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  1. Black pilot? The Republicans are really gonna be pissed, now.
  2. Deej


    I like to be at Dirty's when they open. Get a fried egg on my burger, a Bloody Mary, and call it brunch.
  3. It's whatever people will pay, right now.
  4. I'm sorry your champagne and caviar have gone warm.
  5. Tree service was working across the street, so I approached them and asked how much to remove the tree from my deck and the one laying on my roof. Guy comes and looks at it and says, "$750". "I might just handle it myself. But give me your number." He gives me his number and walks off. A few minutes later and there's a knock at the door. "$350." Deal. 30 minutes later and all that shit is gone and I'm drinking beer out on my deck again.
  6. You must have spelled it wrong. I don't see Joe's picture.
  7. aggy all about the bottom.
  8. If I'd had the guitar delivered to my house, it'd be here tomorrow. Delivered to work means Monday.
  9. The price of wings, that's millions of dollars.
  10. Deej

    Rodney Terry

    I thought your track record was a 27.39 second 40 yard dash?
  11. Deej

    Rodney Terry

    "Mr. Del Conte, Derka is on line one, and wants to talk about the next basketball hire."
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