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  1. So, what I've gathered out of the last 5 pages is that we are about furked up as a soup sammich.
  2. Passport sent today for renewal; we'll see if I have better luck.
  3. ^^ my bad, I didn't read slow enough. Devil is in the details as always. Thanks for setting me straight.
  4. Donate some dog food and stuff to the local pound in her and pooch's name.
  5. How about some gangster history? Bugsy Siegels Audemars Piguet. BENJAMIN BUGSY SIEGEL: AUDEMARS PIGUET GENEVE WATCH (julienslive.com) Same auction also has several gangster guns and guns from George Custer/Little Bighorn.
  6. Remembering legendary Bridge City and U.T. football player Steve Worster | KFDM RIP big man. Hook 'em.
  7. This is knockin' on the door at home. I didn't pass my scuba test for lack of being able to remove and put my tank back on. It was the only skill I didn't pass. While putting back on somehow, I managed a big deep gulp of water into the lungs instead of air. It immediately brought back memories of almost drowning when I was about 5-6. The movie is worthy watch. Might even make ya' sweaty and fidgety a little.
  8. some of that grub looks pretty damn good. KInda an interesting vid on how the athletes get fed.
  9. I must be over achieving, I had the count at 6.
  10. Let's not forget Steve Irwin. I think we all know how that went.
  11. ... if I were planning on riding in the Kentucky Derby, I wouldn't leave my prized horse in the stable.
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