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  1. Is that a humblebrag that your wife bought knockoffs instead of the real thing?
  2. He's doing it audio-only to emphasize his booming, authoritative voice.
  3. Those are all way too clever for Trump. Heck, he probably refers to them privately as White Scott and Black Scott.
  4. Except anything useful, e.g., a blue or black ink ball point pen.
  5. I said that after ep 1. ep 2 improved a bit and ep 3 I thought was really good. Was gonna watch ep 4 right 3 when to my surprise I found out I had caught up.
  6. Depends on the jurisdiction, but most places, if you park in another one of their lots again and they find you, they can tow you. Usually the only way they find you is if you again don't pay the required amount. It's not like they scan every car in their lot to see if there are any past offenders in there.
  7. I think you guys are doing the 'in the ass' thing wrong by putting it behind the actual title. In the Ass of Mice and Men In the Ass...and Justice for All In the Ass There Will Be Blood In the Ass Something Wicked This Way Comes In the Ass You've Got Mail
  8. He's not in disguise.
  9. I bet Trump hired them just because he likes their names.
  10. Did you just make that up? Or is that what they really believe? I mean...it wouldn't be the craziest thing they believe.
  11. That's the same one we took. Book in advance though, they get full. As I mentioned, we got lucky and got on a ride with a tour group of 10 Germans (well 9 Germans and their translator) and the boat only holds 12 plus crew. Fausto was awesome. Has a graduate degree from Cornell and is fluent in English. Although at one point, one of the Germans did something dumb and he muttered to one of the crew 'el stupido' without knowing I could hear him. So he would fit right in here.
  12. That changed a couple years back. Couple RB with single digit numbers that spring to mind are Fournette with Tampa and Akers with the Rams.
  13. Riiiight...google says that. Not your personal experience.
  14. Agree. She brings in/retains more votes than she would cost. Unless she gets replaced with another woman of color, none of whom are evident, no one else can increase the net votes.
  15. o/u on how many times next season we're gonna hear "he led the SEC in rebounding!"
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