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  1. I saw the ads and just thought it was the movie coming to netflix. Didn’t realize it was new. Kids and I loved the show. We’ll check this out n
  2. Pretty much. Unless the STR owner lives on the same property, it’s impossible to hire people to clean and maintain and have lower costs for those than a hotel with a full time staff. So competing against hotels for ppl that need a small place to drop their crap, shower, and sleep for 2 nights while they see the town doesn’t work. You’re looking for people that need 4 rooms, or want to grill, have a full kitchen, want a yard for their kids/pets, or want an actual house while they travel for a week or three.
  3. Pictures aren’t showing up on my phone. Of the nurses.
  4. At 11’ is it not relatively cool?
  5. We bought 2 places in 2018 and 2019 in Galveston and fixed them up to Airbnb. One 2-1 and one 4-2 w 2 car garage, very large yard for Galveston, and space to park an RV. 2020 and 2021 were great. 2022 started strong but started falling off. We converted the 2-1 to a long term rental before the end of 2022 because the shrinking extra wasn’t worth the headaches. 2023 probably fell off 20-30%. We like the 4-2 as a personal home, and thought we may move there some day after the kids move out, but taxes and insurance have gone up so much with the decrease in rents we just can’t afford it. We listed it last week. Im pretty sad about getting rid of it. Kids were 5 and 8 and got to spend a lot of time “helping” me with repairs but getting mainly to walk/bike to the beach. I will be happy being done with STR. Constant wear and tear after all the hours spent fixing it can get to you.
  6. Wat? This is an amazing movie. One of my dads favorites and he let me watch it with him maybe a few years earlier than recommended. You should be ashamed if you DONT cry when you see this movie. Like, you’re not even a human being if you don’t. You’re a robot and you don’t know it and are still working to evolve emotions.
  7. They have a similarly good series on Rome (3 seasons, one covers Comodus) and 2 season on Constanopule. Couldn’t get into one they tried to do Japan.
  8. Also “my legs went numb when it hit me”
  9. This part I do get. I get prescribed prednisone packs frequently when my lower back problems flare up. Going from the pain I’m in to the relief I feel after those first ~4 pills, i understand how someone could get addicted to that.
  10. I’ve had hydrocodone prescribed many times, and I’ve never understood how people get addicted to it. It makes me a little sleepy and seems to fuck with my stomach, but that’s about it. We’ve got bottles of it in the bathroom closet going back 15+ years from prescriptions I’ve only used a few pills out of. I’ve also got anyone covered who needs antibiotics in the zombies apocalypse. We may be hoarders now that I think about it.
  11. We’ve already got Professor X in Strange 2 and Beast playing Dr in Marvels mid credit. They’ve teased them plenty. This movies mission is to create a universe they can exist in along side the MCU characters we already know and love.
  12. I have at best 3 weeks of underwear / socks depending on how much I work out / activity level. How the fuck can you go 2 months and only spend $100 with what I assume also includes some shirts, towels, pants that don’t need dry cleaning. Do you wear a pair, then reverse them, then flip them inside out, then reverse them again?
  13. Started ozempic last week. So this stuff works by giving you heart burn all the time to make you not want to eat? That seems to be my experience so far. I’ve read that goes away though so we shall see. Whether placebo or not I am snacking and binge eating less. We went to a Mexican restaurant last night, i did start with a (one, only) margarita and chips, but didn’t eat nearly as many chips and might as well have not ordered any food because I felt uncomfortably full by the time it got there. A tiny - very tiny - slice of what @UTPhil2006 ‘s life.
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