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  1. Life more about timing and attitude than anything else.
  2. Won't be long some P5 will be knocking on his door. That's a good looking stat sheet.
  3. trojohns are fixin' to get scalped and raped.
  4. Hot tub is gonna see a lot of customers tonight.
  5. Utah took their best shot with all the points. D settled in and the offense is finding its groove. Right now, we gotta a dog fight on our hands.
  6. Utah trying to make a game of it. Come on boys, get it in the end zone.
  7. Just for fun, here's a link for some high school ball for those who are interested. Currently, my team is down by 3. Texas High School Football Scores (texasfootball.com)
  8. Utes got a nice drive going. Time to cash in.
  9. Let's just ahead and have a sc turnover with a UU recovery.
  10. Team Utah for the win and I'm talking about meatball sammiches. Fingers crossed.
  11. ^^ I'll take your word for it. My bad.
  12. Fox Photo Puma shoes ? Jolt Cola Ben Franklin ARCO service stations any everyone's favorite track shoe Track King
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