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  1. AI realized it can't make.aggy any more weird than they already are.
  2. As someone whose dad was from Minnesota, I must say walleye is delicious.
  3. Deej


    Had my old housemate from 20 years ago stay with me for a few weeks. Damn, that girl can smoke. We went through an ounce of good shit her last three days here. I miss her rolling skills. 😄
  4. My ex-wife did English show jumping. Whenever I would go out to the stables with her, everyone was amazed at how calm the difficult horses were with me. "Well, they know I have no intention of riding them."
  5. Deej


    Eaten at Tex Mex Joe's at Lamar and Morrow several times in the past few weeks. Recommend it. Food is good, quiet little place, decent patio, family-run.
  6. C'mon, ESPN wouldn't have been sucking Reggie's cock all season if he didn't deserve it.
  7. Even AI can't out-weird aggy
  8. 5th best anything at aggy is a scrub. Not like the top one or two are worth a shit. Well, meat pimp, maybe.
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