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  1. They could have Mike Campbell voice Lucky. He sounds enough like Tom Petty.
  2. Have you no respect for their players' privacy?
  3. aggy thought NIL stood for "nutting in livestock"
  4. Deej

    Nintendo Switch

    Just realized I own it on XBox since I own Rare Replay.
  5. If you're going to jump off an overpass, make sure it's one with plenty of homeless people under it to break your fall.
  6. We only have one Tauntaun and I ain't getting up in them guts.
  7. Yeah, it's too bad we don't have a big hitter like App State on our home schedule this year.
  8. It's not fair that most everyone else moved on from bags to NIL, while they were too stupid to figure out how to do so themselves. Give them time. They have to figure out how to spell NIL first.
  9. They stopped publicly wearing the hoods and robes
  10. Well, they rallied behind white supremacy until they absolutely could not any longer.
  11. NCAA: "aggy, we have found you've committed major infractions. Your punishment is that you are not allowed to fire Jimbo until his contract runs out."
  12. Haha...sorry...why the fuck did I think he's Australian?
  13. Knopfler always looks to me like he might be Mike Judge's long, lost Australian brother.
  14. I actually enjoy the days when nobody else is there.
  15. I think it would be late afternoon. Now they are saying precip starting again this afternoon with us getting up to 33. You'd be safe getting half a day in the books.
  16. Zero ice or traffic on Lamar all the way to Dowwntown from north. Road was wet but easily driveable.
  17. Deej

    Jeff Beck RIP

    Not sorry if already posted, but the "But this one goes to 11" sequence in Spinal Tap was supposedly inspired by this.
  18. She's up there being a cocktease to the Big Ragoo.
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