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  1. Movers yes, storage no. Had a roommate once that worked for a huge moving and storage place in OKC. Some poor bastard would be sent overseas from Tinker AFB or for work and hire this place to store their stuff for 6 months to a year and as soon as it hit the warehouse the degenerates that worked there would go through everything and grab anything cool or of value. Most of those guys were a half step above day laborers and knew the chances of still being there when the people came back were next to nothing.
  2. I miss the days of a a good ol firm handshake. These days when I see someone out and greet them it’s the fucking Wild West, we going for the standard, a fist bump, high five, some kind of a DAP thing? It’s a second or two of uncertainty I would just as soon do without.
  3. Dammit I hate the community service scam. Pretty sure I’d sit a few days in the calaboose rather than do some urban prison farm slave labor bullshit. But then again I’m retired, couple of days in county jail might be a nice little break.
  4. Are 5G football helmets even legal? Seems like the opportunity for shenanigans would be fairly high.
  5. GoPokes83

    How dark are you?

    Light tan to Rich Corinthian Leather depending on the season.
  6. I fish a lot, but I’ve hired a guide on maybe 6-8 occasions when I’m going somewhere new. Just because I can catch a ton close to home doesn’t mean I know anything about playing at another guy’s home field. I can stumble around and hope, or get put on some fish. Pro tip: Dropping pins on your phone’s map is the quickest way to not get access to the best spots.
  7. I’d probably go back for another dozen
  8. Giving this some thought. If the longhorn got out and was hit and killed by a car or died of natural causes this is an incredibly stupid/dumb prank and should be dealt with accordingly, if the animal was killed to do this it’s an entirely different ball game and prison should at least be mentioned.
  9. I don’t get the dead longhorn. Why drop it at an OSU frat? Wouldn’t it make more sense (if you can call it that) to put it at a UT one? Hopefully someone sees some real jail time over this.
  10. My kid’s 11, thinks she’s 15 and has the smartass level of a 23 year old that’s never had her ass kicked. I’ve tried leaving her alone overnight a few times but she always seems to find her way back out of the woods.
  11. As Mike Tyson punches go those were like petting a baby kitten. I say give him the option of getting the 425k for that 4 second FO, but Iron Mike gets to deliver a few real shots for that same amount of time when he hands over the check.
  12. Really didn’t see anything out of line with the quotes in that SI article. They asked him what he thought and he answered, definitely no outright disparaging comments or taunts or whatever. Pokes have been all about the 7 of the last 10 this week, but those teams seem like they were forever ago. We had a very sub-par season last year, and have been full on Jeckyll and Hyde this one. My head says if we play our A game from the jump we may actually pull this off, but my expectations are extremely low… Extremely.
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