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  1. Figured I'd bump this thread as it appears that IVIG is not really helping. It's interesting because I'm on "good therapy" for the majority of people with this illness with IVIG and prednisone and methotrexate (CellCept has too extreme of side effects)-- so next step is Rituxan if insurance will pay for it. My doctors are concerned that they won't pay for it but it's the only thing they think that can stop the lung involvement which has become serious in rapid fashion. Anyone have any GOOD experiences with their insurances helping with expensive therapies for AID?
  2. I got the Kat Williams reference, my ba-rother.
  3. I understand what the pedant Roma is saying because it was the most cringe, telegraphed "twist" that the King was going to announce the Hand's daughter in that dramatic fashion and surprise. Yawn. Boring. Predictable and lazy writing. Also Daemon seems to be written inconsistently for my tastes so far. Otherwise, it's decent, I love the costumes and set pieces and production value. I don't mind the slower pace, I like the intrigue and politics as much if not more than the scifi dragon cgi crap. Ser Cristen is being set up to be Grey Worm or Jorah or the long haired daenyrios (sp?) a la strong, loyal and good protector to Rhayenra's (sp?) Dany. 5/10, will watch ep. 3.
  4. Biden delivered on loan forgiveness; weed is up next. Do this and you’ll be a legend, Dark Brandon.
  5. Libertarians: “two wrongs don’t make a right.”
  6. The question is now, will it stop here? Or can it be extended or built upon (higher threshold of income, more forgiveness, etc.) like how the student loan deferment has been. Like most have said, a one time jubilee is great but it's not going to change anything fundamentally and we will need to do this again since nothing chnages. I disagree with those who think this will be an inflationary event though-- the people getting this and make under $125k were not servicing that debt anyways as they haven't been legally obligated since the early days of COVID-19. That money earmarked for servicing the $10k in debt was already circulating in the economy.
  7. That is fair, but also having zero sympathy for others who did suffer and did the right thing and made painful sacrifices, whatever the situation not just this student loan situation, just had "bad timing" is also not a very emotionally healthy or empathetic approach.
  8. Sucks that it was means tested, but hey, it's a step in the right direction. And I agree that probably there was actuary concerns that could have made this unwieldy and cost prohibitive even going from income of 125k to 150k as the previous poster mentioned. I wonder why it wasn't just 10k cut across the board no matter what. That was my expectation and hope, at least.
  9. I hope the means testing part is a bad translation of the rumor, I haven’t seen anything about the 125k leaked by anyone official looking, at least.
  10. Serious-ish kind of answer: I did something super cool and kind for someone recently and they racked their brain and couldn't think of anything and probably posted on some esoteric website of their interests, but I ended up with a $500 gift card to a luxury hotel with a spa that I could use for a stay or a spa day or dinner or whatever. I thought that was cool-- but it's been sitting unredeemed in my email and who has the time? Though a massage sounds awesome.
  11. When we were young we were hungry to be seen and heard and desperately make an impact which made us look naive or adorable, at best, and annoying and insufferable at worst. Let the managing director or partner run the strategy and just take notes, 25 year old. That said, I feel like it's been beaten like a dead horse, but the popular acronym WAIT needs to be a topic of new-hire onboarding: W.A.I.T. the acronym for Why Am I Talking?
  12. Got it, I was wrong then. It just seemed to this layman's eyes that it was the same set pieces and standard, straight out of central casting "Medieval Era" setting and they made an effort to highlight to viewers that this is nearly 200 years prior to that last Medieval Era settings you saw which looked exactly like this one.
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