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  1. There are certainly some areas that this summer was worse, but at the state level this year isn’t even close to 2011
  2. Thankfully. He was annoying af. Jake is always entertaining. The cayote seemed a little…staged.
  3. Less than an hour and we’re quickly headed to 1” in the La Porte - Seabrook area
  4. Could hardly see east of Baytown until about lumberton then again east in 190 out of Jasper it was raining so much. I10 was pretty slow going because of all the water on the road
  5. Mid 70s and cloudy here in Seabrook. Was a little breezy as the clouds rolled in but that seems to be relaxing for now. Practically fall like.
  6. The spots were looking at…big toaster? Inside would be fine. They won’t be rained on. I’ll check those cameras out. Thanks!
  7. Been watching the lumber for a while. Also a great thing if you have 6000 sqft to frame out doing a gut and rehab plus an RV deck and cover.
  8. Recommend me a simple inexpensive setup. We’ve got a rotating piece of equipment that has been having some issues. We would like to see the issue as it happens, but sometimes it runs a week and sometimes it’s only an hour, so having someone with eyes on the 3 places we want to monitor at exactly the right moment is difficult. we have WiFi and power available. I need 3 cameras. We don’t need night vision, automatic alerts, or be able to talk to someone with the camera. We’ll know pretty quickly that we need to review the video, so as long as we can look at data from 24 hours ago we’re good. I’m not an IT person and don’t want to become one trying to run these things. suggestions?
  9. Trailer needs more I am become death.
  10. Find a game your wife likes and get her hooked like an addict. Mindcraft did it for mine
  11. Sexually transmitted? Well married men won’t have to worry about catching this.
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