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    Link an established society that has guidelines that don’t include puberty blockers and exogenous hormone therapy. You can’t seriously be making the argument that nothing should be done because there is not a well designed study
  2. Sawbonz


    What do you think the total number of pre teens and pre-pubertal children who have gender dysphoria and a stable loving home environment, which would allow them to be a part of such a study is? Given the rate of suicide attempts and completions in this population how are you going to convince any parent to risk being in the placebo arm? can you link randomized prospective studies of hormone blockade for precocious puberty? Pubmed search yielded zero
  3. Sawbonz


    Unless I missed something nothing you linked points to evidence that these treatments are ineffective. Granted I did not read the 131 page report and I seriously doubt you did either. A quick perusal shows it points out the available studies are weak. Weak evidence that a treatment works is not the same as evidence it doesn’t work. I’m not saying you are trying to make that argument here but I think some here are reading it that way The experts in this field believe the potential benefits outweigh the risks with these medications as part of multidisciplinary, holistic treatment protocols. I have seen no compelling evidence based argument that it shouldn’t be offered
  4. Sawbonz


    I think it is almost impossible to conduct a well designed appropriately powered study to test the efficacy of puberty delaying or gender affirming hormone treatment for gender dysphoria. There is so much psychological and socionormative overlay in play that measuring positive or negative effects of pharmacotherapy would be very difficult IMO. I would imagine a child with supportive parents, siblings and peers, but who had no access to pharmacotherapy and mental health care, would score higher on outcomes measures than one who had full access to pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy but had a parent or sibling who thought they were a freak or going to hell, or a peer group that delighted in picking on them. Throw in normal pre-teen and teen stressors and mental illnesses that can also be comorbidities. It’s a complex situation We have > 30 years of data on the safety of these medications when used for precocious puberty and hypogonadism however, and I cannot think of a medical reason to suspect the use of these medications in children for gender dysphoria would be any less safe than in these other kids. and ultimately use in the precocious puberty and hypogonadism populations was initiated in order to help them look and feel “normal”. I don’t think anyone would argue those treatments are controversial or likely to be ineffective in these populations so why so controversial for gender dysphoria?
  5. Apparently schottenheimer senior was nailing Greg Hill’s girlfriend back in the day /csb
  6. I honestly haven’t watched more than a half of basketball total this year until today’s 2nd half. bishop was making things look pretty easy today IMO
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    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make a moron think
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    So if you had a child going through precocious puberty you would refuse them treatment with hormone blockers, and if you had a child with hypogonadism you would refuse them treatment with hormones?
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    I’m sure the American Academy of Pediatrics will be waiting with bated breath
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