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  1. If you believe the polls, a certain slice of the electorate is feeling wistful about economic conditions before Covid and crediting those to Trump. Every day that Great Leader’s in court and on the raw end of embarrassing testimony is another step toward reminding them just how tiring it is to have the news cycle revolve around Trump. That’s a real consequence and has far more civic value than a fine and a class E felony conviction.
  2. I would have thought someone with his background would be in favor of killing Russians however it’s done, weird.
  3. @UpperWestsidehas been making the same claims about Israel and Iran on that thread, with the same misunderstanding of history.
  4. I guess…if they transfer here I don’t think it’ll be because of Kenny Baker but I guess we can credit him for not scaring them off, either.
  5. I’ve disgreed with the thread commenters saying this in the first couple of episodes, but in hindsight I was wrong. Mariko is 100% badass and I have no idea what she sees in Blackthorne. Probably the biggest weak spot in an otherwise excellent adaptation.
  6. I’ve said this at least twice previously on the thread but l’ll repeat it again here-everyone thinks “oh, realtors don’t do anything, maybe I can be cheap” or “lenders are just a conduit for money, maybe I’ll go with the online lender who’s cheap.” Do not cheap out on getting a pro to do photos-it’s a huge difference and I continue to see high value houses (even $1m plus) with inadequate cell phone photos.
  7. Junior’s was my go-to for kegs when I was 18 and buying on a fake ID.
  8. Thanks for sharing this; I love the Damon Lindelof anecdotes.
  9. I did a loan a couple of years ago for a traveling nurse that was doing this specifically (this is when it was cheaper to finance a purchase as a second home). Three bedrooms and the math made it the two that were occupied by other traveling nurses meant she’d live for free, and that saved her from paying apartment rent on a one bedroom she’d only need 2 weeks out of four. I thought it was a terrific idea, personally. This is kind of stealing from Warren Buffett, but I’ve seen so many people get into real estate presuming it’s easy and find out there’s a lot the “you can retire on passive income!” wealth coaches don’t tell you. If you have, however, specific knowledge about an area (because you live there) and your customer (because you are employed in the same profession) it can really help mitigate that risk.
  10. I’m sure they are telling them that Murphy is going top 20 as a first year starter playing 35 snaps per game and that with their offense there’s another 35 back-up snaps available. All positions are open but if they can’t seize it in year five on campus, four in this defense then it’s not the coaches’ job to protect their feelings.
  11. It's an economic loss in the sense that's treated water, but isn't that just helping recharge underground aquifers and preventing more subsidence loss?
  12. @Brisketexan This might be several years old but didn’t you post something about visiting with a tax protest attorney and they explained process a bit, or maybe said something about land value vs improvement value not important? I feel like the post made the point that for value purposes, TCAD didn’t really distinguish between land or improvements and kind of moved around the values of each in a way that didn’t always make sense (but also that protesting based on those changes didn’t appear effective).
  13. “We’re currently losing money but want to take on $2.4m in debt, please give us money for down-payment.” These people are running a business?!? In other news, Los Comales on 7th shut down. I haven’t been there in seven or eight years but it was a good “I can’t think of someplace better” choice in the neighborhood.
  14. I had the same thought but I think it's a rare point that doesn't need a few years of grooming and that's perhaps misaligned with our window (particularly if the selection is a miss). I'd rather trade for a Kyle Lowry type once Van Fleet is a FA.
  15. Risacher is going to take minutes Thompson and Eason. While the scouting report suggests he'll shoot better than both (both now and going forward), they need developmental time and both appear to have superior attributes in other areas (to Risacher). Smith can also play the three in big line-ups (and if he's not going to grow into a 4/5, this might be his best position even if he's mostly a 4 on the Rockets), so while you may prefer to draft for best player available, I'd have to really a player to want to add bodies at the position with the most depth already.
  16. Am I crazy for preferring Reed Sheppard to anyone else slotted 5-10? Seems like stud shooting Anglo pgs always disappoint the team that drafts them but the Rockets could really use someone who can spread the floor and possibly groom behind Van Fleet.
  17. LCHorn

    Tex Mex

    Just by chance we were on Parmer yesterday evening so I could give it a try. It was good, very strong tortilla game and drinks were well priced. I didn’t prefer their chips or salsa (the chips were fine, reminiscent of Julio’s) but were no worse than average.
  18. I think that’s deliberate-the book goes to great pains at explaining the Japanese belief in THIS life as one part of a cycle and that death is not permanent. The show, by contrast, stays in Blackthorne’s perspective by treating life and death in the Western perspective, i.e., when you die you to heaven or you do not, but either way your time is her is done.
  19. She is amazing. I had read that the show-runners upgraded the role of the female characters from the book and I’ve been waiting to see it. This episode was her showcase and she killed. I really liked it (it’s not a pleasant watch so hard to love), but more importantly I think about it fairly often. Think of it like Scorcese’s Schindler’s List-it’s meaningful, certain parts of it will capture you forever, but you won’t be doing a rewatch for fun during the holidays.
  20. I think the construct of the team means they'll be streaky--it wouldn't surprise me for them to get back to .500 and then go on a losing streak and drop back down again.
  21. Sounds very much like you're "asking for a friend" 😉 Dangerous? Over-valued? Nobody knows anything, it's like Hollywood and making movies. That's for the market to decide, particularly for a high value property that might have unique features that might not be known to your business partner. Obviously the danger is that you don't get an offer at asking but it's not like that's inherently problematic for finding the present market value. Most realtors will defer to under-valuing a property because it undoubtedly makes it easier to sell and it'll create traffic. This may or may not maximize sales price (this is one reason a realtor is better than an owner for having a strategy on this). Every property is different and market conditions matter. If I was trying to sell something at $500K, for example, I'd probably a lot more flexible on list because there's tons of buyers in that price range (relatively) and I might have better luck trying to encourage a multiple offer scenario. If, by contrast, I wanted to sell something at $4.2m then maybe I'm more concerned with the perception of exclusivity. Maybe I keep it off MLS, let agents know they can call it a pocket listing. It'll still get out there but I only need one buyer who agrees with me on the value and that's a high enough price that most buyers would be looking for something special (and might feel entitled to it). For example, paying $200 a sq ft premium for a recently remodeled house rather than doing it themselves and saving the money but incurring the hassle. Historically there's a prejudice against properties on the market for an extended period but I think that's gone away. It might have previously meant the house had problems, the sellers are inflexible (or assholes), realtor incompetent, etc., but there's been so much price/demand volatility (hell, just life volatility) post Covid I really don't think a good buyer's agent declines to show a house because it's been listed for 90 days. As far as pulling it back and then re-listing, who knows? Agents see that, it's not like it's a way to truly re-introduce something "as new". Is it wise to hold out for a wealthy person? That depends on how urgently the proceeds might be needed.
  22. “Owned” is a little strong. Had Schumer made reference to Cancun, his jump shot, or somehow slid in the word “Zodiac” it might have gotten there.
  23. If his stump speech doesn’t improve from “Back when I played in the NFL,” then maybe it’s better to keep him off the trail. At least in DC he can claim he’s working.
  24. I’ve finally got an arbitration hearing scheduled for May for my 2023 value, so this hits close to home. Tax value is up 30% over the past two years and the ARB three person panel declined to reduce my land appraisal value because “it would inequitable”, i.e., market data doesn’t support the value increase but if they reduce mine it might be unfair to my neighbors. I would be happy to vote for whoever promises to follow the law on it, which states that market value prevails.
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