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  1. Pulisic's corners has been so bad, I don't remember it being better in the WC either.
  2. Verlander + 20 million for Luis Garcia, who says no? Garcia wouldn't play until 2025, so not sure what good he would for the Mets. Maybe 3rd team that is rebuilding (like the Yankees lol)
  3. The U.S. women's national team midfielder said it was a bruising tackle from club teammate Danielle van de Donk and their tense exchange that fueled Horan's equalizer against the Netherlands in the Women's World Cup on Wednesday. "That's where you get the best football from Lindsey," Horan said afterward. "I don't think you ever want to get me mad because I don't react in a good way. Usually I just go and I want something more -- I want to win more, I want to score more, I want to do more for my team." Basically confirm the eye test, the team is sleep walking through the games. Activate Hulk mode for now on por favor.
  4. the announcers were talking about how good she was at getting low before...
  5. But be grateful that this is made possible by REAL bAsEBaLL people instead of microsoft excel dorks judging players' performance with metrics that nobody can explain.
  6. Anybody can recommend a career counselor? For somebody interested in a career change.
  7. This is in Roth so no margin. Anyway my brokerage, Schwab, is charging 10% margin.
  8. I have 200 sh of PLTR right now which trading at $6.88 ( total <$1400). Too embarrassed to tell you guys how much I bought these at. Thinking to sell all and use all the money to buy 3 calls of $3 Jan 2025 at $4.65/each. To breakeven at expiry, price would need to be $7.65 What say you wisemen?
  9. Crane played 4D chess with the "I fired Click because he should go big game hunting, we are not Tampa" message. Yeah, we overpaid Montero and Abreu but still don't have a C and LF.
  10. As long as Bagwell is not the GM, we be fine for the next 2 years. Then you need to rebuild the entire infield except for Pena, and thats a hell of a task.
  11. According to Spotrac, Astros was still paying Greinke last season? https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/houston-astros/payroll/2022/
  12. Was Billy King negotiating for the US? Didn't even get a single pick, unbelievable.
  13. This Dutch team is nowhere near the level of Van Persie's and Robben's years. They have DeJong but I see no reason why USMNT shouldn't dominate the midfield and gallop down the flanks with ease. Probably wouldn't be able to score though so this will go to PK.
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