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  1. A white guy named Dusty from Oklahoma who has sworn off the N-word has a very Las Vegas shotgun-wedding vibe to it.
  2. I’m no recruiting expert, but I know enough to say this is not how that works.
  3. Today is the day Yordan Corleone settles all family business.
  4. Fuck. Best of luck, dude, that’s brutal. He’s a baller, I thought that was a really good pick for what we needed and what we want to do on O.
  5. If that was a ‘sellout’ crowd I’ll eat my fucking hat.
  6. Did it with Urquidy->Martinez->Maton for nearly 8 which is far from our optimal rollout. Doubleheader wore us down a bit. Wait until they see our final form… Props to Urquidy, pitched his ass off.
  7. Someone hurry to Costco so we can secure that Kirkland Signature.
  8. I think we should have them deal drugs. Holding, but getting away with it, is key.
  9. Jumbo’s history of living by the rules and establishing a culture around him that enforces an upstanding lifestyle will have their recruiting efforts hindered by this clear occurrence of meddling by the secret Longhorn-Saban cabal. Saban’s wife is a known Austin real estate mogul.
  10. Coach Fisher told me Haynes King is a lil bitch who sux
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