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  1. And none of them feel the least bit of remorse for what happened. Infuriating. It's like they all have law degrees.
  2. Just have Worthy go deep over our shiity defense and hit him in stride.
  3. Like Mack Brown on the Saturday of Texas/OU weekend.
  4. Card shit himself more that weekend than Immamac and RGBIII combined.
  5. The fact that Worthy is go kart racing with Ewers and not Card is all I need to know..
  6. Putin thinks Yue Yu is a rookie. Polonium, baby.
  7. Unless this kid can play linebacker effectively, who gives a fuck?
  8. Just for fun, I tried to build an aggy pair, but they only had sizes 8 and 4.
  9. It's just guys hoping to have a shot at a Lake Travis MILF, at this point.
  10. Not saying clipboard money is bad, but don't act like he had a major impact on winning a ring.
  11. So does the guy who filled the Gatorade cups.
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