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  1. I use twitter much less now. when i go back it is not an engaging experience at all.
  2. dan harmon has experience working with a skeleton crew in a show's final seasons
  3. what kind of kid attends Austin High these days? Influencers?
  4. as if he even knows what SQL injecting is
  5. He was told it was a prop gun. The caution and circumspection was outsourcing prop duties to professionals in accordance with the customs and practices of the film industry.
  6. Is the court's correspondence with Michael Jerkoff discoverable in the FOIA process?
  7. Ben Shapiro will hire him to make shitty movies with Gina Carano
  8. So.....not a visionary then. Textbook fraud right?
  9. Due to wokeness every school will be forced to use this
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