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  1. It’s a 4 day migraine and sore neck, but yea, I guess not catastrophic. But it doesn’t not suck.
  2. Great news. I got aseptic meningitis as a nice side effect from my first IVIG transfusions. So, the first treatment (cellcept) wouldn’t work for me because of the side effects. This was plan B. Sounds like I’ll not be a candidate due to side effects. I wonder if there is a plan C in mind with any efficacy, now.
  3. Tom Hanks: Best- A League of Their Own Worst- None.
  4. Some of y’all haven’t eaten Bejing corn and it shows.
  5. I thought your post was a trolling joke but then I read this, this AM: Monkeypox has been endemic in sub-Saharan Africa for decades, but this summer it’s exploded in regions where it previously hadn’t circulated. Since May, the virus has infected more than 16,000 people across more than 70 countries, according to the CDC. 99% of cases outside of Africa are men, and 98% of cases have been found in men who have sex with other men—particularly those who have multiple sexual partners, according to the WHO. The agency warned against the stigmatization of this group, and suggested that by providing information and resources targeted to the community, the outbreak could be contained.
  6. Cut the umbilical cord, dad. No wonder he flew halfway across the world to grow up. I kid I kid.
  7. So far this has gone about as bad as can be hoped for Elon which is equal parts of hilarious and cool. If anyone needed to be brought down a peg, it’s the pale emperor king.
  8. It’s what we in the business call “executive presence”. Remember he went to a finishing school (McK).
  9. I might be old but I can still recognize an NFT joke at my GenX expense
  10. There used to be 18+ dance clubs (the Italian friend will recognize a younger discotheque) where 18-19-20 year olds would go to get sweaty dancing all night. Do those places no longer exist? Lizard lounge was also a place 18 year olds would go.
  11. You think? I think our BIPOC friends and family will be heartbroken to find out the opposite, that a white, young, smart, man who looks like he could pass as cisgender and straight, would be a lot less hated for who he is. Of course that’s not to say the gay jokes and slurs and hateful language in Locker rooms and bar rooms won’t go to the moon.
  12. Trick question; I've never flown on a good airline.
  13. Yes. Posted on the wrong thread probably, but to repost: Rise, the Disney + Giannis Antetokounmpo biopic. Really good, really schmaltzy, but also family friendly with a good message and story. 10/10 for family movie nights with tween kids or young basketball fans.
  14. Is your post laying the ground for an argument that airlines and the airline travel industry is a public good or utility? What is interesting is the DOJ/anti-trust fears influencing what is going on with Frontier trying to buy Spirit (and Jet Blue getting into it) and slowing or stopping M&A, if the thesis is that consolidation is good for the industry to be self-sufficient.
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