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  1. Remember when they found a trailer full of dead people in San Antonio? How long did it take for the republicans to politicize it? There was no "cooling off" period or "too soon" complaints for that. But Dems aren't allowed to mention climate change while Naples is being destroyed or gun control while Uvalde is being massacred because that's far too indecent. Our media is a complete failure and joke.
  2. can someone explain to me why that dinged the uprights but Herschel Walker paying for a mistress abortion doesn't matter
  3. The real deflate-gate about to start when he has to disclose his assets
  4. Climate change should interfere with those signals
  5. Christian leaned into the attention whore conservative social media grift thing because he thought it would make his abusive piece of shit dad love him. Maybe he will learn his lesson but he's probably way too damaged to do that without serious help
  6. I'm tired of these "Trump is fucked now because XXX" tweets. If he's not dead, behind bars, or in handcuffs, he's not fucked.
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