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  1. If it happened in the 90s most here would have also.
  2. Been on this diet for years I need to lose a few more lbs
  3. Man I should be out there pregaming with some titties. Now I’m surrounded by insufferable dodger fans who don’t even watch baseball. Offense going go off
  4. Glad I’m not the only pussy who doesn’t like driving over big ass bridges. Not sure what it is now but damn I don’t like them and it’s kind of a new thing for me only notified I puckered up a few years ago in St. Pete. Missed a damn exit in Long Beach last weekend and had to go over that one and I was not liking it at all.
  5. Yea tried it first 2 episodes but then I was rewinding and turning them on for certain parts anyway because I missed some things. They stay on more
  6. Concur sucks but homegirl in Florida make travel and receipts easy
  7. Come through anytime haven’t kicked with you since the usc game with Ldogg and koopa
  8. Yesterday was a fun hike 20 minutes from my poor ass and you realize you don’t need all the extra shit when you’re outside all the time. My old upstairs rooms were used for fun women and buddies banging them. 2 bedrooms and and nice patio garage is perfectly fine.
  9. Bakersfield should be a city for the homeless. No money should be needed for that hell hole, I can’t believe people are moving to Kaufman county but some friends just bought for 230k next to the prison. Man we used to sell a shit ton of drugs in that field. Crazy times
  10. Ye man that’s Santa Monica, cross the 710 and it drops drastically. I wouldn’t go past the 605 though that’s back to Collin county area with mountains. My gf sister lives in el segundo it’s amazing as hell but I’ll visit like I visit my ppl in highland park, @Rex Kramer save me a room
  11. I’m a poor in SoCal and it’s just fine. Don’t listen to these lawyers and trust fund babies
  12. Bro I know you would never slum it in LH
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