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  1. How many Republicans do the Dems have to peel off to pick the speaker? They need to identify about those from the most purple districts and go really hard after them.
  2. Lol what a titty baby move. So when the house flips the dems have to kick the GOP geezers out of their hideaways
  3. Well said. And what some people clearly don’t realize is many (most?) of those moderates are in purple districts and if they kowtow to the radicals they have no shot at reelection
  4. Schumer is hitting that? I mean I wouldn’t but if I were 100 years old…
  5. Isn’t he planning on being at the Tech game? We should fly a “Bert Yarmuk is not our standard” banner
  6. So he is actively insulting and borderline slandering the person responsible for levying his fine?
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