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  1. Police are looking for a Hispanic male wearing a black t-shirt and silver chain.
  2. The least deserving contestant won, somehow.
  3. Places that do this...stop giving them your business.
  4. I was hoping it was Dale Dudley, but alas...
  5. Peggy Simmons from KLBJ-FM passed away.
  6. We need a stage wear thread, to go along with guitar pron, amp pron, and pedalphile threads.
  7. Just wear the jacket with some board shorts. Classic look.
  8. A lot of dumbasses running BBQ joints.
  9. 1000 unattractive aggy surveyed
  10. I don't. I hope they have to travel to Russia for games in the near future.
  11. One is half basset hound, so not too tall.
  12. Tone is in the hand-embroidered clothing. It is known..
  13. And some embroidered dragon pants.
  14. I'm a sucker for vintage pearl snap shirts more than I am for telecasters.
  15. Grabbed some shirts, too. I'm worried I'd accidentally put the dogs' eyes out.
  16. Deej

    Below Deck

    Aesha's boyfriend must be German.
  17. I mean, dragons are pretty absurd, so I'm not sure what you are so worked up over.
  18. We should stop warning people and not bother with rescue and recovery for the dumbasses that can't figure this out for themselves.
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