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  1. I disagree that the City Manager in any homerule city in Texas is that deferential to their Council, but either way, but either way, you're tapping into something important here, which is that City Management is a huge part of the problem. And the union is a problem as well, because bad management begets bad unions and vice versa. I know the new mayor is absolutely focused on getting those BBs back into the box ASAP.
  2. They weren‘t being prosecuted before the ban was repealed, either. There is plenty of blame to go around, but the police are a big part of the problem and you shouldn’t be giving them a pass. Say what you will about Acevedo, when he was here everybody knew who the boss was. if he was still chief the police would have gone right back to the way things were before the ban was repealed the day after the election to bring it back. The scary thing is that a lot of the old leaders have quit and now you’re left with a force where not only do the vast majority not live in town, but likely almost half never have, and it’s not clear who is charge. I’m don’t think anybody is.
  3. And speaking of things that beg you for a can and a brace, this blaster is the daily deal on PSA for $669 today
  4. It’s just amazing to me watching people lose their minds over imaginary slippery slopes, but you just shrug your shoulders about the brace ban, which is actually very problematic and arbitrary. Like right now, with a new Republican majority in the house and a White House desperate to show progress on mass shootings there are deals to be had. But we aren’t interested. We’ll happily wait 6-9 months for cans and now braces, because we’ve all been trained to give up things with real value to protect nonsense from imaginary monsters.
  5. The brace thing is so stupid. And the irony of course is that the prohibition against SBRs is the regulatory detritus of trying to prevent workarounds of the handgun bana in early drafts of the NFA. The handgun ban didn’t make it, but the SBR prohibition did. Much like the equally silly controls around cans, the SBR rules would seem to be low hanging fruit that could be repealed as part of any common sense reform package, but we’d rather discredit ourselves fighting to protect the rights of wife beaters and the mentally ill to own guns than to make our lives convenient. But hey, at least we’re fueling a culture war and keeping lobbyists rich!
  6. Yep, I bought my S&W Governor there
  7. Central Texas Gun Works on Ben White in Austin does $20 xfers as well.
  8. Do you like Saddle Rock? I know the owner of that place pretty well, but I’ve never been because it’s too far from my house. Anybody know what Academy is charging for xfers?
  9. I appreciate you acknowledging that it was careless, but I have questions - did you have it in the safe at least? Not judging, I’m just trying to understand why you had it if it wasn’t on your person.
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