers to from SSA very easily on her own but that wouldn’t have set up a (non) gotcha moment for the show. Dumber than a fucking rock.
  10. I was rather talking about getting chased to exhaustion and inevitable death by an explosive robot. Soldiers must’ve had a similar feeling when they first saw planes dropping flechettes or tanks trudging along at Cambrai. But wardrones seem to me an altogether different kind of dystopian invention. No one is safe anywhere. How long until your ex girlfriend can get hold of one of these? People are going to start doing shit like this away from the front. It’s only a matter of time.
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