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  1. Mutilating the face begs the question why the doppelganger in the first place. . . Shouldv'e just left a pig's heart in the driver's seat.
  2. Been a minute since I was there, but I'm gonna throw a few restaurant recs out there for anyone browsing. Lily is Vietnamese and Nari is Thai. Both are excellent https://www.theinfatuation.com/san-francisco/reviews/lily https://www.theinfatuation.com/san-francisco/reviews/nari
  3. I'll put the below in spoilers because they're in the game, although clearly not in the show bc Bill's dead:
  4. One of the classic, tried and true message board responses that lets you know you're dealing with a true genius
  5. This fan wiki covers all the types of infected. Not that many. You can click on each type for a summary but majority haven't been in the show yet. And some of the descriptions may contain some minor spoilers https://thelastofus.fandom.com/wiki/Infected
  6. Counterpoint. Did your parents have talks with you about how to interact with police when you were a young boy? Mine didn't. Many, if not most, Black families do:
  7. By far the worst are But yes. Stalkers are indeed terrible
  8. I got busted plenty of times in high school in college. Few overnight stints in jail. Should've' died several times. None particularly noteworthy though. But I do have a pretty good one. Buddy of mine was back in Houston from his freshman year at UT. He's driving his car down River Oaks Blvd trying to find some chick's house who lived nearby. Its around midnight and its raining. He's hammered and probably going about 45 miles an hour when he realizes he's about to miss his turn and just hooks the car left. We immediately go into a skid and he runs through the median and destroys a newly planted tree - still had the stakes and cables to support it. Car is left sitting in the median. A Harris County Constable happened to be driving by and is on scene within 30 seconds of the crash. This guy gets out of his car and is about 6'4" wearing a cowboy hat and a rain slicker. Constable is pissed. Asks a bunch of questions. No idea why he believed the lie that we hadn't been drinking. Maybe just didn't care. Eventually asks my buddy to get his ID and paperwork from the car. My friend has a glass pipe, coated in ready-to-be-scraped resin sitting in his cup holder. So he reaches in the car to obtain the info and also discreetly grabs the glass pipe and palms it while handing the ID to officer. When officer turns his back, my buddy throws the pipe as far as he can into the darkness. About 5 seconds later you could hear a loud "pop" come from the direction of the house where he threw it. Constable looks in that direction for a second, then walks to his car to check out the ID and paperwork. Makes us sit on the curb next to the car. Constable comes back a few minutes later. Still pissed, he begins to lecture my friend about driving and being reckless, etc. Then, he looks at the destroyed tree and says "do you have any idea how much these trees cost? My friend pauses for about 2-3 seconds, looks up at the constable, and says "what am I, an arborist?" To this day I'm not sure how he avoided going to jail that night, but that arborist line has become a regular part of all of our shared language.
  9. Shit, many of the alt-right grifters LIVE in California while telling all their listeners that it's a failed state.
  10. Well, the first is about why police are emboldened to inflict terror upon communities they are supposed to be serving. The second is about the public reaction to said terror. Come on man.
  11. Short lived mockumentary from Gervais and Merchant called "Life's Too Short." Show was just ok imo, but had some pretty great moments.
  12. Not saying that it's untrue, but I would verify anything coming from this guy. He seems to be one of many on the left who tend to post BREAKING!! news that's often incomplete or misleading.
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