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  1. Depends- suppressed subsonic .22LR that hits a hard spot on the skull may not penetrate or expand much.
  2. Just watched again- could also be a pellet gun, but my guess is rimfire.
  3. That sounded like a suppressed .22LR or .17HMR to me. Horrible. I hope I am wrong.
  4. I would have to hear it, that could be either a gaffe or a power move.
  5. Text messages from Colin Allred and Beto about bipartisan cooperation and things we can all agree on.
  6. I still wish Joe would pass the torch, but I have to admit I like his attitude.
  7. That’s what recruits are all saying- “your beautiful big city campus doesn’t have enough room for facilities expansion, I’M choosing a cow college in a cancer hotspot!”
  8. We were 6 points away from playing for a national championship 7 months ago. Calm down.
  9. That’s pretty clearly not an endorsement. If the CBC was strongly behind Biden they would say so.
  10. You know, the “Champions Grill” at Trump Doral is pretty good.
  11. Aggies? Rural areas in decline? Rising rates of type 2 diabetes?
  12. Pelosi: Biden better make a decision soon Biden: I’ve decided Im running unless God says don’t run Pelosi: better decide again, I mean
  13. A crucial, incredibly influential, universally respected senator whose immaculate personal brand helped flip a purple state blue, you mean.
  14. I don’t think Dems can wrap their head around this, but the fact is that Trump won and is winning now *because* he’s terrible. You beat Trump with contrast, you lose with less terrible. 2020 Joe was the decent human who will respect the law. 2024 Joe is the doddering figurehead who demands that you ignore your eyes and ears.
  15. And another thing: I don’t have Parkinson’s. Please don’t put it in the newspaper that I got Parkinson’s.
  16. That’s hardly a vote of confidence. Meanwhile- drip Drip drip Drip
  17. Pardon me, but your “refusal” implies that you are privileged enough to escape the consequences should Trump win. Must be nice!
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