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  1. I'm high apologies but this is that Jasper right? James Bird? Yea I can imagine that area is pretty fucked up Oh yea just read your post. I was young when that happened but man I remember that
  2. There is alot of Texas I haven't seen, I'm glad this is in that portion of Texas . How the fuck is that still a thing in a school
  3. That part was fine and pretty funny but the other talk they had about college baseball was pretty dumb
  4. It is pretty damn close but with the family discount I think I will be alright and it is right outside Garden of the Gods. I can deal with that
  5. I hope so, only Anchorage was more miserable in winter imo. Spring and summer are pretty badass though
  6. Hang zone fan here but I like all the bullshit talk mixed with sports. I'm out on anything Norm and honestly have been for awhile. I always liked Davey so I'll tune into the HL every now and then but it's not a must listen
  7. My mom admitted she did this alot with us growing up on trips. I make sure to bring it up when she says I smell like weed. Brother and sister don't smoke though
  8. Agree. I have 1 coworker in Longmont and 2 in Denver. They say their neighborhood is pretty much all Texans now and not blue Texans. I've been to Seattle 7 times in the past 2 years for work. It's crazy beautiful especially when you grew up in Dallas but I don't know if I could live there
  9. The logic makes sense but we went and helped her aunt unpack from the last fires they had in Colorado Springs. Came within a few blocks of the house and god damn that was a scary thing to see.
  10. Gf has family in Colorado Springs and south Denver so we are in the process of lucking out with a cheap rental place in the next 2 years while they are working on moving back to Alaska for family. Love the area except for the fires, that scares the shit out of me but I will be pushing to try out that move for a year or so.
  11. Have a good friend that moved to Pagosa Springs a few years ago. Spot on
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