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  1. C’mon, it’s not that bad. I don’t regret watching it. I will say that Sandy Stern was missed. He made the movie.
  2. HouTex

    Getting old sucks

    I have to believe they didn’t misdiagnose you, but I thought I had hives of some sort several years ago and it turned out to be shingles. It was pre-Shingrex. It only knocked me down for a day or so and I was given some antibiotics and it was gone within a week. I since got the Shingrex shots so hopefully it won’t come back.
  3. He was born in 1932 and KK 1 was released in 1984. The actor was 52. Perhaps his character was supposed to be 37?
  4. I still love my R7’s. They are part of my second set I keep in Colorado. My new TM 790’s are nice though.
  5. I researched this and I couldn’t make it work. During the derecho I had no sun for 48 hours after the power went out. So I need batteries that would last that long. The batteries alone would cost me around $40k. Then there’s the solar panels. I don’t have near the roof space for the number of panels I would need. My portable generator with a couple window units is a good solution for around $2,800 all in.
  6. My question as well. I was without power for 10 days after Ike, six days after the derecho and two days after Beryl. It depends on your location, vegetation density and the nesting issue. I do agree that CP’s PR after Beryl was awful.
  7. Exactly. When I saw the email from our IT department I thought Crowdstrike was the code name for some evil hacker group.
  8. Well, that was the work around that my firm’s IT department suggested for everyone until they get to us. They got to me very quickly. You have to be in the office but it took about 3 minutes to delete the bad file and reboot. It’s just a huge pain to go through 100’s of laptops. And, it least in our case, it can’t be done remotely.
  9. My personal Dell machine is not affected. I’m able to login to my firm’s network without any issues.
  10. Using your personal machine to login to your company’s network is one work around that will work for many people. Works for my law firm.
  11. I hope not. Tiger 15-0 over Monty in major wins.
  12. Not sure of the respectful response here. But there’s no fucking way I can make battery/solar work with any outrageously conservative power use. Not even close.
  13. I recently priced the solar/battery option with the 2 day battery reserve at my average consumption for August/September. I need 120 kWh per day on average in those months. I was quoted $60k and they couldn’t convince me that I had room for the number of solar panels needed to run my house and recharge the batteries after 2 days of using battery power alone. I estimated that I need 50 panels and I have nowhere near that roof space. After I buy another window unit and install a transfer switch, I’ll be in for about $2,500 (including the portable generator and another window unit I bought the day of the hurricane) and that will allow me to cool two bedrooms for sleeping and keep a fridge going and run the internet and some TVs. The downside for me is having to keep feeding gasoline to the generator every 12 hours. It’s still worth it.
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