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  1. The Hawaii offense forgot that they needed to spike the ball. Cue the hurry up FG...
  2. Someday Niagara Falls might get em, but the law never will.
  3. Dean Phillips doesn't understand that there are light years of difference between not being thrilled with Biden and voting for any Republican. This used to be Jim Ramstad's district, but it has gone very blue as the suburbs have gone strongly to the DFL. He could have represented the western MSP suburbs for as long as he felt so inclined. Instead, he's off chasing windmills.
  4. Mullin's problem is that he needs his fucking shine box.
  5. Rep. Preston Brooks, please pick up the white courtesy phone...
  6. I'm not sure if this counts as a celebrity, but the owner of the San Diego Padres.
  7. Anyone else having problems with the feed?
  8. Don Samuels, the former Minneapolis City Councilman that nearly primaried Ilhan Omar in 2022, is back to take another run at her seat.
  9. I'm taking the Swifties and the points.
  10. Speaking of campaigning, it's going to be hard for Trump to campaign while digging ditches and shoveling cow shit on a Georgia prison farm.
  11. We saw that in Wisconsin back in April.
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