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  1. Might be the same guy that stopped being a Rage Against the Machine fan over a political tweet by Tom Morello.
  2. Deep neg witch hunts? You have more than 100 negs on the first page of this thread alone. cactusflinthead can only have inflicted a handful of those.
  3. You've been holding at -70 or worse for several days now. Anyone that wanted to could've finished your sorry ass off. Not to mention, it's at least your fifth sock. You're treated pretty gently considering what a loathsome, disingenuous piece of shit you are.
  4. Bojack


    Fozzz, who in particular do you think should be called out for covering the Kanye meltdown? Mostly I've just been seeing twitter links of Kanye wearing a gimp mask on Alex Jones and repeatedly praising Hitler. Are traditional media covering this story much?
  5. Funny how often it happens that right wingers will put some celebrity, like Kanye or Lara Logan, on a pedestal for spouting right wing bullshit only to have those celebrities soon after reveal beyond any doubt that they're certifiable. Not to mention the ones, like Brett Favre, who turn out to be low-life crooks.
  6. Republicans chant about hanging you. Democrats see you as a gutless, Christo-fascist coward. What makes you so popular?
  7. I suck at gifs. Tanner is saying, "He's not dead. He's drunk."
  8. Damn. That's an especially sad-ass looking Applebee's
  9. Bitch, you don't believe in the very idea of democracy. Fuck off out of this thread.
  10. All I know about right wing humor is that you'll look at it and think there has to be something more to it. No, that's really it. For instance, the post above, the joke is that progressive white women cause all the world's problems. That's the whole joke. They think that alone is funny for some reason.
  11. One thing I'm not buying about that account is that he called it the Democratic Party and not the Democrat Party.
  12. Bojack


    Do we have a Surly Predictit where I can make bets on the reactions of our libertarians to the coming Bolsonaro coup? If so, I'll take @maninblack will celebrate it, @Anastasiswill both sides it, and @workswithseedwill come here to fling drool.
  13. One thing he'll never do is admit when Democrats or the left are better about an issue he supposedly cares about. Nope, both sides about Bush's stupid wars, capital punishment, drug legalization, and on and on.
  14. He's still there leaving his slimy curse on the Astros. Unless that's some other fat, Grandpa Munster looking fuck in an orange shirt.
  15. Been a while for me but Blonde on Blonde, Blood on the Tracks, and Sea Change by Beck.
  16. @Anastasis, same flippant dismissal of the consequences of this bullshit you support. But what do you care? It's not like you can get pregnant.
  17. Black Francis has always been a big fan. This song is about John Denver.
  18. Fuck off, Night Pain. You spent 6 hours on this thread today getting pantsed and having pointless arguments and now it's "I've got better things to do, losers. See ya." Not to mention you're still here.
  19. Season 6, #2 is in my personal top 10 Rick and Morty episodes.
  20. They're bringing it so far this season. Episode 2 is fabulous. May go down as one of my very favorites. Y'all should get in on this.
  21. Totally agree but how do you square this with supporting Donald Trump who's repeatedly called for the execution of drug dealers?
  22. That whole speech, holy shit. He keeps repeating the Duterte idea of executing drug dealers and it doesn't make a ripple. I'm sure some of the "both sides, no one loves freedom more than me" libertarians will be along any minute to admit that one side is indeed worse. The left pretty consistently pushes legalization of at least weed. The Maga right cheers their idiot calling for drug dealers to be executed but Both Sides!
  23. aggy baseball team probably offered that kid a full ride before he left the field.
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