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  1. Troy Walters was OC at UCF the year they went 13-0. Then he went to Nebraska as OC where, you guessed it, Frank Stallone.
  2. In no particular order, a summary of all the ‘great’ moves the franchise ever made: Draft Dre Hire Kubiak Draft Watt Hire Ryans A sad & short list. But, better days ahead. Great fucking hire.
  3. The average NFL career is about 2.5 years and begins around age 24. He’s 38. So not super quick, but he’s young to be a HC. Rose up quick in the coaching ladder to be sure.
  4. Let the contract terms negotiation begin (?) (Please!)…
  5. Per Rapp the Texans were very impressed by his proposed staff.
  6. The more I hear and read about Jalen Carter (DL Georgia) the more I want to take him. Here’s what Pro Football Focus has to say: “Carter is neck and neck with Quinnen Williams for the best defensive tackle prospect we’ve graded at PFF (since 2014). Williams was a touch quicker, while Carter is a bit more powerful, but it’s darn close. Carter finished 2022 with a Power-Five-leading 92.3 overall grade.” Hiring a defensive coach and taking a monster at DT would be a very good combo. Then, take OL or WR at 12 and hire one of many free agent QBs on the market this season or use a later round draft pick on a guy like Tanner McKee or Max Duggan.
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