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  1. Yeah those builder-grade oak cabinets went into every home from about 1978-1998 it seems. In our last house I painted the ones in the kitchen, but stripped and stained the ones in the bathrooms to a deep espresso, and they turned out looking fantastic. Way more work than painting them though, obviously.
  2. To be fair, we have used our jetted tub a few times per year since we've been here. I like it and wish I had time to use it more often. And we already have a nice glass enclosure shower with multiple shower heads, so I don't REALLY need to get rid of it. But it's one of those triangular monstrosities that's put against a corner of the bathroom with a tile surround built up around it, and it just takes up so much room, kinda like this one: I want to replace it with a freestanding jetted tub that's a modern version of a clawfoot, rotate it sideways so it takes up a lot less room, which would make space for an additional vanity and more storage. Something like this:
  3. They seem to think that 2021 class still exists (and that they replicated it in 2022, 2023, and 2020...). Anyone know how many from 2021 are still around?
  4. I always liked the scallywag. I'll likely snag one this month.
  5. Really like the first two episodes, ready for more!
  6. My wife loves it. She likes it a little dirty.
  7. Tan My around the corner is much better, it's actually the best pho in Austin. When I heard a car had run through a pho place in North Austin near the Target at Ohlen Road, I was screaming in my head "NOOOOO, please don't let it be Tan My." I mean, it still sucks for Pho Van of course, but ya know...
  8. Wives tend to think they want one. Too many Calgon commercials I suppose.
  9. TV, movie... whatever it takes.
  10. I'd prefer not to do anything at all to mark it or celebrate it, but that's not the way these things work. Regardless, I'm certain that ours will be a about a million times less cringey than what they did.
  11. That's a great Wonder Years scene. And this one is my all time favorite:
  12. Did we lose @JosephStang ? Is it possible that surly proved itself to be TOO tolerant, and ol' JS just peaced out knowing he's done his work and spread the word? This is an outrage!
  13. Yup, we take the CapMetro city bus to Q2. Jump on at Northcross Mall and ride the couple miles north. After the game they have a ton of buses idling, waiting to reverse the route, and we hop off back at Northcross. Super easy and requires only a fraction of the resource commitment that rail does.
  14. Kimi, do you need some help with those cops? "Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing."
  15. That will always be the case on any topic that is completely subjective. It's certainly interesting to me to see what OTHER people find "great" or iconic. I'd say I probably agree with about 70% of the scenes posted so far, and vehemently disagree with several as well.
  16. You didn't have to come to Texas for that realization. There are millions of morons in Chicago, too.
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