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  1. Arrested in 2008. Never heard of any American court not counting the days you spend in custody prior to sentencing (absent a plea agreement to waive back time.) Then again, I've never represented Russian arms dealers in Fed court.
  2. Again, that's because you're a moron
  3. It starts to make sense when you understand that they had children as accessories to complete the wholesome family man image, which used to be important when marketing a candidate.
  4. 8 months is what Hitler served for his role in the Beer hall Putsch
  5. 12 GOP seats in CA up for the taking now
  6. Eight months in the slammer should teach them a lesson
  7. I'll bet you $100 at 5-1 that Warnock wins
  8. Somewhat curious that the rest of the sports world has moved towards analytical evaluations of players yet somehow the Heisman has gone the total opposite direction into just picking QBs from top 10 teams
  9. Thank you. There are a handful of these accounts (like Cooper) that are just clickbait bullshit. Quick tip: If you are following a non-journalist on twitter and they like to begin tweets with: THIS IS HUGE!: BREAKING!!: HOLY HELL!! THIS JUST IN!! Then you should understand that what you're reading is likely bullshit
  10. nobody reads any posts on this thread before they post on this thread. somebody probably said this exact thing last page
  11. Hectic morning for me today. Is the big Surly announcement just the Brooks gag tweet?
  12. Still laughing at the "I have a 22 year old girlfriend" line
  13. Guess it depends on whether or not you believe you can provide aid to something after the fact. The crime of "accessory after the fact" would support such a proposition, and Thomas being the lone dissent on the case wherein the J6 committee sought presidential records as part of their insurrection investigation would support the argument that he is aiding the insurrectionists.
  14. I'm just really glad he's going to be on the sidelines every Saturday so someone can post that "I fucked up" gif with the frequency it deserves
  15. So basically you're looking for a political party that hurts the rich and the poor but leaves people like you alone? Good luck.
  16. Because Worthy and Ewers would have been working on tracking the deep ball in their 10x12 room?
  17. Did I create a hack when I used twitter for 3 years without once downloading an app from any store? Do I have a very special web browser?
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