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  1. Put the damn ball on net, instead of trying to force a cross into double coverage.
  2. Did anyone else's feed cut out on the middle of the Star Spangled Banner?
  3. The US kit is so ugly it's a modern art masterpiece.
  4. All Jefferson does is make ridiculous catches.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving, yo.
  6. Beautiful day for tailgating on the high prairies...
  7. Looks like defenstration is back on the menu, boys.
  8. Paul Allen is the worst radio PBP guy in the NFL. He has had several viral moments over the last 20 years, but over the course of the whole game he's horrible to listen to. His problem is that he tries to make every single play a viral moment. Some years ago our group was driving home from a road game, and we were alternating between PA and Wayne Laravee and the Packers radio broadcast. The difference in professionalism was shocking. I've listened to the Cowboys radio crew a few times, and they're not The only time you know the score/time/down/distance is at the commercial breaks. Here is one of PA's first viral moments that he's been recovering from for the last 20 years.
  9. If VA is like MN, murder 1 has to come from a grand jury.
  10. The Minnesota Miracle is up there too, especially given the timing and the stakes. I suspect that both catches will lead to the same end: getting crushed in Philadelphia for the NFC title.
  11. The abortion referendum in Michigan was the reason Republicans got wiped out.
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