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  1. With your string of posts, you are proving to be every bit as annoying as everyone you complain about. Also Chad Briscoe what the fuck? Go find something else to do for a while
  2. I’m pretty sure I remember news stories the day he moved out that stated he had boxed up a bunch of documents and put them in the moving van
  3. If they can come after Trump (for committing crimes), they can come after YOU (for committing crimes) funny he leaves the committing crimes part out
  4. He’ll be accusing them of swiping the cash off his nightstand next
  5. I wouldn’t think there would be a minimum length for a casket only a maximum. Then again you could just fold ‘em up
  6. After hearing about the scrimmage casualties and watching that abortion of a preseason cowboys game I needed this thread. Thanks OP
  7. Yep. Clearly attributing Trump’s tactics after the election to the DOJ now acting legitimately. But the fact he is even talking about lowering the temperature shows desperation. Less of the stupid squinty eyes as well
  8. I was 13 when it came out. Buddies and I bought tix to something PG and snuck in. To this day just the first couple of notes of Moving in Stereo and I get a twitch in my pants
  9. Fuck OU Fuck Lincoln Riley and
  10. So you can do crimes when in the course of legislation?
  11. Won’t they have to reconvene a new committee when the new congress is sworn in regardless?
  12. It’s a shame Larry Flynt is dead. You know there are nudes out there of this psycho
  13. Fuck all those poor kids right? Only care about your own Like slavery?
  14. This is in the wrong forum and woefully lacking in pics
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