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  1. I've been evaluating daily drinkers by how I feel in the morning and it's somewhat surprising that some of the better regarded bourbons leave me with more of a hangover. Is that just a proof thing or does anyone else experience that? That Larceny, for example, is fine in the evening but leaves me feeling pretty gross even if I don't drink enough to feel inebriated.
  2. Echoing @Gil Bang, sounds like your realtor isn't great with managing expectations. Are they new to the industry or did you pick them because they are related to you?
  3. Well, I think your intuition is correct. Sometimes there's not a better answer besides the originator is probably a dumbass and once his employer discovers he's made a deal where they lose money he'll be out of job but that doesn't help you in the moment. Typically, what I'll do in those situations is to try to 4D chess that thing and get another lender involved ("look, you don't have to take my word for it, get a third quote"). You're not winning a deal if you're high by 2%, anyway, and the hail mary is to try to destroy the other lender's credibility.
  4. I can't speak to what UWM or your competitor is offering but I am going head to head on a lot of new construction. Is the other lender in house for the builder?
  5. That looks amazing, thanks for sharing. No one took it on because the asshole that owned the property wouldn't sell it. I know Marco Garcia of Curra's took a run at it, among others. I did the same back when I lived on the east side (I'm sure I told this story already on the old site). I tracked down the owner just to inquire and was quoted a price of $2m. I was a little stunned because it was on TCAD for $200K at the time. My revenge was to contact the county tax assessor and inquire why commercial property was being taxed at $200K when the owner thought it was worth 10x but they responded that they only re-evaluate values at the owner's request. Anyway, my vision was to go real low cost build-out (except for reclaimed wood floors, I wanted them to have that awesome pier and beam knock when you walked), no AC, no food, just cold beer sold by the bottle, TV's and floor fans (you'd sweat by design), kind of a C Hunt's or Rabbits but more enclosed (bear in mind this was 10+ years ago when most of that 6th street stretch of bars was very working class). $1 off beers if you showed a 78702 DL's address.
  6. If PennyMac is putting you in the Four Seasons then they are likely going to be also spending money on food (not such a plus for you at the moment) and devoting the kind of energy overall that attendees go back home and talk about it. Tim Braheem (buds with Barry along with the principal in his own coaching co)makes the Four Seasons/Disney level of service a big part of his methodology for how mortgage firms need to upgrade their service. Potentially more useful to you (not sure how much networking you’re doing outside of NE Houston) is the opportunity to establish peer relationships with other originators that aren’t in your market (because they aren’t competitors they are usually more open to sharing best practices). It’s pretty amazing to see how some shops innovate on basic shit and you’ll have some “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that” moments, not because the idea is that novel but just because our industry is still predominated by originators who call their realtors on the same day every week asking “how you doing, man? Got any buyers for me?”.
  7. If he didn’t charge you a Sooner tax then he was really feeling generous.
  8. Two thoughts; one, I'm looking at their website and there are red flags all over the place (in an effort to summarize I'll just state their leadership doesn't appear to have survived a down-market previously), two, lots of banks and lenders are surveying their existing sources of money and wondering whether they can push the "I'm going to have to eat this shit sandwich" down the road or if it's just better to eat it now. The fact they are willing to cut a check on 4/1 is at least something positive; even in good times, the Zeus Lendings of the world go through cycles where they are flush with cash (as project conclude or they have investors that want to put their money to work) and times when they are illiquid. Right now everyone that isn't a depository institution is counting every penny. If your project isn't going to be done in the next 30 days I'd definitely be interviewing hard money or community bank options as a back-up.
  9. I still think Houston's drivers are, on average, in a whole 'nother league of driving skill than Austin. If there's anything other than clear skies here it's absolute chaos and the only thing that keeps our fatalities statistics out of the headlines is the congestion.
  10. I've pushed a stroller downtown probably 45 Saturdays a year for the past six years carrying one kid or the other. On the other hand, I'm not a mother.
  11. Crowe responded to that tweet and was very cordial while praising the film and director-no phone throwing at all.
  12. 25 bps and MBS went from +18 to +62 in four minutes.
  13. It’s been awhile, but I’ve originated multiple loans for single male engineers (always Indian) that prefer to owner occupy a West campus condo to something north more proximate to Apple and adults. I wonder how that works out for them…
  14. LCHorn


    I’d like sour duck a lot more if they weren’t out of most of their pastries by 11 am on normal weekend. It’s like they only pretend to be a bakery. Their best attribute is modestly priced cocktails.
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