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  1. The Frank Luke call back is a nice touch. Great story that one and a highly appropriate use in context.
  2. I can only conclude that this guy has some major players protecting him. Perhaps he's been isolated as that one guy who's allowed to tell it like it is, so that there is at least one outlet of truth going to the top. Otherwise I just don't see how he's avoided falling out a window by now. Or perhaps it's that he caters to such a small section of the public who cares about getting into the military weeds that they say he's not even worth it. I don't know. It just seems very strange that we continue to get these very frank, negative opinions that seem to be informed by first hand info from the front. Like he's calling his old military academy classmates and getting the real scoop to form his opinions. So very odd in the current Russian political climate. Which is pretty much the same as always Russian political climate: the truth is only what the state reports it to be. Which one of you old Russia hands can explain how this guy lives?
  3. This was my experience. It's a beautiful place with a lot to offer. It's just run by a schmuck. It's not the only place with that problem.
  4. You’re right. Call sign “Prick” seems more likely.
  5. He’s not gonna feel bad about it at all.
  6. He’s seen the same CNN chyrons as the rest of us, therefore he has a complete knowledge of a totality of the circumstances. No one, not least a government that spends 10x the next 10 countries combined on surveillance and defense, could possibly know more about it or have a better idea of how it should be handled. Hand him a 12gauge with duck shot and he can take care of it himself.
  7. One thing is for sure: Some crew chief somewhere is happily working up a stencil for a balloon kill.
  8. And to further follow up on the thought regarding Turkiye upthread, the Turkish have always had a bit of an inferiority complex, love/hate relationship with the EU. They are miffed that EU has been moving the goalposts on them for EU admission for years. It seems there's always something they don't measure up with, and often in candor, they'll admit they don't measure up. But the cumulative effect is, "you really aren't European and we really don't want you as part of our exclusive club." So I get from the Turkish perspective why they'd have their hackles up a bit. It only has to aggrieve them all the more to see the European powers falling all over themselves to get Ukraine admitted asap, while Turkiye has been on the waiting list since...checks notes...1987. Don't mistake this observation for sympathy for Erdogan, as I don't have it. Further, the reasons EU to withhold acceptance of Turkiye into the group are many, varied, and often valid. Still, the upshot for the Turkish is that the EU seems like a diplomatic cocktease and I get why they may take a position that they've been convinced by the EU that they have to look after their own business apart from the EU. It's a rough neighborhood.
  9. So Thomas buys into the cockamamie pseudo-legal religion of "originalism" whole hog. Seems like Kavanaugh and Roberts were happy to mug for the cameras as "originalists" but have taken he more Scalia-esque approach of, "I'm an originalist but I'm not nuts." I've been reading Chemerinsky's new book on this and it's interesting. I imagine a lot of folks in this thread would enjoy it.
  10. They’re just two dudes dancing. Mullahs are totally ok with that.
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