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  1. Should have brought Dusty a lineup card showing Chas and Yainer starting. "Sign it, Dusty! Sign it just to prove you know how!"
  2. So, Nebraska? They are in the B1G. Their recruiting base is fertile farmland. Their fans are quite robust. They had a history of winning at one point. And they are not aggy.
  3. Speaking of welcoming Bisontits back with open arms, if Elko comes in for a hug, is Bisontits even able to get his dinosaur arms around Elko's ample frame?
  4. Jarrod Hufford went to Licking Valley High School. In other words, he graduated from Pussy Academy, probably with honors.
  5. Then: "We money whipped a sitting championship head coach." Now: "We are paying a loser head coach to sit."
  6. But I was told none of the portal departures last off-season were major losses. But I was told Petrino was a heist and he and Jimbo were creating a revolutionary offense.
  7. According to BBRef, the highest salary Craig Counsell ever made as a player was $3,166,668 in 2004. Even accounting for inflation, that converts to $5,159,680 in 2023 dollars. He's going to blow his player earnings out of the water.
  8. Also, Craig Counsell as manager with Bagwell as hitting coach would give us the best batting stance managerial staff ever.
  9. I've been waiting to use this clip for months now. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/93abaf6d-5d19-4b2b-864c-0ad63895050f
  10. I'm calling it now. This kid is a Star.
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