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  1. This is a lie The majority of beneficiaries are people from low income backgrounds who started school but were unable to finish and now work a low paying job. On top of that many are the victims of scam online colleges or “trade schools” like Trump University, and paid tuition that was grossly inflated and even if they completed their studies found the “degree” worthless I would have set the cutoff below 80/160, but this is a good program Remember this debt is not dischargeable in any type of bankruptcy, so unlike upper middle class and companies they can’t just walk away from their debt and start over if you are an hourly worker with 20k in student loan debt it might as be 20M.
  2. Tell that to the banks, auto companies, big tech, pharma, airlines …
  3. The baller thing to do here is proceed like the ruling never happened. Acting in his official capacity and in the best interests of the country and all. The perfect opportunity to put that bullshit SCOTUS ruling in play without bloodshed involved Sadly that won’t happen. You didn’t watch much Texas OU in the past decade I take it
  4. The first one is bullshit. The DNC was facing bankruptcy and the Clintons bought their debt
  5. When people are thinking you have dementia you damn well better be able to name drop the members of your cabinet.
  6. You’re a wonderful son. But after she’s gone there will still be strippers not to marry
  7. Tbf there’s a porn forum and stupid shit from Facebook thread. Hard to maintain focusness
  8. This fuckhead’s mom was a doctor. I mean it’s not a grocery store chain but it ain’t chopped liver. Put his dumb ass on ignore
  9. At least back then when the government was behind it it worked
  10. Are you a South Korean airline pilot?
  11. What do you think is more likely random loner kid sees a chance to take out Trump, and incompetent cops and poor coordination with SS combined with open carry laws allow him actually to get into position to take a shot and even get one off OR Biden admin plans to assassinate Trump. Admin looks at all planned rallies for Trump sees one coming up in rural PA with open sightlines from a roof just outside SS perimeter searches their vast database of young male loners with poor shooting skills who wouldn’t mind taking a bullet to the dome in return for a chance to take a shot at Trump finds one who lives close to the rally and owns an AR mobilizes the kid and briefs him on the layout and shows him his sniper’s nest, which is on the roof of the building the locals are using AS THEIR FUCKING STAGING AREA clears the locals while he gets into position
  12. You couldn’t get anyone to do it. That’s my point.
  13. An inside job and you use a kid who couldn’t even make the JROTC rifle team, and give him a gun with no optics?
  14. He’s either the literal Antichrist, or he’s God’s chosen instrument to punish us
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