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  1. Was curious so tried. Nope.
  2. They know what they're doing, just got an extra $5 out of most people.
  3. We have a Pop candle, but last time we lit it the nephew got stepped on and broke himself forever so it may be broken.
  4. Saw it last night. Thought it was great. Looking forward to Gunn fixing DC. And hopefully another Peacemaker season as his wife, with the gotg3 cameo, is not at all bad looking.
  5. You two should plan lunch to discuss.
  6. Really? No, hat creek is terrible. I've only eaten there twice. First my burger was cold, second I got food poisoning. The appeal is the playscapes not the food. In contrast, I've never had a bad P Terry's burger.
  7. He was in Austin for the Spurs game at Moody. He must like it down here.
  8. When D Law beat like 5 guys to force a goal line fumble. Yeah, he's still pretty good.
  9. I think they interviewed Rochon at the combine
  10. Agreed, makes me want to start battlestar gallactica
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