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  1. I've always wished Lucinda would return the favor and write a song called Vic Chesnutt.
  2. Not the first time Jesse Kelly has publicly called for fascism. Here he is from 2 years ago. Tucker wholeheartedly agreed.
  3. I think people are largely pissed off at your dishonesty. Personally, I can't imagine anyone is really stupid enough to suggest that Lincoln was a uniting president. It's tiresome to see posters try and argue against a point that no sane, half way intelligent person could possibly believe.
  4. What's this sick creep do with a narrow, uneven slab with 2 patio chairs facing each other in the middle of his yard?
  5. In the unfinished Season 6 of The Wire, the new mayor jukes the crime stats by annexing several thousand square miles of Atlantic Ocean.
  6. Excellent point. Mad Max movies and The Road depict communities with low murder rates since so few people live in such a large area.
  7. Smoke up, Harlan!
  8. Used to be the Sabine River to the east and Red River to the north. Now we're all just one big fucked up laughing stock.
  9. He'd need to be a very strong man. And if he tried to boost Trump's fat ass into a truck, his hands would disappear.
  10. I marvel at the level of batshit it takes to produce work like this. This fucking guy has MLK, Abe Lincoln, Frederick Douglas, and Harriet Tubman all standing next to Robert E Lee and praying over Donald Trump. This country is full of rubes that buy this shit and put it on their walls. Really, what hope have we got?
  11. Bojack


    No offense, Nicole, but you're not treading on a dangerous slope. You've already plummeted down the slope and that's why you're posting this shit at 2:30 in the morning.
  12. Indeed. In 2024, they'll also vote a 3rd time for a presidential candidate who has routinely called for the execution of drug dealers like they do in the Philippines.
  13. "So don't front, MC Ren, 'cause I remember when you drove a B210Broke as a mothafuckin' joke" -- Ice Cube from No Vaseline
  14. I choose to remember Feinstein for all her great work with Susan B Anthony on women's suffrage, not her later years of opposing marijuana legalization and praising Lindsey Graham for his Amy Coney Barrett hearings.
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