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  1. Oh wow, that's soon. Also, growing up I had a thing for Andie McDowell so glad Margaret Qualley is getting some more roles.
  2. Thread title should've been Olaf directs Chris Farley biopic starring Sting Ray from Cobra Kai.
  3. If PWH does good enough can we have more Chris Farley movies pls.
  4. Is he the gun salesman from Tokyo Vice too?
  5. Yeah, they left it open but no real cliff hanger so that may be all folks.
  6. I love that episode and not all that unexpected, as if you pay close attention, she keeps sneaking sharpies left and right.
  7. Poor Things is his best IMO. The Favourite is fine, I liked Killing of a Sacred Deer, but every one of his movies has some cringe. Go read the plot for Dogtooth on wiki.
  8. I absolutely hated and loved this movie, which is exactly what I've come to expect from anything Yorgos.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if they've already shopped the idea and had no bites. Look how the Russell Wilson trade turned out for Denver and the Deshaun Watson trade for Cleveland. Minnesota got nothing for Kirk and LV got nothing for Carr. Now look at the $$ Baker and Cousins just got in free agency. Thats basically the floor. Is a team willing to give up picks AND a huge contract for Dak? Or just wait til next year. The Cowboys value Dak more than the rest of the league, that was clear during the last negotiations. If they aren't willing to commit then who else is?
  10. I know nothing about the draft and all these mock drafts. How likely would Penix be available at our spot? If he's there, any interest? No idea how he would compare to Lance but you'd get control of him for 5 years and would be cheaper. You draft Penix and you're basically stating that Dak is done. They are trying to save face and act like Dak has a chance to earn it if he wins the Super Bowl or gets close. But really he's just a lame duck and should be demanding a trade.
  11. Trey Lance is the plan. It was written when they made the trade. All we've heard from Dak lately was that he was skipping the probowl to prepare for the birth of his child (who wasn't born until 2 months after the probowl), a sexual assault scandal, and that they've restructured his contract to free up $5mil in cap space. Also, remember Dak wanted this 4 year deal so he could sign a bigger 3rd contract. The cowboys were pushing 5 years. They'll let him walk, because Jerry thinks he's smarter than the field and he found gold with Trey. Trey is 23 years old. He's younger than Bo Nix and Michael Penix.
  12. She really does it for me. Florence Pugh and Zendaya not so much.
  13. Clearly everyone was waiting for this
  14. Haven't read Messiah, but honestly was fairly bored in the Dune 2 until shit got weird. Bring on the weird.
  15. Well of course, that's why I'm hiring you as my director of player personel so I don't make boneheaded mistakes like that.
  16. I say they don't extended Dak. Make him play on a prove it year. If he doesn't work out let him walk, if he does (he won't) pay him. Sign Ceedee and Micah. Then see what you got in a 25 year old Trey Lance next year at a bargain.
  17. My dad lives on Travis. He has no lake. Said he's waiting for it to come back before he sells. Thinking he's not moving for a minute.
  18. Kendricks been linked to the cowboys ever since Zimmer was hired.
  19. But apple has a no nudity policy right? Was really looking forward to the unexpected Molly sex scene.
  20. TIL we never finished the back half of s2.
  21. Better than playing a variety of characters in no roles.
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