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  1. There's a couple of audio clip over in Hobbies on the Airplane Fanatic thread.
  2. Wait it out 'til at least the 2-minute mark.
  3. Don't watch it if you are eating. You probably know how this turns out.
  4. Someone didn't teach him to stay out of the bight.
  5. I bet Bob Stoops is leaving for 'Bama as we speak.
  6. This. Then you'd need a cleaning crew and an asston of clean sheets.
  7. Finally, just a simple haircut. Donated the "ponies" to Wigs 4 Kids for probably my 6-7th time.
  8. ^^^^^ this sounds like a really good bad decision.
  9. One tennis ball and all that synchronization goes to shit. OK, not really but it sounds like a good idea.
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