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  1. He's playing a game that never ends now. RIP Willie.
  2. Should be an interesting post-game presser from the O coach.
  3. Christmas coming early in BCS.
  4. Pierce would look like some kind of baseball savant in Eugene.
  5. Somewhere there is a Duck BB forum and fans are going ape shit crazy to pull this guy.
  6. Throw from right field was on the money, but not in time. Damn.
  7. Ducks with an easy inning.
  8. milk men, jizz jars, aggy HOF, Jimbo's trophy, etc, etc...
  9. as is the dancing dork, chants, mangy mascot, etc, etc....
  10. I was thinking Jim Jones.
  11. I might know a guy who has one just like this if anyone is interested. It is set up as a slide fire. Skip down to the 23:00 mark for slide fire action. At one time, he had another vid on the same gun with slide fire, but I didn't see it this morning.
  12. @HoustonHorn to the white courtesy phone please.... My daughter is in the market for a lady's watch. Requirements not round, anything but round. But I did send her a pict of a Zenith Elite Ultra-Thin Lady, she admitted it was nice. Metal bracelet. Movement can be auto or quartz. I recommended Cartier Santos, a Frank Muller and JLC Reverso. She works as a CFP and is stepping up the office attire game and it would be her first watch. Reverso and below. We can DM or other as not to derail the spirit of this thread. Ideas?
  13. X2. It is somewhat frustrating at times. I stand with @ATXbronco.
  14. X2 on the Doc. I never realized some of the formations were within 18" or less from each other. Dayum.
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