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  1. Finally got off my ass and used the credit from Chase to sign the wife (no pics) and me up. Submitted the app around 4/8, got conditionally approved 4/10, was able to make an appt last night 4/16 and got approved today 4/17. The appt making process was odd, when I first checked it had availability all day 4/25 and 4/26 but by the time the wife got home from work and I could firm up a good time, all the appts were gone. Checked a couple days later and they had appts every day of the week this week, all times of day. Not sure why it was so fast but not about to question it. Also the Chase reimbursement happened automatically, same day as the $100 charge showed up.
  2. Well if a negative number is 'very low' then I completely agree with you.
  3. I was able to short on E-Trade yesterday at 26.85. I figured I had missed the boat and had stopped trying but after reading here about the rubes sinking their life savings into it, I jumped in.
  4. Most every time I've seen it, the shill is a woman.
  5. Tell me you don't know how the scam works, without telling me you don't know how the scam works.
  6. I never thought the leopard would eat MY face!
  7. Anybody taking voting advice from Franklin Graham wasn't gonna vote Biden anyway.
  8. Tried shorting DJT on E-trade today, was told I couldn't do it because they don't have shares to borrow. Seems like everyone is shorting.
  9. Listening on Westwood One and I’m almost sure it’s Craig Way on the pxp. According to their website it’s supposed to be Ryan Radtke.
  10. Only her mom is from China. So she's a second-generation immigrant. Just like Trump.
  11. Figured I'd take a try at this since it's only $5 on iBooks. Find myself skipping a few just cuz IDGAF but still a lot of interesting stuff. And yeah, easy to put down and pick back up, flip around, read different sections, doesn't need to be read in order.
  12. No they had 20 on the shot clock after the turnover with 34.6 left.
  13. Not only was that not a foul on Brock he wasn’t in the act of shooting.
  14. In the last couple hundred years, no one has ever accused the royal family of being smart. All that inbreeding finally caught up to them.
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