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  1. Well I mean, he's a lawyer that admits he doesn't know math and yet has solved The Theory of Everything so... uhh... .well... there you have it.
  2. Clever-- grant their wish of finally becoming Texas' hat, and then immediately dash them into the barren caliche. Serves them right for being so nice.
  3. Not everyone's happy about it, but Texas already SECed. Announced it back in 2021 as I recall.
  4. It was never a joke, they're the original criminals in Austin and they're still around.
  5. Wow I like that song after one listen, and there's no doubt it'll continue to grow on me. Old 97s songs tend to do that to me in a way that not many artists do. I had no idea of an attempted suicide but the moment I heard that lyric it really hit me, I knew exactly what he was saying. Then sure enough I read the responding posts. Anyway, looking forward to another album release. I'm getting tired of my usual "new listens" and ready for something a little older and warmer feeling.
  6. Well he already missed a bet with alliteration, the thread title could have and should have been "Scientist Censored Selling Salvation on every Social System." But I must admit, Mr. Stang does show some promise. I want to see where this thread leads. Ideally at some point we'll be told what the Theory of Everything actually is, rather than just being scolded for not already knowing what it is, despite OP's clear indication that it's his discovery, so how could we know without him telling us? I don't know much, but I do know I'm gonna stay tuned to find out!
  7. The ags have turned over more of their staff and a similar amount of players as Michigan, and yet the Wolverines will be a "shell" of themselves and the mighty ags are going 10-2 minimum. Okay...
  8. Agreed but still, I've been toying with the idea of switching to a new religion or perhaps starting one of my own. This guy might be my Messiah.
  9. Winning the CCG would be kept important for the top 4 by being rewarded with homefield advantage in the first round of an 8-team playoff, which is plenty compelling. The byes are stupid, 12 teams is stupid and unnecessary.
  10. Wait are you locked down in London or allowed to wander about? If you're MI-6 and they're holding you, doesn't seem like they'd just let you roam free. Also doesn't seem like they'd allow you to keep your phone, unless they're using it deliberately to spy on you and track you? Oh, and the bad news is they do have spyware all over your phone and your mic is constantly open whether you approve that or not. The good news is they really only use it to send you targeted ads for running shoes and bakeware.
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