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  1. At least it wasn't an Oiler's-level choke job.
  2. They's consider it a win if it kills 12,012.
  3. Susie has turned into Rhea Perlman.
  4. Deej

    Fuck Brett Yormark

    Because it never gets old.
  5. So six actual "rock" acts out of the bunch. Lulz.
  6. You mean two cars, maybe, depending on how long it takes for the first person in line to look up from their phone?
  7. That's cooked chicken bones. Raw ones are ok.
  8. 'So Amazing!' Mike Elko Recounts Aggies Transfer Portal Success (msn.com)
  9. TxDot is full of aggy. Glory holes.
  10. So, the Hill Country Fare version of Blues on the green, or the Mi Tienda version?
  11. And that's why it won't be badass. Everyone will buy it because they can't help themselves, and EA will just laugh as they release an even crappier version next year.
  12. How dare you talk about their portal class like that.
  13. Give 'em hell up there, Avery. The spotting onto he feet and head looks like she may have had a little red heeler mixed in with some lab.
  14. Traded one vice for two. Drinking for weed and killing.
  15. That's only for flagship institutions
  16. There's a really good chance it will be.
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