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  1. It’s the whole year, right? If I also get Last action hero, grumpy old men, in the line of fire, 3 musketeers, Groundhog Day, and a few other solid ones, I’m going 93 without hesitation If we’re getting all the year, then it is 95 vs 99 for me. For 95 they didn’t even list Apollo 13, Seven, Braveheart, or fucking Toystory and all of those were highly rewatchable favorites of mine. You get fight club, mummy, and American pie in 99, which is a really fucking solid start when you throw in the Matrix, but I think 95 has a deeper bench.
  2. I can’t get over the fact that you’re missing the middle upper jalapeño. eta - just realized there was another page and this has been addressed.
  3. Meh. Just another day in Pasadena / Deer Park.
  4. Missed getting to see this in theaters, so the family just watched it now that it is on D+. I enjoyed it very much. The tribute scenes to Chad were good. I also like the struggle between her Killmonger / Tchalla sides and adapting her brothers line from Civil War - we have let our vengeance consume us, but we shouldn’t let it consume our people.
  5. How do you know that she didn’t have 15-30 seconds to watch her headless body bleed out? That sounds terrifying
  6. Sounds like the right time to drive to austin with my chainsaws and offer my services for $350 an hour
  7. If it wasn’t for this thread I’d have no idea turkey is now turkiye
  8. I’m just here to say Zeus lending sucks. First they started with the “proof of insurance “ this month and threatened to charge me if I didn’t send it to them. It had been renewed in October AND the insurance company sent sent them proof of insurance several times. Tonight, for shits and grins i decided to check property taxes they were due today and the collect escrow (required by them). Haven’t been paid. They better be planning on paying the 7% fee.
  9. Yeah I thought maybe they’d gotten him to do voice for the show.
  10. @Clarence Worley we need an update on “your friend”
  11. You people give a shit about a “study” put out by a company called lawnstarter? A study that measures such items as: Pollution Annual Excess Fuel Consumption (Gallons per Auto Commuter) Percentage of Smokers Living Conditions Population Density (Residents per Square Mile) Share of Overcrowded Homes Infrastructure Tons of Waste in Landfills per 100,000 Residents Rating of State Waste Regulations and Measures Refuse and Recycling Collectors per 100,000 Residents Alternative-Fuel Stations per 100,000 Residents Number of Junk Yards Consumer Satisfaction Share of Residents Who Find City Dirty and Untidy Share of Residents Dissatisfied with Pollution Share of Residents Dissatisfied with Garbage Disposal Share of Residents Dissatisfied with Greenery and Parks
  12. I refuse to believe this is anything other than an attempt to get meme clicks by someone. No way this wasn’t intentional
  13. Wife started work downtown this week. Will eventually be all remote except for occasional in person meeting, but for now I get the kids on the bus and pick them up from after school or get them off the bus. Today was our first Friday. Friday is a busy day at work making sure the plant is ready for the weekend. Friday is a ride bus home today. Guess who forgot? That’s right, me! To make it better, my friend / neighbor (has a boy our kids play with) sold me out with a group text to me, his wife, and my wife - “hey I’ve got your kids over at our house since you weren’t here.” Ffs. Just text or call me. I’m never going to hear the end of this.
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