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  1. I love to hear port guys talk shop. It's so interesting.
  2. If not for covid the shot term garage would already be a giant hole in the ground as the airport built a new processing building connected to BJ with new, longer and more efficient ramps. Covid came and fucked up the financing of that due to its disruption of the aviation industry. The new infrastructure bill opens up more funding avenues but there are still practical limitations on the bonds the airport can put out. I think we all agree that none of us want to pay more in property taxes to finance an expansion, right? So when you are left with traditional aviation bonds and federal grants the options become a bit more limited. The last Airport head was solid. Jury is still out on the new one but this is a part of the city government that traditionally functions well. Yes, it seems like they aren't super aggressive with expansions however federal grant requirements cap what your projected growth is in order to discourage over-aggressive expansion. So like a lot of things in government, there are legitimate reasons for them being how they are.
  3. Not a great time for Council Member Fuentes to be calling for a likely 2+ year delay on the new fuel storage project near 183.
  4. I overestimated the NFL I suppose. I've seen some backlash in Cleveland but probably not at a level that will create an actual problem for him. God help that organization if he starts doing his creepy ass shit with women in Ohio.
  5. No team is dumb enough to trade for Watson. The local PR backlash would be enormous in whatever market traded for him. The dude used his power and clout to pray on young women. Maybe he recovers 10 years ago but the organization protesting that trade would be fierce as it should be. No one wants a business in their community to bring in a serial predator into the market.
  6. This old Asshat is suing the city to try to get all council races on the ballot in November. If he wins, Kelly’s term will go from 4 years to 2 with re-election in November.
  7. Yea, weirdly the feds have oversight over the parking lots next to the LBJ too. Can't build anything there without fed approval IIRC.
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