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  1. McKenna shouldn’t be $25 more than any amount higher than zero. And I like McKenna!
  2. I guess I wish we could just think/hear/care less about what college kids do/say or what goes on at college campuses. It’s just not very important. The kids are all shouting, Abbott is using DPS to burnish his credentials by cracking skulls, and none of it has impact beyond public spectacle.
  3. Man fuck Zubac. No matter what happens, Tyson Chandler needs to sit Daniel Gafford down for a conversation about how to handle a guy like that.
  4. If you find yourself in the same place with Rick Cofer, you’ll know.
  5. Off topic, but when an adult poops in an adult diaper, I’m assuming it’s just like a baby’s in terms of distribution up and down. Is a blowout upwards into the shirt back via the waistband a thing that can happen with an adult diaper?
  6. Well that would be great. But what you’re experiencing is just the shock of seeing the process moving this far along without ole’ Donny wriggling out of it yet. Nevertheless…
  7. It ain’t cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving
  8. But they were missing their best player and still dominated from start to finish. Unless he's supposed to miss the entire series, this wasn't good. There are only so many possessions and multiple Clippers played out of their minds in the first half while Dallas was effectively missing their best player for over half the game and played historically bad offense for a full quarter. I like our chances if Gafford stays healthy and Luka returns to form.
  9. I've seen enough to feel optimistic about the rest of the series. I still think Mavs in 6.
  10. See this is why he's quitting - he's going to hang this up, rebrand on Truth Social and hit MAGA speaking circuit as "Alpha Spartan," "Pepe 1776," or "Ghost of Based William Luther Pierce".
  11. Between the PG play and what Zubac just did, Kidd needs to just put in the bottom five and call code red. Fuck this.
  12. 1) Luka not shooting well 2) Trash play by Paul George just cost us Gafford 3) Clippers playing best ball of the season in this half 4) Dallas playing worst game on offense since January 5) Kidd can’t coach playoff basketball I’m not worried about 1,3 and 4. 2 and 5 are potentially fatal
  13. They had Chili today? Good to hear.
  14. It’s even more essential than that. Sure it performs some functions, but most importantly it punishes poorly allocated capital, which is very beneficial to everybody. In the long run, it’s probably the most beneficial aspect of a free market system to society.
  15. Not for nothing, ownership benefits a great deal from collective bargaining provided that they have high quality management teams in place and operate in an industry with a clear division of management and non-management. Show me a bad union in that kind of industry and I’ll show you poor management every time.
  16. Is your question the human motivation for the practice or are you trying to discern the utility of the practice?
  17. In that case you are likely rich in every meaningful sense of that word, except spirit.
  18. No. You and I have far greater access to all the things (schools, highways, emergency services, etc) ostensibly available to “everyone” in both quality and quantity than those who receive “welfare” and are thus subsidized to a far greater degree. That’s not even controversial. It’s a pet peeve of mine. When lucky and rich people pretend they aren’t rich or lucky and resent efforts to provide some semblance of equality of opportunities and a minimum standard of living. You might as well be huffing around the parking lot muttering about how the handicapped are cherry picked to receive the best parking spots. Come on, man.
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