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  1. I don't know anyone that has 1a/1b USA and Mexico. One or the other and it's fuck Mexico
  2. Right now it's Argentina and Poland but Mexico looks like they will score another
  3. Zepol87

    Hudson Card

    No reason to stay and be a backup with what he's proven. Live out your dream and try to ball out somewhere
  4. The Austin anthem clown chimes in. Cool insight and not biased at all
  5. Jesus will fix that issue up front if Greg puts him in but he obviously read Twitter and the other euro snobs nonsense and that's why he has played Wright. As to yiur midfield topic Weston just doeant seem to be able to go 70 minutes hard right now. Adams has been the mfing dude and covers for him and musah quite a bit.
  6. International game wise hell yea after this he is top 10 for sure. He will move to a bigger club after this and hopefully keeps growing and getting better then for sure he is in discussion for top 5
  7. This is literally what all the euro fucks have been saying while talking shit about MLS. You fucks wanted Wright over Jesus because he doesn't play in MLS. Championship and any other euro league players is all those idiots wanted
  8. Gio needs to play this Saturday and so does Jesus. Wright better not see the field again
  9. That shit happens to very world cup and the soccer haters eat it up. It's stupid and hopefully stops
  10. Him and Haji were not very good
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