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  1. I have two pairs of boots 1) a pair of old-school cowhide Justin ropers I bought in 1993 and took 5 years to fully break in 2) a pair of calfskin Tecovas cowboy boots Obviously the Justin’s are higher quality boots. The Tecovas have their place- the office and/or parties
  2. PIng me, she can come up and drive it. Perfect convertible weather from tomorrow and for the next 8 months.
  3. Laura Branigan guest starred on Automan and he made a cunnilingus joke and then shredded.
  4. Can I interest you in a 2008 335I Convertible with 85K miles? Mostly garage kept, clean, all records, etc.
  5. They can go to the @Brisketexan school.
  6. yep this! Actually the inflation spike we say last year was like a consumer goods version of the last 20 years in real estate: cheap debt + engineered shortage = value explosion inshallah!
  7. This is an aside, but relevant to the topic. I and a bunch of banking industry economists* have observed that the relatively recent decoupling of household incomes and productivity also tracks the decoupling of median incomes and asset values, including and especially housing. In other words - we've been using money borrowed from the future to make the rich richer, and the reason we didn't experience much inflation as a result because we mostly funneled the growth in aggregate demand into the value of assets rather than the price of things like food**. So it follows that while a recession is still a recession, it doesn't feel like they used to feel because just as the good times weren't spread across the population, the bad times aren't either. So the recent mild technical recession and the next deeper recession is likely to be felt most acutely for the people in the 80th-95th %ile of net worth and incomes, who are rich enough to really feel the pain, but not rich enough to be well hedged or secure in their futures. * I am not a banking industry economist. I just follow and know a bunch. ** The transient inflation spike last year being the exception, mainly caused by stimulus and shortages/supply chain disruptions.
  8. You're going to have a hard time competing with The Bozo Casanova Classical Education But Not in a Gay Way Academy for Lanky Boys (K-12).
  9. I don't disagree, but it's not too late. We're still in the moment-of-recognition phase where the conservative establishment realizes that the reactionary insurgent faction they capitulated to is now making an attempt to eliminate them from positions of power. The question now is what they do what that information and whether they attempt to reassert control. There are plenty historical examples and it can go a lot of directions. A few are positive, many are truly horrible and most involve bloodshed. So it's a very dangerous moment.
  10. not just at tribfest. And they are taking it both nationally and more importantly from the local grass roots level, and seem genuinely surprised and caught flat footed. Republicans have won so much in Texas that they are like the late Mack Brown Longhorns - they've insulated themselves with the systems they trust to work that they don't have a lot of awareness of what happens outside those systems. As a result, there's a gulf opening between the very inside world of GOP political types and the outside world of relatively normal GOP general election voters. Texas Democrats could exploit that if they weren't organized to lose and massively protarded.
  11. I'm going to say something I don't think I've said about a single barrel bourbon on this thread before - the Shaker pick of Stellum Cygnus is a contract SB that's actually worth it. Honey, Cinnamon, vanilla, clove, white toast. DANGEROUS at cask strength. Run out and get it.
  12. that last part is why I got rid of my mustang. I had over 30 years and couldn't "restore" it in that time.
  13. Actually I spent the night in the basement, and everything. Magical.
  14. Don't worry y'all, I'm sure it will be better in a few years.
  15. I saw Hellraiser II in Enid Oklahoma with 3 preacher's daughters and afterwards we cruised the main drag in town. Honestly a great night.
  16. My Grandfather was with the CCC in New Mexico as a teen during the depression. They lived in camps and worked on the parks all day, and at his camp they would have boxing matches, fighting on a platform of bare boards. He lean and tough and one of 8 boys out of 11 kids, so he was pretty good at throwing hands, but in one match tripped on an uneven board, fell on his face, and broke his jaw (according to him). Before the CCC my grandfather grew up as a sharecropper, picking cotton from a very young age, in the bright sun, all day. And of course he was in the sun all day in New Mexico as well. When he was examined at the hospital a doctor saw that he had a great multitude of small skin cancers, and so he spent several weeks there recovering from the broken jaw with his jaw wired shut and having cancers removed. It probably saved his life, or at least gave him an extension. He went on to fight in WWII, serving in France and the 3 borders region during he Battle of the Bulge, and died in 2021 about 1 month after his 100th birthday. With skin cancer.
  17. Not MJ- Glenn Hegar. I was talking about the primary race. No, I'm sure on the Democrat side we'll have the choice between some 0-for party critter retread and a magical millionaire who campaigns on his close friendship with Republicans.
  18. Next step, Eric Johnson wipes the floor with Hagar and ascends to the Governor’s mansion. The real blame for this belongs to TDP leadership for not protecting their bench and generating negative equity for strong local franchises. Eric Johnson wants to move up, and you can’t do that right now in Texas as a Dem. I don’t blame him a bit.
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