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  1. Conceptually it doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult to find the source.
  2. I haven’t dug into this but I’m a little surprised we haven’t cracked Russia’s ability to remote pilot those things.
  3. Yeah, I keep seeing him at concerts and evening events and he looks like someone cruising for a second wife. I’m sure “oh yeah, I’m kind of a big deal in politics-I’m the Travis County Republican Chair” plays great with the Austin Bumble coterie.
  4. LCHorn


    I like their hush puppies.
  5. Just to clarify, Herman wasn’t fired for on field performance reasons, he was fired because he had substance abuse issues that poisoned his relationship to the AD, recruits parents, and high school coaches, and he had made too little effort with rich alumni for there to be a push against his firing. That’s likely some part of why Pierce is still here-he might be an asshole but not on Herman’s level.
  6. Re: Chaisson, I actually don’t think he was all that great, but UT fans are disposed to overrate him because played fantastic against us. The NFL drafted him on measurables and potential.
  7. Ticket prices are set by demand, not labor costs…
  8. This is what I think-in the short term it’s all going to be donations because most universities aren’t sitting on $20m they have freedom to distribute. Maybe this helps rich private schools and large public schools with established networks of donors and hollows out the middle class. It’s definitely gonna to create drama as stakeholders fight over it-particularly if it’s football taking from non-revenue sports.
  9. I don’t know why PE would get involved unless it was in exchange for a piece of the media rights, and that would be at the conference level.
  10. It might end up there but in the interim we’re going to see a TON of experimentation and that’s going to make college football overall a lot of fun. You’re going to see low revenue schools try out all kinds of strategic program building methods. Maybe it’s hiring a Deion type at a small school and cutting costs elsewhere, maybe it’s only targeting kids that would go to a service academy. Maybe it’s running really specialized offensive/defensive schemes that de-emphasize athleticism for soundness and BYU style 24 year old men. All of it is poised to have cinderellas pop up annually.
  11. I did after college-I finally stopped going after a menu change and because the staff, to a (wo)man, would ask “would you like to add a tip?” with such undisguised hostility that I was afraid to eat the food.
  12. What's truly sad is that a well-run and properly resourced Texas Democratic party would be in an ideal position to capitalize on this. They clearly need a Ben Wikler type who recruit county chairs and grab onto rural voters pissed off about vouchers. I doubt there's enough of those to matter in local races but they could be a big factor in a close state race.
  13. Congrats, you got me to laugh out loud in a public restroom.
  14. Thirded! The first time my sheltered young self saw actual blue water in Pensacola beach my jaw dropped. “You mean ocean water doesn’t have to be brown and filled with tar balls?”
  15. I have no idea of his professional acumen, but former Tiger Beat cover model and lead actor in “Airborne” Shane McDermott is an agent in Galveston.
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