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  1. Having been a teen in the 8 track days has made me somewhat impervious to being interrupted in the middle of a song. Song /fade / loud click / song resumes, was just how life was back then.
  2. This is all I could think of listening to her voice.
  3. This looks like one of those 90’s Benetton ads.
  4. He ain’t lying. https://www.facebook.com/share/r/RMPEMk3VMEhUbwUF/?mibextid=xCPwDs
  5. Still better than a grocery store Bar S brand. We’re doing these already, right?
  6. You’re massively underestimating how much money 100k is to some posters on this board. That Whoopie / Rosie threesome isn’t outlandish to some of you for half that. And just to be the first to completely go against the clear instruction of the OP I’m going to say I’m willing to bang Gal Gadot for $100,000.00, or 364,053.50 shekels if that would make it easier for her.
  7. Pulled from theaters today, only made 23 million since release. Sequel went from August release to “To be determined”. Ouch!
  8. My Dr has me do a Cologuard test every couple of years. I’m fine with it, ounce of prevention, etc…. But damn it man, could Cologuard be a little more discrete with their packaging? Probably a 9 inch square box with an 8 inch Cologuard logo on almost every panel. Our town only has one UPS drop off at a busy little convenience store and it’s slightly off putting to walk in and wait in line behind some lady waiting to buy some scratch offs and a pack of Kools and hand the box to some clerk with everyone in the joint knowing you’re passing them off a box of your shit!
  9. The amount of guys who are suddenly going to be spit on in the next month or so…
  10. Not a giant ass or Dollar Tree grade tattoo in sight.
  11. I’m calling bs. Why would someone just be videoing a random elderly dude trying to catch a bus.
  12. I really need to pull the trigger on this.
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