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  1. I saw this at Sam’s Club today and couldn’t help but to laugh
  2. MILF MANOR has replaced Love After Lockup as the lowest TV series on TV ….. We do have an admission of getting pink eye from eating ass … But man these woman are RAGGED out
  3. We are enjoying this. I always had big crush on Riley K after watching her in season 1 of The Girlfriend Experience. She is naked the entire series. (She is a college student who ends up being a high end escort).
  4. I have the City Market sauce recipe that I will post when I get back to the house.
  5. Mac8111


    That was the finale? Oh shit
  6. Reese Bros was the real deal.
  7. Holy shit. That documentary about the volcano eruption in New Zealand while people are on the island is nightmare material regarding what those people went through.
  8. Burnt Bean was ridiculously cheap. Like 3 meats, 2 sides and dessert was less than $30 per head to rent out the place. They just asked me to get a one day event insurance policy since we were bringing in all the alcohol. It ran me $300.
  9. Well I plan on bringing a chair to sit in… It will be a once in a lifetime trip to Snows. For my birthday. I am renting out Burnt Bean and Franklins on back to back nights next week.
  10. If I get to Snow’s at 6am on Saturday, what are we looking at as far as the line goes?
  11. I’ve been to Mr Juicy a couple times to have that fried chicken sandwich. It is pretty damn good. Extremely large and has a Korean glaze on it. Not sure how you would eat it in the car. Last week was first time I’ve had the burger. Text book execution. Was fucking great. Fries were tasty as well. Not a huge menu but definitely worth the stop if you are in the Hildebrand area.
  12. On the app they called it GLF College baseball showdown
  13. “ I don’t typically like tits, pussy or ass, but is that a dimple in that knee”.
  14. Mac8111


    I mean you gotta assume the last scene of the season will be Spencer arriving at the Yellowstone …
  15. Mac8111

    Below Deck

    I agree only because It seems like Ben starts banging someone besides Camille …
  16. Anchor Bar- wings Wrapitude is fun outdoors place A new Italian Place opened on FM78. I haven’t tried yet. Harmon’s BBq is average Universal City area: Youz Guys - Philly cheesesteaks. Four Kings - their Banh Mi sandwich is one of my favorites in the city. Great soup of the day usually. And amazing bakery. 375 Social - I like a lot.
  17. Mac8111

    Below Deck

    I think we have seen plenty of Rachael.
  18. Some random notes: Salsalitos (on Nacogdoches Rd) has a Steak Ranchero dish that is really good. Marinated charbroiled skirt steak with ranchero sauce and melted Monterey Jack cheese served on a sizzling skillet. I really like Camillas carne guisada. Believe it or not, the chicken soup at Las Palapas is pretty damn good.
  19. La Hacienda isn’t anything special.
  20. You gotta do BBQ, right?
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