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  1. I booked Whitefish for the first week of January. Never been up there but really excited to check it out. Flying into Kalispell and staying at a rental house that’s part of the Whitefish Lodge resort.
  2. I test drove an iX followed by the i4 e40 and walked away feeling the same. Then I got the m50 and it was a dramatically different experience. Thats the model to get.
  3. The i4 is unapologetically an EV that was retro-fitted from an ICE platform. Personally that was a major selling point for me, as I find many purpose designed EV’s to be too kitschy looking. But to each their own.
  4. The frunk obsession baffles me. What the fuck do I need yet another place to store shit for? I need less shit in my life, not more.
  5. Very underwhelmed by the last half hour of that match. There were some solid moments in the first half and they opened the 2nd half reasonably well, but around the 60 minute mark they just seemed to lose interest. We spent a billion dollars and we’re a mid-table team at best.
  6. Norvell with a masterclass in how not to win a game here. Just an embarrassing finish for him. He deserves every bit of clowning coming his way. Fucking moron.
  7. Fucking weak, Norvell. You earned the L you’re for sure gonna take.
  8. Less than 24 hours later and there is active re-litigation of two completed deep ball TD passes on the road against a Nick Saban coached D. Never change, Surly.
  9. Sterling is the only one that seems to have any ambitions to score. He’s not perfect but he’s not the problem.
  10. Sterling fucked it up? He cut it back and Jackson had a tap in from 6 feet out. The ball wasn’t as clean as it could be, but you absolutely have to put that on frame from that distance.
  11. What the actual fuck? This is our best striker?
  12. Sanchez just threw an outlet pass straight into the back of a Forest defender. WTF?
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