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  1. Colorado has been wonderful all year. We got back last Wednesday from Snowmass and it was some of the best conditions I’ve ever skied. If you can get there, go.
  2. I do the 135-137 temp as well for most steaks that I sous vide. They always come out very pink/red. How did you sear it?
  3. Unless we go independent the SI defense won’t really help. If we join the SEC early then the SEC will be brought into the suit. SEC (wisely) won’t take us unless the TV issues are resolved. The July 2021 posts in this thread are even more hysterical now. On the big, evil Fox Sports, why should it give up its rights under an existing contract? None of us should or would without compensation. Maybe Fox is overplaying its hand, but no one should blame them for trying to get what it’s entitled to.
  4. HouTex

    Getting old sucks

    That does suck. In my case I could (and did) play golf during my rehab. Doctor said it wasn’t hurting it further but I was basically picking the scab. But tennis was a no go. Just a few hits—especially a back hand (one handed, of course) and the pain was pretty much unbearable. I also did months of PT, cortisone shots, shock therapy, and the Graston treatment (basically deep tissue/bone/tendon massage with a dull knife—hurt like hell). Also did hot water soaks every day and I believe it helped. I tried icing it and never saw an improvement.
  5. HouTex

    Getting old sucks

    Tennis elbow can take a couple years to heal. It will eventually. I had it in my mid 50’s and it took about 22 months or so before I could hit a tennis ball. My pain was in the 6-7/10 range.
  6. Hope you are right. I recall the discussion on this board in late July 2021 when it all went down that the move to the SEC would happen at least by 2023 and even perhaps by 2022. Either the Big 12 would dissolve, or we'd pay the $$$. With hindsight, some of those posts are hilarious.
  7. Are cops more worried about getting beat up and their weapon stolen than getting shot as they bend down to grab the driver’s papers and DL?
  8. Yes. My father told me to get out of the car and then do exactly what the cop says. His logic was that the cop can see that you don’t have a weapon in your hand. But if you stay in your car he doesn’t know if you have a weapon. I’m white if it matters to anyone.
  9. I assume they can get a DNA test from him now that he’s in custody. They won’t rely on a relative’s DNA at trial.
  10. Sorry if it’s been covered ad nauseam, but did Baldwin have any reason to believe there was a live round in the weapon? I have not read the statute but can’t he assume that any gun on the set would not be loaded with a live round? He’s still a dumb ass though.
  11. My junior year (1978) in HS the school district brought in drug-sniffing dogs to patrol the parking lot. Well, the dogs alerted on my car. This was probably several months after I quit smoking dope. I might have smoked dope in the car a handful of times so I feared the worse. They found a single beer bottle cap. The asshole dog handlers insisted there was drugs in the car but they just couldn't find it. Those fuckers took me out of class in front of my friends and essentially announced that the dogs had found drugs in my car. I'm still pissed about this.
  12. As a recovering labor/employment lawyer (employer side, early 90's) this is a good analysis--especially his commerce clause discussion. As Twicehorn says, the battle now usually is fought over trade secrets, IP, and the employer's property. In the old days, for example, a low-level salesperson would just take their rolodex/business cards from the former employer to make it easier to maintain their customer contacts at their new employer. That stuff actually belongs to their old employer and a judge will order the employee to return what doesn't belong to them. They can't steal their former employer's stuff. Now, with everything electronic it complicates matters (or does it?), but the concept still holds. To address some of the more recent posts about sandwich "artists", it's really hard to justify a noncompete in that and similar employment scenarios.
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