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    Rodney Terry

    In all the games I watched with Beard as head coach(basically every game he coached here), I never heard Terry referred to as co-head coach, thats all. Maybe I missed it, lulz.
  2. Bishop dragging his nuts over errbody down low.
  3. Lulz. What evidence is there that the dude is intelligent? That stupid motherfucker thought the earth might be flat. Fortunately, I dont actually know anyone irl that actually believes that, but every single person online that espouses that belief is dumb as shit. Kyrie is no exception.
  4. I'm sure one of these will be working at gametime https://sportsurge.club/live/kansas-state-wildcats-texas-longhorns-live-stream/562060
  5. The mission is too important. We need to call in the big guns
  6. And not a leader on that team. Probably better off trading KD and starting over.
  7. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/local/2023/02/03/city-seeks-to-dismiss-arrest-warrant-for-cincinnati-bengal-joe-mixon/69869481007/
  8. Thats a solid tradeoff. Farts are objectively funny, it's just the olfactory abuse that you suffer when exposed to someone else's brand thats the issue. Remove stank from the equation, or at least your ability to pick up on it, and the world becomes a brighter place.
  9. Might be a breakeven if you factor in the cost of a penis enlargement. Speaking of, I saw this bad boy yesterday His fancy shrine for his spare tire occupied about 75% of the bed.
  10. Indeed, this tragedy has caused quite der fuhrer across Germany.
  11. My guess is just to take away the recruiting angle of opposing schools saying "macks done in x years" if he always has 5 years left on his contract. I doubt he coaches another 5 seasons. But as long as he's willing, its pretty clear UNC cant do any better.
  12. Keeping Mack locked down through the 27 season. If he coaches it out, he'll be like 77 years round. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/35576738/north-carolina-football-coach-mack-brown-signs-1-year-extension
  13. Suit was asking for $140 million, lulz:
  14. Welp.....welcome Covid II, Corona boogaloo
  15. If there was only some evidence from his past that he was a piece of fucking shit.
  16. Your user name alone tells me you probably know a whole hell of a lot more about it than I do, so I'm curious about the sentence in bold....is membership referring to ACC members, and if so, how did they subsidize the tournament? Were they taking a lower fee than the tour usually pays a course? I always presumed that there are any number of country clubs looking to make a name for themselves that would jump at a PGA tour event, so I'm curious about the statement that the PGA needed ACC a lot more than the other way around.
  17. Yeah I doubt anything in Tulsa's history tops that 07 ice storm. My folks lived north of Tulsa and I happened to be visiting when that one happened. I'll be surprised if I ever see an ice storm that rivals that one.
  18. Some tittyfuckin, but tastefully done and only during the late service.
  19. Power back on for me by Hancock. Ice still frozen in freezer, shits still cold in fridge.....I'll take it.
  20. I think it was around 7am for me when I lost power. I keep my thermostat set at 65 in the winter, so I'm pleasantly surprised it's still reading 54 currently. Old place is better insulated than I thought. Crazy how dark the block is, guess not many generators in use (one house). Still hearing the occasional imposing hum of electrical gear, but now the entire sky glows blueish white for a couple of seconds. Kinda cool looking. Time to commence Operation Bourbon & Bud, so I can hopefully be asleep a couple hours earlier than usual, and wake up refreshed to some power.
  21. I'm guessing falling trees/branches and blown transformers aren't as predictable as load shedding decisions.
  22. Pleased to report that the Crown and Anchor has power and burgers.
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