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  1. Yup, that's the deal. Still, as a 19-year-old undergrad, having a place with some atmosphere, where you could BYOB and nobody gave a damn, it was always a good time. Of course back then it was out in the middle of nowhere, now it's surrounded pretty much on all sides by Austin exurbs.
  2. What, are you more of a Famous Dave's kind of guy? I'd recommend it but I don't know of any locations in the Austin area.
  3. First Dickey's, then Bill Miller. But if both are closed, then Terry Black's if you're Central, or Stiles Switch Cedar Park if you're north. I can't comment on South, I ain't no bubba.
  4. I attended the first year. The weekend was a rainy mess for the most part, but even allowing for that, it just wasn't much fun watching those cars labor their way around a proper circuit. And don't even get me started on that bizarre stop/restart "stage" racing. What a truly awful product it delivers. Indycar was much more interesting, track limit issues aside (esp. T19). I came away very impressed with how much performance they achieved on a fraction of the budget compared to F1. If only they weren't so godawful ugly. Removing all that bodywork behind the rear wheels a few years back was a step in the right direction, but they still just look so blocky and weird.
  5. Any cider drinks? Did you get knocked down? Did you get up again?
  6. Sorry, I wasn't ignoring you, I just don't know much about any Jeep forums, though I'm sure there are dozens out there. I am a member of a Facebook group named "Austin Jeep People" and there are all sorts of people happy to give you their opinions, in that group. Soon my tires will go from the stock 33s to 35s, looking at Nitto Ridge Grapplers and the like.
  7. Be sure to book E-Rock in advance, their day passes tend to fill up on holidays. They allow booking a month in advance, so as of today, Good Friday is already available for booking (and so far it still has plenty of availability for all entry time slots). Tomorrow, the Saturday of Easter weekend will open up for booking, and then the next day, Easter Sunday, etc.
  8. Yeah, you probably don't think of China and India as tremendous grain producers, because they're not tremendous grain exporters. They retain most of their crop for national use. Edit: Here's a chart I found on the internet, on a website called "beef2live" so it's gotta be true. https://beef2live.com/story-top-20-largest-wheat-exporters-world-0-206491#:~:text=Russia is the largest wheat,Canada and the United States.
  9. Widely known as "The Gimp HEB." It's better than it used to be, but the moniker still suits it, I'd say.
  10. Gotta plug those leaks and prevent the sensitive ICs from getting to Russia. The guilty states are the usual suspects and it's honestly not that difficult to figure out exactly who is doing it. I've worked extremely closely with our export controls departments both at my current gig, and my former gig at AMD, and they always know what's happening. Having the balls to do something about it, is the problem here.
  11. You'll get nothing and like it. The real key is to have access to the hospitality tents and Velocity Lounge. That makes the sunshine bearable and even enjoyable.
  12. Agree on Leroy & Lewis, unless you're dead set on brisket, and it's a Friday. Because L&L only serves brisket on the weekend.
  13. RIP Alamodome roof b. 1993 d. 2023
  14. Almost zero rain in NW Travis. Lots of wind for about 10 minutes. It's past us now. So... yeah... total nothingburger.
  15. Wait, we're irrelevant but we have that kind of power? We're poor but wealthy? The ags run this state, but we have the BOMC?
  16. Get ready for it...
  17. But perhaps she believes you do. Parents always over estimate the abilities of their children.
  18. Well I certainly don't fly him in just to check the breakers. There better at least be some kind of legitimate arc fault, otherwise all he gets is a bus ticket.
  19. YGIFS is a master of the name-drop, no doubt, but the status-drop is an even more artful form, and he excels at that as well. Bravo! I mean, there are a couple of Methodist preachers out there that I'll have some beers with from time to time, but I definitely don't have anyone that I'd refer to as "our family priest."
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