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  1. Damn Quails Bryon White small venue last evening...had no idea he was that good of a player. Awesome singer/front man...a seamless 2 hour show. The Montego Black telecaster's tone and crunch had my full attention. Just great musicianship at all 4 spots. Unbelievable keyboardist, flawless bass & percussion. Gabe Marshall was not with them & no fiddle or steel. Would love to see em full roster but last night it didn't matter...catch em when you can. Best 16 buck ticket that I can recall.
  2. Couple of USA E4's...great guitars
  3. Switched the red GMC emblem to a black illuminated ....
  4. Do it G650, you can buy it back in a week...
  5. Brought this 290 SC back home from the little shop where I'd had it consigned...
  6. Spruce/Rosewood 914CE...almost sold it recently but wasn't unhappy when the buyer backed out.
  7. Thought I could see binding...very nice. Gonna need a bucker review.
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