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  1. They gave Maresca a 5 year deal with an option for a 6th, which I find completely hilarious. I’m sure there are clauses that will let both sides exit early once we’re ready to run him off in 2026.
  2. Fuck. I’d say “unbelievable” but sadly this is very easy to believe. What a fucking beating it’s been following this club as of late.
  3. I picked up one of the higher proof RC16's and it was severely over oaked. I disliked the first pour but came back to it 2 weeks later to give it another shot. I couldn't even finish that pour, and I never pour whiskey down the drain. All I am saying is that YMMV on that one. Given the price point, I'd want much more of a sure thing.
  4. Great job guys. We kept Arsenal off the scoreboard for a good 4 minutes.....
  5. These owners made a bunch of bad decisions in the transfer market and now they'll end up sacking a fairly quality manager because they have no other option to keep fans hopeful. It's really hard to see any sort of path out of the woods that isn't 3+ seasons away.
  6. This fucking team. I swear. They are just allergic to any kind of prosperity.
  7. Neighbor has the Sinatra. It’s unremarkable. I’d pass on all three, but the MWND is probably the best combo of good product at a price that’s not terribly out of line.
  8. So? Inflation has been high and everything is more expensive in general. Not to mention that liquor stores know that whiskey demand is showing no signs of slowing down. Which is something you validated by still buying at those prices.
  9. How is $75 cute? Because it’s not a round number? Would you feel better if they charged $80?
  10. Speaking of our amazing owners, looks like they made another outstanding hire: https://theathletic.com/5251686/2024/02/05/todd-kline-tottenham-chelsea/
  11. The faces of the fans at The Bridge say it all.
  12. That exact strategy has been de rigueur in European Soccer transfer negotiations for the last decade plus. Come to think of it, the combination of NIL and the transfer portal is pushing college football squarely into a transfer market operating model, except that teams are getting no financial upside when star players move on.
  13. Yeah. It’s so unlike that crowd to hype things up.
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