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  1. Dude didnt even get a degree and he still sounds as fucking stupid as I would expect a sooner graduate to sound. Overachiever, imo.
  2. 1.) Wash sale rules typically cover "substantial identical securities" which is a pretty nebulous term. As the proposed acquisition hasnt even closed yet, I dont see how you could consider the two stocks identical securities 2.) If I actually needed the answer to this, I probably wouldnt listen to me.
  3. The greatness of this thread is that immediately preceding this post was an equally illuminating contribution: Also @Beau Vine, ball is in your court now that Stang just rubbed his nutsack all over your chubbychecker inequality. Lets do better, OK?
  4. If this Stang fella hasnt been arrested at least three times trying to break into Elon's office, I'm not sure he's even serious. Elmo's got fuck you money and has said worse stuff than this guy. I smell a new "buddy sitcom" where elmo and joe ride off in a new cybertruck to fight all of life's injustices. But the cyber truck always gets stuck before making more than a few miles. Or a wheel falls off. I've still got a few things to work out before I'm ready to pitch, but I can pull an all nighter.
  5. Its not like they have much of a choice in the matter. You only need so many "1939! Whoop!" t-shirts
  6. I'll never be able to figure out why some of these fucks cant learn to shoot freethrows. Its part of your goddamn job, stop being so shitty at it.
  7. I switched over to the Houston ISU game for a few minutes. Much more entertaining game. its almost a different sport the way Houston plays it.
  8. You say that like his teams have had no success in years1-4.
  9. Sounds pretty dialed in for a 14 year old* *I have no idea how old this cuntflap is
  10. I randomly stumbled on this stream earlier, and left it running while I had the all star game on. Crazy, crazy f'n stream. The dude driving all the action just showed up to the lodge for the first time yesterday, and he won $170K apparently. When I started watching, his VPIP seems likes it 110%. Its a 25/50 game with multiple 6 figure pots. @Lurch they say this guy calling himself Tesla is from Florida....does he play in your haunts? I'll link to the craziest hand I've seen in a long time, but really the last couple hours of the stream are entertaining. You can see the pros sizing this dude up, but he keeps winning his share. At this point in the evening, this Tesla dude is on super, mega-monkey tilt(I assume) and he is pushing every single hand. And Polk is also stuck ~$200K. If Doug doesnt ask him to show a card, he probably calls, but Tesla shows him a deuce, fucking lulz.
  11. It wouldnt surprise me if all 1000 pairs were actually all purchased by GQP rubes, but lets be clear those shoes were always going to sell out in hours. Just like Cruz's book was always gonna be a best seller.
  12. Scheffler with another disappointing top 10, lulz.
  13. True. However, this has now become my litmus test for manly, presidential decorum. You can practically hear him making the semi noises. Impressive
  14. For those of you understandably upset that you missed out on the investment of the future, there are a couple more options on his site:https://gettrumpsneakers.com/ The Potus 45's: or if those are too subtle for you T-RedWaves There's nothing more exhilarating than dominating those pussy-ass, bitch democrats on the pickle-ball courts than doing it while wearing some of these bad boys. If he has any sense, he'll follow this offering up with delicate ladies wrist watches, tighty whities, etc... to complete the "full dotard"
  15. I see Bronny chipped in with 2 pts and 2 assists in 14 mins last night. Its awfully nice of him to to stick around USC for the remainder of the season when everyone knows he could be playing for the Lakers right now. At least that's what the experts are saying. Lulz.
  16. Now imagine being upset when Obama fumbled a salute because he had a coffee cup in his hand. There were images so horrific, so damaging to national security interests that apparently some of you have just blocked it out of your memory all together. Dark days indeed.
  17. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/39548967/adam-silver-nba-reassess-g-league-ignite-wake-nil It figures they might scrap the concept right after poaching Holland. I would guess there are enough guys out there that don't even want to pretend to play school and just get paid, but maybe not if Silver is publicly voicing this now.
  18. Hes going to jack him off isnt he
  19. It has been for years. Those fuckers can shoot.
  20. CDC could fire Sark tomorrow and we still wouldn't owe what they paid Fisher. 7 years is longer than I would like but it ain't 10 years.
  21. there was probably a riveting debate on some message board somewhere that demanded their undivided attention.
  22. I got something that knocked me down hard the last couple of days. 102.5 fever the first night, a couple of days of firehose ass, and now a raging sore throat. I've had asymptomatic Covid twice, but been testing negative so far and this is the sickest Ive been in years. Just sleeping and shelling the shithouse with regularity. Would not recommend.
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