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  1. I just noticed there was some dude on the Badlands event flyer named Chris Paul. Which means the basketball player is no longer the biggest douche with that name.
  2. https://www.cnn.com/2024/04/22/business/trump-media-stock-truth-social/index.html Getting another ~$1.3B+ today. That seems like a well run venture over there. I'd recommend he figure out how to dump that shit today.
  3. I guess this cushion should hold if Scottie wants to take a few weeks off for the delivery.
  4. That post wouldnt even rank in the bottom 1000 of this board. You might be more comfortable on hornfans.com.
  5. Yeah, I'm fucking done with this one. The entire point of holding UUUU was to profit off a rise in the price of uranium. Lets check in on the various uranium stocks I have bookmarked. You can guess which one I own.
  6. That would be a good penalty for a last place fantasy football finish.
  7. He's on one hell of a heater right now.
  8. This quote has me rethinking my cremation directive, just so I can get a tombstone.
  9. Reno proper, probably not. But let me live in Incline Village and commute the 35 miles, and I could see it. Tahoe area is awesome year round.
  10. Oh no.....they are praying to their impotent sky daddy for Donald to win. Just like they did in 2019. You'll worship the dark lord like the rest of us, Frank.
  11. I'd take Castle ahead of Sheppard all day long. Dude is smoove.
  12. Once he lost KD, Donovan's NBA record is about as "meh" as it gets. In his 4 years in Chicago, he has a sub .500 regular season record and 3 missed playoffs. Bulls pulled an aggy and gave him an extension after that magical run in '22. that shot of him sitting on the bench when Miami pushed the lead back to 20 pts looked he wanted to cry.
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