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  1. I'd try a search for a 2-pin connector/fastener/pin. Introduce low voltage in the search if you are not seeing the results you need. Ebay maybe? Picture search?
  2. I'll go make some coffee and try that.
  3. Looks like Stoops Report: Texas A&M Finalizing Deal To Hire Veteran SEC Head Coach (msn.com)
  4. Trainwreck for Fresno St. They go down in flames. Hey, hey, hey....goodbye Bulldogs.
  5. More salt in the wound. 3 more for the Golden Bears.
  6. Golden Bears force a fumble on the following kickoff. In business at the UCLA 25. When it rains it pours if you're a Bruins fan.
  7. I feel for ya' Into the 4th, Cal tacks on 3 more. 23-7
  8. Golden Bears with a TD 10 seconds before the half. Cal leads 20-7.
  9. Cal forces a TO deep in Bruin territory. They get the ball on the 11. Less than :30 seconds before half.
  10. @Sbbruin posts his view from his seat for a humblebrag in the other thread.
  11. Housecall on the KO, Cal gets a 100 yarder for TD. Dayum! 13-7
  12. Bruins get a TD with 5:43 left in the 2nd. 7-6 Bruins.
  13. UCLA with an INT sets up the offense 1st and goal.
  14. UCLA misses a short FG. Cal still on top.
  15. UCLA returns the favor with an INT of their own and stops Cal.
  16. Cal stops UCLA on the 4th down and gets the ball back.
  17. Cal adds another FG to go up 6-0 at the end of the 1st.
  18. Cal stops the UCLA drive with an INT in the endzone. 1st qtr.
  19. @Helobious you were indeed correct.
  20. Well hell. FL is gonna have to tighten up.
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