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  1. Of course the question is whether it’s enough, but if the Supreme Court affirms the Second Circuit’s decision, the Sacklers will be paying $6 billion to settle the claims.
  2. Interesting post. I assume you know that, speaking of Nobel Peace Prizes, Kissinger did receive the Nobel Prize for peace.
  3. HouTex

    Getting old sucks

    Yep. I immediately asked to be put back under. It was my dreams just before waking —I can’t recall details but it was like I was in paradise. I’m due for my next one in 2024 and I’m actually looking forward to it. It’s propofol, I believe.
  4. This is true but I don’t see why it’s so hard for people to grasp. The famous assassins, or would be assassins, of key figures since 1968 (RFK, MLK, Ford, Reagan, JPII) were obscure people.
  5. I liked it and it is well acted, but it is light years from the Bogart, Ferrer, and MacMurray film. And IIRC they left out my favorite line when Ferrer, after throwing his drink in Keefer’s face, offers to wait in the lobby if Keefer wants to fight him. If the line was in the film it wasn’t nearly as memorable as when Ferrer delivered it.
  6. Exactly. The first time I drove the route was my first OU weekend as a freshman. I was shocked at how close Oswald was to the motorcade.
  7. Damn, some of you guys are really old. And some of you are still wet behind the ears. I was 16 months old when he was assassinated. Obviously don’t remember it. But I do remember the assassinations of 1968 when I was 6.
  8. I liked the first half of Season 6. I’ve watched The Queen with Helen Mirren several times and The Crown down plays, or doesn’t really address, Tony Blair’s role in convincing QE to make her tardy statement. The actress playing Diana did a fabulous job.
  9. What to Know About Iceland’s Volcano Eruption and Possible Flight Disruptions - The New York Times (nytimes.com) Most recent article I could find. Seems like it's not as dire as once feared even if it does erupt. They don't even expect flight delays if it erupts. I knew Iceland had a bunch of volcanos, but not 130 of them with most of them active. It's just a matter of time.
  10. With hunting season on and other fall activities, golf is often on the back burner. But in Houston this can be a great time to play. Got 18 in yesterday as the rain started on the 17th hole and it was near perfect for walking. Overcast and around 65 degrees and light wind. Shot an 83 that could have been a 76 but for a double and 5 or 6 lip outs.
  11. This. It also gets interesting with wine. Some wine geeks will order $1000 bottles at Pappas. Does that deserve a $200 tip per bottle? The opinions are all over the place but I think most wine people would either tip a lower percentage on wine, or tip 20 (or higher) percent with a cap of say $200 per bottle.
  12. Still solid. Just add more chile powder and cayenne to taste.
  13. Yep. I can watch it on HBO Max or whatever it’s called now any time, but when I’m surfing channels before the UT game and come across BoB I have to watch it.
  14. It’s on now on AMC. My tradition is to watch it during the Memorial Day weekend but I can’t pass it up.
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