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  1. Hell yea!! Final group stage games already look to be intense why not add to it
  2. Zepol87

    USMNT 2022

    The Jurgen thing is fucking stupid imo. I thought he was talking about soccer culture, he brings up concacaf countries that do the same thing thing
  3. I've been watching on Telemundo 90% of the time but I turned it on fox for the pregame before England-USA and my gf mentioned that same thing. Looked rough
  4. Wingstop sucks ass everywhere, Pluckers sucks ass at a few locations
  5. They have in the past, this launch the ball to El chucky shit is dumb though and doesn't work in the world cup
  6. L tri-site!!! Haha fuck you Ochoa OH God damnit few minutes late but I do enjoy this
  7. Argentina has to go for it now though. I see them fucking up and giving up a couple good counters that Mexico probably finishes at least one. Agree with everyone else Argentina is not great and Messi looks like dogshit
  8. Second half gonne be even more of a shit show once they get a little tired.
  9. Damn that would have been a hell of a catch if he hangs on
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