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  1. First half of Texas/UTSA was pretty entertaining
  2. humanity can't conceive of a number that high
  3. Not even joking but she should look into emancipation and being adopted by a better family that won't put her through all this christofascist bullshit
  4. The hunter biden fauci witch hunts will backfire spectactularly. Normal americans are still the vast majority of voters and they don't reward that kind of behavior.
  5. Are you saying Georgia vs. Michigan in round 1 because that's ridiculous to have the only undefeated teams face each other in the first round. At the same time I don't want to see a game that I just saw three weeks ago.
  6. I don't want any rematches in the first round, if you're saying Ohio State #3 then you should also be saying Michigan #1
  7. yeah but i can understand being afraid of losing him if you think you'll need him in 2OT+ and also its not unreasonable to expect your RBs to do their fucking jobs. Really stupid not to FG on 4th down though.
  8. I love seeing #14 knock off #3s and #15 knock off #2 in the NCAA tourney and it is going to be even more glorious in CFB.
  9. It's not hate it's disrespect. Learn the difference.
  10. He did what he could to cover it up.
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