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  1. TIL we never finished the back half of s2.
  2. Better than playing a variety of characters in no roles.
  3. My SIL and BIL said the same, I haven't watched since it first aired, but may be better binged than waiting each week.
  4. I like it, if only for the setting. Seems like they should've delivered this as a stand alone show and not connected with TD.
  5. I totally thought he was Phil Rosenthal. Sort of blew my mind that they aren't the same person. Do remember him from The Leftovers though.
  6. Oh yeah, love severance Well she's not really an actor. She's a professional boxer.
  7. Depends on what you've done better with your time. Please tell.
  8. Really? You just got to give them more time. If you keep listening long enough you'll break on through to the other side.
  9. Yeah, ever been to a 7 eleven in Japan?
  10. Not part of the surly poors eh? Research shows financially stable men prefer women with smaller breasts.
  11. But he doesnt have a no cut clause, amirite?
  12. I think It's just drama, but it's getting out more than usual. Seems like maybe on purpose? Cut Dak, sign Ceedee, then roll the dice with Lance or Rush
  13. Nic Pizzolatto isnt involved in this. The opening says based on True Dectective, so it's kind of its own animal riding the coat tails. That said, I've enjoyed it. Something about the 30 days of night is a spooky and interesting setting, even if not totally accurate. Also, apparently a similar event happend in the 50s where a bunch of russians went running naked in the snow which was an inspiration for this show. https://screenrant.com/true-detective-night-country-true-story-inspirations-explained/
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