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  1. It was really similar when I worked for the state. They’d just hire folks back as a contractor for a year then just hire them back at their old salary. Tons of double dipping going on.
  2. Hopped in the truck this morning and it’s another replay of the Springsteen reactions. I’m guessing they don’t just replay the interview because of HBO? Nothing good on 101 so I decided to switch channels. Anyway what Sirius XM channels do y’all turn to when you don’t feel like listening to repeats? I’ve been trying Team Coco on 106, Conan is just so damn sharp and funny, even though his cohosts are a little annoying. Any decent recommendations?
  3. For me it’s a constant reminder. Every time I hear about my kid’s favorite band or song and bring it up two weeks later…
  4. Since it’s on Hulu will the episodes be longer than if they were still on Fox?
  5. Possibly the last year for Bedlam. Good chance we don’t play them next year since we have them this one if they’re mixing it up.
  6. Take a gander at the size of that little sucker puncher.
  7. I’d love to throw whatever the fuck this thing is into a wood chipper if it meant I’d never have to see it again!
  8. True. If they make it 2020 something on the show.
  9. Teacher just standing there not doing shit
  10. I thought global warming was causing the ice to break up.
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