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  1. That's because all of this is private sector. The website was set up amongst the credit bureaus (who are the ones selling your information to shit lenders) in order to force the consumer to deny permission for them to sell it. Another way of looking at it is they are doing this to avoid more intrusive regulation (like the kind that @Wulaw Horn and our own executive team is lobbying for). Regardless, they require the same information we do in order to match a person against the credit bureau's databases. No pressure, though. If you or someone else would prefer the solicitations that's your right as a consumer.
  2. Right now the pitch is he can start as a freshman on both defense and offense.
  3. Trigger leads. Most good lenders hate them because we built our business on referrals, not buying leads. You can opt out but it will take a couple of weeks for it to work. Opt Out Trigger Leads
  4. My 7 year old’s basketball team shows more effort on perimeter defense.
  5. If a Shaka Smart Texas team played this well EVER he could have retired here.
  6. I feel like getting beat by 40 should be automatic staff firing.
  7. Some of these shots from DEEP the guards are taking should get them benched.
  8. That was @Snake Diggity with his exaggerated belief in Colin Barber's future greatness 😉
  9. So this kind of approach is harkening back to the very early Baseball Prospectus days, but they used frequently maintain that you can build a perfectly fine bullpen using the first half of your season to funnel a bunch of mid level or worse relievers into six or seven who will have a good year. Reliever volatility will mean you need to find another three or four the following year but it’s cheaper than paying for more proven talent. Brown might be taking the same approach to save a few dollars for something else.
  10. Let me remind you that you were one of the loudest mockers of those of us on Team Korey Lee. Enjoy your injured and declining Graveman and Caratini overpay with your morning coffee. In all seriousness, I’d rather slightly over-pay at back-up catcher than for an outfielder. It’s like having a good back-up QB-you might think you can get away without one and then the CFB selection committee decides your whole undefeated season was meaningless.
  11. I’m going to laugh if Denver Harris ends up back at A&M in a desperation move by both parties.
  12. Where is that from? One reason I’m not more perturbed about front office departures is that a list like that should get a few people fired, even with prospect trades and draft pick forfeiture. Top prospect is a low ceiling 2nd division regular and everyone else is either a lottery ticket or low ceiling.
  13. I’m just impressed he can remember a stripper’s name from 20 years ago…
  14. Maybe I’m misremembering but I thought the consensus opinion was that Muschamp the LB coach kept fucking up Muschamp the DC. I don’t know how else to explain Patrick Nkwopara.
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