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  1. I don’t think that’s true. But, we only have the options on the ballot, of which she is best. I’ve only voted *for* anyone once. I’m very comfortable voting against, and Kamala is the vote against Trump. This is an easy choice.
  2. This focus group is like walking into a barbershop in Oak Cliff and asking them what they think about Ben Shapiro.
  3. You’re begging the question. People don’t eat it up. Most people are irritated to even receive the message. Stuff like this is strategic air power. It’s about softening the battlespace so that when a more tactical message arrives, the targets are ready to surrender.
  4. Americans: willing to argue about literally anything that keeps them from dealing with isolation, abuse and despair.
  5. It’s not worth the expenditure of political capital and wouldn’t make any sort of dent in gun violence even if it happened, but I agree that saying it deepens the commitment of some Democratic voters in some places.
  6. I think what she’s talking about is the potential, if everything goes right, for this to trigger a blue wave election. It’s unlikely, but the path exists.
  7. I know we have moved past it, but this is objectively great work
  8. I listen to that podcast when I want to feel like a terrible person. It’s like sitting around Les Amis patio back in the day, smoking cigarettes and talking shit with the skinniest, bitchiest art history grad students in town.
  9. 10 would be insane. As someone referred to upthread, even a poll that is valid and has a low margin of error in the aggregate can produce very weird and misleading results in the cross tabs. I’m not a “polls are wrong” guy, but I am a “polling is difficult” guy, and it’s a mistake to look at outlier crosstab results and take anything from it other than an indication that something deserves further study.
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