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  1. Took today off and put in 8ish hours. Feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface. Hell, 80% of the map is still fogged over. This game is incredible and everything I’ve wanted.
  2. Finished #4 in the 24/7 composite. Hell of a job by the staff.
  3. This shit sucks. Definitely stay home.
  4. Trying to enjoy a warm fire, and a nice pour before a total shit show at work tomorrow.
  5. http://www.hudl.com/v/2JsQJD Has some entertaining film at least.
  6. I jumped in last year and joined a nearby country club, so any DFW cats wanna come out and play just holler. I suck, but play fast.
  7. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of it. Still can’t putt for shit, but I miss confidently.
  8. Should go for around $1000. It is sitting at $830 but doesn’t end til tomorrow around noon. I’ll take a little loss on it but I can put that cash into something more useful for me. I’ve preferred my flowback 5.
  9. Jan 28th Junior day list so far: ‘24 LB Payton Pierce – Lucas, TX (Lovejoy) ‘24 DL Nigel Smith – Melissa, TX ‘24 OL Casey Poe – Lindale, TX ‘24 S Jaydan Hardy – Lewisville, TX ‘24 OL Max Anderson – Frisco, TX (Reedy) ‘24 S Aaron Flowers – Forney, TX ‘24 QB Michael Hawkins – McKinney, TX (Frisco Emerson) 24 LB Tyanthony Smith – Jasper, TX ‘24 K Liam Evans – Moore, OK ‘24 EDGE Jayshawn Ross – Kansas City, MO (Liberty North) ‘24 DL Xadavian Sims – Durant, OK ‘24 WR Zion Kearney – Missouri City, TX (Hightower) ‘24 RB Caden Durham – Duncanville, TX ‘24 EDGE Loghan Thomas – Katy, TX (Paetow) ‘24 RB James Peoples – San Antonio, TX (Veterans Memorial) Doesn’t appear our TX strategy has changed.
  10. Think my next purchase will be this khaki field bronze.
  11. I have a Scotty Cameron Teryllium T22 Tel3 Newport 2 35" putter up for sale on ebay. If you’re interested, pm me for the listing.
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