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  1. I'm more triggered by the allotment of four nachos. You in the doghouse, Frank? Wartime rationing in effect?
  2. Incredulity would suck Trumps dick right now. It would be like winning the lottery for Incredulity.
  3. Odds that Trump refers to her as "Bobb my Knob". And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.
  4. I'm sure the Trump cucks are all riled up in the heat of the moment (I dont give enough of a shit to watch), but there has been speculation that the Murdochs have recently been pivoting away from Trump. Recent editorials in WSJ and New York post, Fox no longer televising his klan rallies, etc... Without Trump, Fox News would be a network without a reason for existing, but I'd laugh if Rupert shitcans Tucker, Sean and the rest of those morons so they end up sending resumes to OANN. Or they can all sign onto Cawthorn's first responder team and attack the capital (round 2). This is bigtime, probably gonna need the Trump Navy as well
  5. It begins tonight.... I hope Johnny Sack stocked up on his Bakker buckets!
  6. Was on 35 heading north around Pflugerville when it came down. Predictably Austin drivers handled the situation like professionals. JK... Saw one guy into center divider, and about 3 other near wrecks in a couple of miles.
  7. Yeah. Dude is the definition of clutch That kick made him 16 for 16 on kicks in the final minute of games. Fucking assassin.
  8. It feels like I've seen a couple other funny clips from this morning show. I'll have to find out if you can catch it online. Edit....lulz, first youtube video I stumbled across.
  9. Grifting money from the GQP rubes is the easiest gig in town. If you can check your morals at the door, those magtards will line up to throw you their welfare checks.
  10. we hired a retread coach with a jr. high hair cut, b-cup tits, and the nickname "7 win Steve". And then his dogshit coaching staff couldn't even pull that off.... losing to Kansas.... at home. Anything over .500 and I'll be pleasantly surprised, but I chose 7 wins because there's always the chance Bijan learned to fly.
  11. Roger is a receiver, not a giver.
  12. I almost fell out of my chair when I read he was a republican. I may have to rethink my position on the GOP being the party of family values. I hope he at least asked his lord and savior for forgiveness. And by lord and savior, I of course mean fat Donnie Trump.
  13. Those Brooks Brothers cleats give him an extra gear, its hardly fair
  14. ACR had their Venom tourney and 1st place was over $1 mil. Chips were all-in preflop so winning hand was comfortably ahead, still a pretty sweet way to win what will undoubtedly be this guys biggest score.
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