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  1. Has the NBA been able to confirm if there is a single fan that gives a solitary fuck about this in season tournament?
  2. I had a buddy whose family had a hunting property about 45 minutes outside of Green Bay. I was flying up to Chicago for NYE and the Broncos were playing at Lambeau a few days before hand. My buddy's family had season tickets, so we decided to head up for the game. The saturday night before the game we were staying at his hunting cabin, so we went to this backwoods bar that served as a hardcore drinking establishment for hunters and snowmobilers. It was basically a doublewide shithole trailer in the middle of the woods. Some of the strangest people I have met in my life were in that place, and at least 2 serial murderers if I had to guess. My buddy knew a few of them because he would hunt in the area every fall, but goddamn it was something out of a movie. I'm guessing the average IQ was hovering in the 70's. Place was cheap as fuck though, I'll give it that.
  3. I'm probably with you for a smallish bet. But if we fall down by say 10 at the half or early second, I'll be all over a Texas to win straight up in game bet. Shaka used to love blowing first half leads at home when he was at Texas, and I see no reason why his current team isnt capable of the same. They seem to be as shitty at jacking up poor three's as I remember his Texas squads being.
  4. Hard to say, but all signs are trending towards female cheerleaders (TradCheer) setting up a fierce rivalry with their friends on the Brazos.
  5. I make sure to loudly mumble "I dont even want to be around any more" for authenticity.
  6. True to Shaka's MO I notice that Marquette is 49th in 3P attempts (~26 per game) and 229th in 3P% (31%). If they shoots lights out, we're probably fucked playing in front of what should be a rowdy crowd. But to Derka's point, even a 20 point Marquette lead can disappear if they just keep jacking up ill-advised shots. Here's hoping he rolls out his Abilene Christian game plan tonight.
  7. I dont know about the rest of you guys, but this in-season tournament has completely changed the way I basically dont watch the NBA until after football and college hoops is over. Two things going on simultaneously that I don't really give a shit about. Its exhilarating.
  8. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/39055308/cowboys-mike-mccarthy-having-surgery-expects-coach-vs-eagles Are they sure its not just a TV remote or two lodged in a belly fold?
  9. If I decide to run for president, I will put ending that corrupt industry right up next to my pledge to publicly execute people that run tele-scam call centers. I feel good about my chances.
  10. I suspect half of these ridiculous fees the broker sites steal get funneled right back as bribes to the decision makers who could end their business, but for some reason decide not to.
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