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  1. In 2021 the CP had crews pickup ALL limbs within a couple of weeks, and I expect them to do the same this time. For most of it they just sent out chipper crews and worked from house to house. The damage wasn't as bad then as it is now, but I'm fine with loose stacking for now and then waiting for them to manage it, as they did 2 years ago. I have no interest in cutting down this much wood and bundling into bite-size chunks to let the weekly crews take care of it over a period of 4-6 weeks, which is what it would take to get rid of all my broken shit at the rate they're proposing for bundled batches. Bottom line-- the other municipalities are arranging to haul away loose wood, and my expectations are that the CP must do so as well.
  2. A neighbor of my in-laws in NW Hills 78731, had a crew stop by and do their yard. They cleared the grounds and pulled down hanging limbs, cut it down to a more manageable size, and stacked it at the curb. They didn't haul away, since the city will eventually be doing that in the coming weeks. They did this for $150. This isn't some 2-acre site, just a normal size house near Hart Lane. If you're interested I'm happy to PM you the name and number. No secret, just don't want some scraper bot to pick up his number and start spamming it.
  3. Yes, and other countries have their own name for the US, which we don't get bent out of shape about. When a French friend once corrected me for pronouncing "France" with an American-accented short a, I asked him what he called the United States of America. He replied, "les États-Unis" and I said "et voilà."
  4. You need one of these as your 100-hour token: And yeah today will be a good day to have the house open. I've already done a couple hours of chainsawing outside, felt great earlier but now I'm actually sweating.
  5. Parents in 57 got power at 5 AM this morning. Still no power for inlaws in 31 or sister in 50.
  6. My "built-in" wardrobes are based on Ikea frames and drawers. I've trimmed out around them to make them look built-in, and will paint it all to match the rest of the trimwork in the room. Its quality is good enough. It's certainly far simpler than building it all from scratch.
  7. My parents in 57 still without power. Sister in 50 still without power. Inlaws in 31 still without power (and will be staying with us until it is restored... yay!). But we're very fortunate, haven't lost power this time, and never did in '21 either. Y'all hang in there.
  8. I have an ongoing wardrobe project that's almost complete, just need to do the finishing carpentry on it. We have a large master walk-in closet, but our master bedroom is also very large and long, like a bowling alley, so at the end opposite the bed, there's just this unused space. So I decided I wanted to build-in a series of floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall wardrobes, as much for the aesthetics as anything else. We don't really need the storage, but a little extra never hurt anyone, and it now makes sense out of that weird unused space. Anyway, I'm close to being done, and will post pics as soon as it's complete.
  9. Oh man, my inlaws who have been without power in 31, are now going to come stay with us. We get along really well, but we don't typically live under the same roof. Might need to begin cross-posting to the "holidays with family" thread...
  10. You're not saying anything different, you just perceive it differently. Yes, we ALL know that they're negotiating inventory, appearances on their network. That's all this was ever going to be. Inventory and/or cash settlement. That it has taken this long, demonstrates to me that our negotiating team has been weak and ineffectual. You can certainly perceive it differently, but I won't agree with your opinion.
  11. Their spy balloon is flying over Arkansas? What are they looking for, folks selling jams and jellies along the side of the road?
  12. I love to grill with mesquite. I never BBQ with it.
  13. Probably because they're trying to convince them to write the big check so we can leave? Which clearly hasn't happened. So, I guess it didn't work.
  14. Yeah I definitely think attitudes could change based on circumstances and perhaps some level of increased urgency could end up driving different behavior from our leaders. But for now, I don't think they care that much. At least, not enough to pay a bunch of money for the early exit.
  15. Yup this is the reality. Fox isn't "screwing us" or "holding us hostage." They're just not letting us off the hook without being compensated for it. I believe they're definitely overplaying their hand and that our negotiating team is coming off as weak and ineffectual, but it's clear at this point that TPTB at Texas aren't nearly as concerned about when the move occurs, as the fans on this message board are. They're not going to pay gobs of money to Fox to get out early and they're not going push it to the courts. UT's negotiators have failed and there's no appetite for risk among the school's decision makers. They just don't care enough about the departure date.
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