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  1. I know nothing about the graphic novel, but watched the first two episodes last night and really liked it. I reckon I'll finish it. Casting seems fine to me.
  2. Totally missed this thread but saw the trailer come up on Disney+. So we watched the original with our kids and they really liked it. Now we're definitely in for the series, it looks good.
  3. It'd be like only having TX-OU every other year. Hopefully it's just a contract negotiation technique.
  4. I could definitely see them forcing a 9 AM local kickoff. Why not?
  5. Meh. We know the same thing Ukraine knows-- there can be no negotiated peace with a terrorist state like Russia.
  6. Yup, I know. Doesn't change the fact that he's wrong and he sucks.
  7. The cops and firemen used to clear out douchenozzles that anchored over there, but in recent years I've seen plenty of aholes do it and not get called out. Of course, some of them end up moving for fear of their own lives, when the big party boats come barreling down that channel with zero capability of avoiding running them down...
  8. I tend to throw two anchors, one off the bow, and one off the stern, and this is what I use, which is heavy enough to work well on muddy bottoms but also has very strong flukes for catching into rocky bottoms. The flukes release with a yank on the line.
  9. Pretty sure that detonating a nuclear plant, would have to be viewed by the West as a nuclear attack. If this is true, then we're getting very close to the ultimate Fuck Around and Find Out.
  10. I too have anchored in Bull Creek at least eleventy billion times in my lifetime, and I wouldn't toss more than 25-30 feet of line, there.
  11. Actually you were 21-3-1 by the rules of the game. Fifth Down Favorites
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