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  1. Saul Goodman is the best criminal defense attorney
  2. someone should ask Trump if he can do a burpee
  3. DeSantis brings absolutely no voting base with him. That makes no sense unless he's just fucking with Meatball, hoping Meatball will be dumb enough to further debase himself for Trump's approval.
  4. I'm genuinely shocked that the uncharismatic loser DeSantis whom Trump was mocking for months is on his shortlist
  5. does anyone take Ian Miles Wrong seriously? any reputable source on the VP shortlist?
  6. I said Houston would have won, but the real answer is that it depends who is on Jordan's team. Presumably they would have been good enough to beat the Knicks and Magic.
  7. Anywhere desirable to live necessarily needs a large number of working class people to sustain its desirability. Plenty of space there to build working class living spaces. Also if Soros is smart he would pay stipends to companies who already have remote workers to incentivize allowing those workers to work from Wyoming, and then pay stipends to those workers to live in Wyoming. Something like $5k to the company, $5k to the worker, and a nice perk like a 1-month paid vacation somewhere nice. According to this, there are over 17 million "digital nomads" who could change their states of residency to Wyoming. Montana, or a Dakota. https://info.mbopartners.com/rs/mbo/images/2023_Digital_Nomads_Report.pdf
  8. Well all that's left to do now is engrave their state title plaque
  9. Did he get his credentials from the same place Rand Paul did
  10. Abbott filled a seat in San Antonio recently
  11. I'm not going to re-watch but was Clark running around the ice caves completely shirtless? Am I remembering that wrong?
  12. We don't know how far they went in the cave before Navarro decided to explore that side path, but also I don't know if the Tsalal exterior was lit enough to see it in the darkness and weather. The Ferris Bueller I thought was their way of having a time-skip flat circle moment. It all makes very little sense
  13. Not to be that guy, but I would like to know how much of that $877B has any relationship to the actual products being purchased and how much of it is lining the pockets of middlemen. I'm sure there are middlemen with China's and Russia's expenditures too but there's no way we aren't getting completely swindled by these defense contractors.
  14. It's shocking that a country of that size can't produce a single five star recruit
  15. when it's trump all the normal rules go out the window
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