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  1. Mother of God an FSU-Iowa game would be one of the worst things ever.
  2. Yes. Alabama winning put BOTH Texas and Alabama into the playoff. Had Georgia beaten Bama then our win over them doesn't look nearly as good and they likely let in FSU. That said, the committee fucked up by not dropping FSU out of the top 4 when Travis was injured. They lead them to believe that they were in with a win. I watched a clip of Collin Cowherd (don't regularly watch is show but wanted to get his reaction on Utoob) just made a good point - this is like when Cincinnati lost Kenyon Martin for the season in the CUSA tournament in 2000. Cincy had been #1 all season then was given a 2 seed after Martin was lost for the season with a broken leg.
  3. Washington playing FSU is a violation of the Genva Convention.
  4. That’s one of the worst college football games I’ve ever seen.
  5. Punting Is Winning Iowa I Cheer For The Punter T-Shirt https://a.co/d/6KHnjhP
  6. yup just confirmed for me too. It goes around the KVUE hissy fit. thanks for pointing that out.
  7. YouTubeTV isn't an option for Astros fans (there are literally DOZENS of us!). The thing with "cutting the cord" is now they all bundle channels just like cable and satellite companies so the cost savings really isn't there for many of us - especially if you need a specific regional sports network (RSN). HOWEVER, if the RSNs keep dying then that will tip the scales to streaming if MLB and others just buy the rights back and provide it themselves.
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