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  1. What happens when the map changes daily because *someone* puts their purse / shoes / coat / whatever the fuck is in their hands down where ever they are because the the extra 30 seconds to put something where it belongs is a bridge too far? What about when the 8 yo tries to ride it? Amazon packages of stuff we clearly can’t survive w/o build up in uneven piles? Someone decides they can only sit in a hammock and gets an indoor hammock that moves all over the gotdamn living room? Does it still work in all those scenarios?
  2. Almost to 3” here. It’s never going to be sunny again.
  3. Just went to look for tickets for @uh, and holy fuck they are expensive. $191 / seat is the cheapest. I can almost get 4 tickets for the ut vs lsu / uh vs a&m thing coming up but can’t make it. Am I just looking too early? Should I expect reasonable prices later in January?
  4. The r/deck comments would be mildly amusing, very predictable… and possibly warranted in this case. Add some more furring strips before you try to put that panel on. Hell for what you’re doing some plywood under that tarp would be cheaper, easier, and last at least as long as it takes the cops to find your body dumping site.
  5. We actually just started a monsterverse watch. I’d never seen any since black Jack Kong. Kids really enjoyed them, especially Kong. They also thought we were starting a marvel movie.
  6. Well if I thought like John Nash I’m sure I would have connected those dots. Thanks for laying it out so plainly 😂
  7. Ah. That makes sense. Thanks. @atomheartbevo that link didn’t help at all, but I did read up on someone who I didn’t (and still don’t) care about and had forgotten about 😁
  8. I’m a xennial. I feel like I should know what the combination of those 3 mean, but I don’t. Someone is going to have to explain that to me.
  9. What horse shit mental gymnastics. Can’t compare colts sophomore year because he was hurt the year before, but Ewers playing through an injury in the year he is hurt and he is who he is. Colt lost his NFL line but Ewers has one? (I disagree with the amount of bitching about or OL, but that’s an another thread. People were calling for colt to be replaced his sophomore year. Probably the same morons like you shiting on Ewers now. Ewers had made tremendous improvement. He has injury issues. If he comes back a third year and stays healthy he’ll be a heisman candidate. He was already being discussed before his injury. ewers colt
  10. Surprised surly didn’t crash
  11. Yes they do when something (in my case a large dodge running a red light) hits so hard it obliterates the gas tank.
  12. Fuck. I stopped after the kid almost dropped 3 pounds plates on his head. BRB. I need to go take some anxiety meds now
  13. I agree. Kids and I just got back from watching it. Like the kid that plays Ms Marvel. Also had a different feel to it that I enjoyed.
  14. @troph - remind me - do you have uv or something like that for disenfecting it? Also do you pre-heat your hot water with a solar heat exchanger? That’s so simple I’m tempted to try that, but not sure how the hoa would react
  15. Yeah Loki the Worldtree was pretty bad ass and not something I was expecting.
  16. Tv series was great. First movie was a let down. Material is too good for someone to not get it right and turn it in to a live franchise that kicks ass. I hope this is it.
  17. @hookem yes seriously thank you.
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