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  1. I still think Houston's drivers are, on average, in a whole 'nother league of driving skill than Austin. If there's anything other than clear skies here it's absolute chaos and the only thing that keeps our fatalities statistics out of the headlines is the congestion.
  2. I've pushed a stroller downtown probably 45 Saturdays a year for the past six years carrying one kid or the other. On the other hand, I'm not a mother.
  3. Crowe responded to that tweet and was very cordial while praising the film and director-no phone throwing at all.
  4. It’s been awhile, but I’ve originated multiple loans for single male engineers (always Indian) that prefer to owner occupy a West campus condo to something north more proximate to Apple and adults. I wonder how that works out for them…
  5. LCHorn


    I’d like sour duck a lot more if they weren’t out of most of their pastries by 11 am on normal weekend. It’s like they only pretend to be a bakery. Their best attribute is modestly priced cocktails.
  6. Houston’s light rail is pretty sweet in the areas it services.
  7. Reddick looked like he stopped aging at 35.
  8. What’s the verdict? Love the concept.
  9. You work with a lot of self employed people? Haha, bear in mind when this is translated into lender it reads as “I exploit every deduction and tax loophole I possibly can and now I don’t have enough on-paper income to support the sales price of my project.”
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but the bottom 4 teams have the same lottery odds, right? Why would it be better to suck worse than Detroit?
  11. Seconded, what’s all the “Commander’s Palace on Friday” bullshit? Friday lunch at Galatoire’s is unmissable.
  12. Not picking on @Wulaw Horn but I think it's worth pointing out the date on that link and at least some of those are no longer available (have you heard we've had a lot of drama in our industry in the last year? There's more to come as banks start to fail). Northpointe and Huntington have shuttered their physician loan programs (or told us they did), Amplify isn't making first liens period (and I don't think they had a physician loan to begin with but were probably happy to call their regular jumbos "physician specials" if it marketed them better. If you've purchase a house before you probably don't need them, anyway. They are most useful to fresh out of medical school doctors that want to spend more than their student loan debt and credit history would normally allow.
  13. My old joke about East 7th was that it might have been a rough HEB, they really knew their customer base. Lots of selection in the dried chili section and half the beer case was Bud Light.
  14. Ooh, that's false--183 and Spicewood doesn't have the store bakery made tortillas. Likely because their clientele is 70% Asian but still... My vote for shittiest (after Rundberg) would be E. 7th but it's been a few years since I've been and they may have upgraded.
  15. Currently in Oaxaca so this hits close to my mole…
  16. Apple’s really is terrible and kind of a weird result when so much of their value comes from cultivating a particular experience.
  17. That article is terrific and very much in line with a recent Ezra Klein podcast about how Google search has deteriorated (although I think the thesis of the podcast was that the internet as a whole has gotten more useless and Google search somewhat reflects that). Thank you for sharing it @Chopper
  18. I like it even better when he talks about drinking mezcal with Pancho Villa and Teddy Roosevelt.
  19. Maybe @BearSchlong has some insight into how this is 4D chess being played by a real Texan, like this is preferable to a property tax reduction for Anglo Baptists being proposed by Dan Patrick or something.
  20. LCHorn


    I’ll echo this, they’ve really become inconsistent.
  21. I like it--looks like those shots of west Boston 20 years after cordyceps on The Last of Us. Plus with Mexico City air quality.
  22. But it wasn’t hotter than expected; pretty much every major media source or macro pundit said it MET expectations. The only really shock has been the jobs report, which Habib claims was the result of a methodology change (without corroborative support), and everyone else said “so what, it’s one report.” There’s something different about market reactions in the past year that seems to result in higher volatility.
  23. I’ve been consuming every macro and mortgage podcast/analysis article I can get my hands on and nothing seems to adequately explain the post jobs report results on rate pricing (aside from the obvious, it’s been shitty). I’m likely to be eating a lot of crow having sold “we’ll refinance you by June 2023” for the last six months to all our closed borrowers.
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