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  1. This Dutch team is nowhere near the level of Van Persie's and Robben's years. They have DeJong but I see no reason why USMNT shouldn't dominate the midfield and gallop down the flanks with ease. Probably wouldn't be able to score though so this will go to PK.
  2. But dID YoU KNow THaT hE wENT to daRTmOUTh? Give him the job!
  3. Signing Montero pretty much means JV is out. They will spend another $10M on a LH reliever so 45M leftover to shore up the bats. Thats plenty for Contreras AND a 1B (Abreu, Bell or Rizzo).
  4. I remembered ppl waiting in metro line for an hour back in 2017. Some didn't even make it to the parade.
  5. I'm bringing my toddlers to the parade? Any tips on parking and where to set up shop?
  6. Shit, Dusty wants to be cute...
  7. Dusty inexplicably replaced Hensley with Mancini last night so I'm not holding my breath. If he is thinking that we need more outfield defense, I hope he goes with Dubon. Anything but Diaz/ Mancini
  8. Can we cut Mancini and get a 3rd catcher? Make Vasquez the DH. Mancini and Diaz are automatic outs.
  9. Bohm is supposed to be the worst 3b fielder in the league?
  10. I poured the concrete myself to lock in the channel drain in between pavers (top and bottom of picture are pavers). This is my side yard walkway and the channel is carrying water from the roof gutter. Overall it is low criticality, I messed around with $10 worth of quickrete. Now I wanted a quick and easy fix to make it look nicer.
  11. Taking the opportunity to ask for advice here. First time messing with concrete and looks like crap what to do now to make it look nicer?
  12. Stone has done a good job overall but he gets too cute with these role players' contract. Last year it was Theis and now Tate. Great guys no doubt but no need to lock them to a long term deal. We want 2 max slots for next year FA and beyond
  13. Besides the Lakers and Kings (see thread title), what other teams would want Kyrie?
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