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  1. I’m no recruiting expert, but I know enough to say this is not how that works.
  2. Today is the day Yordan Corleone settles all family business.
  3. Fuck. Best of luck, dude, that’s brutal. He’s a baller, I thought that was a really good pick for what we needed and what we want to do on O.
  4. If that was a ‘sellout’ crowd I’ll eat my fucking hat.
  5. Did it with Urquidy->Martinez->Maton for nearly 8 which is far from our optimal rollout. Doubleheader wore us down a bit. Wait until they see our final form… Props to Urquidy, pitched his ass off.
  6. Someone hurry to Costco so we can secure that Kirkland Signature.
  7. I think we should have them deal drugs. Holding, but getting away with it, is key.
  8. Jumbo’s history of living by the rules and establishing a culture around him that enforces an upstanding lifestyle will have their recruiting efforts hindered by this clear occurrence of meddling by the secret Longhorn-Saban cabal. Saban’s wife is a known Austin real estate mogul.
  9. Coach Fisher told me Haynes King is a lil bitch who sux
  11. Sooooooo 10-1 today, then, lads? LFG
  12. Surprised to see us that high, and since our running game was dogshit (maybe 32nd in league?! Can’t remember) it’s obviously due to effective passing game. Not sold on Mills yet but his high efficiency and low turnover rate (first quarter very bad but last 3/4 of season was a great TO ratio) clearly have a great effect on the most important part of the field. TE group should continue to improve which can only help this stat.
  13. Pitching. Pitching. Pitching. This team is badass. And, good for Breggy!
  14. Hopefully it’s ‘personally signed’ by someone else.
  15. The more the term “at least a year” gets mentioned by Rappaport & Company, the more that seems like it’ll be the case for his suspension. Not rooting for it one way or another, but if that happens, he will have lost two prime years of his career, bringing his career total yardage down by as much as 7k or 8k, and career TDs down by 60 or 70. Not small numbers. And he lost time to injury already. Yikes.
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