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  1. Found out the Dawg has a dirty looks from the cul de sac strollers setting...simulate that @Goredho
  2. This thread's anthem . . .
  3. Guard screws pass muster . . .
  4. My VOS R6 is not light...don't remember the #, haven't weighed & don't care
  5. Goldies are a happy place...
  6. Dressed like 1950, half drunk and hollow eyed...
  7. That song changed everything I thought I knew and liked about music and guitar playing...my high school buddies back in small town TX thought I'd surely gone over the edge.
  8. Time to utilize 'under the bed in cases'.
  9. Daughter and SIL seeing Stapleton tomorrow night at Choctow Casino in Durant...if I was to pay stupid ticket dough it'd be for him.
  10. These guys do a fair job . . .
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